Parents Demand School Reform

So, our kids in public schools and colleges all over the amazing, freedom encouraging, Christian filled United States of America. I survived all the way to a doctorate because my upbringing was so morally Christian and strong and that was still with being bombarded with social drama, bullies, liberal philosophies, discouragement and ridicule at being a Christian, evolution religion posing as fact, and social garbage about how Islam is a “peaceful” religion (bahahaha). None of this is essential for learning what you need to work and be productive, helpful, patriotic adults. It is ridiculous! How are parents saying “Oh well” and sending them anyway to the wolves instead of doing something, speaking against this garbage. They are paying for their kids to be taught an extreme amount of absolute bunk. I am a parent and am outraged by it. So much so that I homeschool my kids. If I were not able to do that, I would demand to evaluate curriculum, evaluate punishments for bullying, require teachers not preach their biases, return the pledge of allegiance and beginning prayer and the 10 commandments. I would fight tooth and nail until our future/children don’t end up confused and misinformed and brainwashed. Consider what your silence is putting your children through. Step up and say something now. It has gone on long enough. We finally have a President who wants our freedom to be free and not indoctrinated and he will help. Let him know your concerns. Demand action from your state leaders. Demand it.

The Silent Majority

The Silent majority has been silenced for a long time and made to feel guilty for not going along with all the evil deviations heaped upon us by those in power loving power and greedy for money and lust in for everything this fleshly would offers. Now we have a new President who is for the silent majority and I see people breathing and feeling happy about talking out loud for the first time in years. It is beautiful and freeing. It is the last push for revival in the face of evil principalities using narcissistic wretches to do their dirty work. It is God’s final push to revival and calm before the storm of His coming. We need to pray for safety for our President and revival for everyone to draw close to God and call on Jesus’ name to be saved. We have this time of grace. It is going to be fought against by those whose time is short but we are on the winning side. God won! Be diligent and faithful and get your house in order. ❤

A Touch of the Wild vs. Crazy

I have often, throughout life, been called crazy. Lovingly, of course. Lol I used to wonder why people called me this and have come to a few conclusions: 1. I have a touch of the wild in me. I like adventure, creativity, seeing beauty in new places, whether traveling or a new perspective on the familiar. I have a very vivid imagination, so vivid and so extremely visual that I can see what my mind dreams up as real and some dreams are as vivid to me in memory as the real. Also, part of the wild in me is extreme love of nature and worship while there, so much so that I really could live outdoors. Ahhh, great thought. 2. I am fearless. When dared, I would do it unless it involved harming someone or myself, but I knew my limits and instinct told me when to do and when not to. Part of being fearless is not fearing rejection if I say no to someone. I never had fear because I grew up in church and reading the Bible and praying and God said “Have no fear” so I obeyed. That simple. My faith is very very high so fear is not within the realm of my existence. And if I die, I go to heaven so why on earth would I be afraid of that either? In the fearless department, I also never cared what anyone except my very few closest friends thought of me. It is simply not a concern. 3. I am an Aquarian, which evidently has the weird, crazy quotient built in. But I am not into all that so I let it go at that and never delve deeper at all. So there you have it, memoirs of a crazy person to some and touch of the wild person to me. So, nice to meet you. Now you know. Lol I know my stuff is not usually so narcissistic but it sometimes helps appreciate someone’s writing when you see that person better. Knowing the author also assists with their credibility. 🙂

The Strength Inheritance

God blessed my Daddy with an exorbitant strength, of will, body and mind. He had an uncanny to eye up a situation immediately and know exactly what was called for and fill the need, whether it was spiritual or physical or mechanical, whatever. God provided him with this as his gift and developed it through years of experiences and opportunities to use and grow it. It was incredible. You could feel him enter the room and he was short but the largest thing in the room. And I learned later that this was not just his own strength but his faith and trust that God would work through Him and provide whatever was needed that he didn’t have. That, my friends, is the greatest power we can possess. And when my Daddy went to be with Jesus in Heaven, he passed that strength to me. I can feel it. It must have been his prayer, knowing I would need it to heal from my great loss of him and everything else that happens in life. And I see that gift as sacred and use it every chance I can. I know that if help is needed, I can provide that either myself or more importantly from God. What is ever the worst that can happen? We die trying and go to Heaven? Doesn’t sound so bad really, so I am game for whatever is in my path to do. I think that is not just true of me but of every single Christian that truly lives for and loves God with all their heart, soul and strength, which should be all of us. Remember that we are on this earth to worship and serve and every time we help someone we are doing both of those. God always is with us to help us do it. Pretty fantastic life, even if there are bumps along the way. God is good!!!

Everything Happens for a Reason

God is purposeful and He is in charge of the universe. This is a true statement now and forever. God is truth and light and love and what He says goes, what He wills to happen happens. There is a reason for every single thing that happens. And when bad, even horrible things happen, He can make something beautiful out of it and love and strengthen you through it. Everything happens for a reason. I am very thankful for everything good and bad that has happened in my life because if it did not, I would not be blessed with my family, my husband and kids, and my band family or church family. My world would not look like this and I might still be proud and think my strength came from me. I know that my strength is from being humble and God working it out. I would not know this to such ar degree had I not been broken hearted along the way. God has a reason and purpose. We are not privy to specifics but we have the gist and principles of it in the Bible and through prayer. Do not doubt. Hang in there and know that my experiences prove that God knows exactly what He is doing. Jesus Christ has saved us from our sins to all who trust in Him and surely if such a thing is true He can save us from anything else too. He awaits our heart to turn fully to Him. Rest assured, He hears every heart turned fully to Him. He hears and answers. Praise God!

Waking Up our Church and Supporting Israel

Tonight, I saw a broadcast about a particular church in Idaho, I believe, who saw their church sleeping and dying off and prayed sincerely about it. They converted their church building into a multi culture, multi language church to house people who needed to gather together to pray. It moved my heart and my spirit warmed and stirred to write this. God established followers of Him and His risen Son Jesus Christ to spread His message of love and hope, peace and joy, truth and light to the world. Somewhere in there we have become a nation of sleeping churches, laxidasical and content churches that are more concerned with critiquing the music, watching the clock on the sermons or the comfort level of the building. I believe that is why God warns against the bridesmaids sleeping and not being ready and I wonder if we all realize just how soon Jesus is returning? Would He be happy with lazy whiners asleep on the job? Would you be? And where are those standing for Israel, our Ally and brothers and sisters and fathers in faith? Those for Israel are protected by a promise from God. Those against her are cursed by Him. Is that where we want to be? Where is the outrage at these de isions being made against our will and deep seated desire to stand with our friends? We need to wake up. I mean me. I mean you. Not a nod of agreement and a somber “Amen” but a fasting and praying collectively and doing some serious work in the communities we live, mission work we are all called to do. It is time to awaken. It is imperative. I do not want anyone in hell on my watch. 

The Power of Perception

Our own life philosophies are always at work to formulate our interpretation of other people’s words, body language and inferences of both. We do not think of it as we do it, it is from such a deep root of our experiences throughout life and training from our upbringing. Someone largely ignored will likely jump to the conclusion that they are not being respected or that others think they are unimportant and interpret through those lenses. Someone put down physically or verbally with often believe people are belittling them or feel unimportant and see through those lenses. A follower of Jesus Christ will see through the lenses of love and compassion and forgiveness (hopefully). Someone growing up with very little may see through covetous and jealous lenses. Of course these things may be overcome and not apply anymore (yay!) And sometimes we just have other sifferences n of priorities or focus unrelated to tragedies, just differences. But because of perception differences, and during a time when our words are being watched by those plotting evil, it becomes more important to be precise and meaningful with our words. Thinking has never been more important before such an important thing as communication, verbal and written. We must be checking our words mentally and spiritually and marinating them before releasing them. The closer we get to heaven, the more valuable are those precious words we share and how we share them. There are people desperate for true, pure Love and hope and peace and joy. We who personally know the God who gives these things have a responsibility to keep that as our priority for energy and communication. And we must also be on guard and not add extras we once could for those many who wish to oppose any truth to protect their lies they have grown dependent upon. Lord, please wake them! Open eyes that we andll may see the big picture as you do and what people really need. Do your best to be part of the solution and not a distraction. And avoid the arguing narrative. People with an open mind to hear are listening and not arguing. Pick your conversations wisely. God bless your efforts for Him!!!