On a Couple of Tips for Caregiving

When you are taking care of someone you love or otherwise, please remember that the person is ill. That seems simple enough but mentally if you have a weakness in there, you will tend to take things personally. An ill person is usually plagued by some level of pride which makes them angry and frustrated that they need help. Also, they may have some mental issues which make lashing out verbally common at times. Truth is, they don’t realize they are doing it. Sometimes they are really echos of harshness they encountered or experienced previously, many moons ago. Be respectful. If nothing else, smile and wave. The second thing to always keep in mind is that it is usually a thankless job. You are working for the Lord and not for man. It is the Lord you serve. Your reward comes later. Now is the work. I always bear this in mind. I work for God not man. It is easier to work for God, He give you renewed strength. You can easily burn out if you do not understand this truth. God provides strength, no one else. No one else is bigger than the strain, larger than the problem, peaceful beyond measure. God is it. Renew from Him. So review: 1. Remember the person is I’ll and do not take things personally and 2. You are working for God and not man and your reward comes later, work now. God is the source n of strength. Now smile, child of God, and take a hot Epsom salt bubble bath and listen to some Bible verses for a boost. You are invaluable! ❤

Don’t Wrestle Alligators

When bad guys come against you, do not fight their game. You wouldn’t wrestle an alligator, you would shoot it. They are just too good at wrestling and those muscles and jaws are powerful. But if it attacks you relentlessly, you would use an appropriate weapon that you have ready. When evil comes against you, do not fight it with its tools of lies and deceit and manipulation, it is their strengths. You fight with truth, the Bible. Always fight lies with truth. It is the only thing that will defeat it. Fight with the right weapon appropriated you will win. Love you. Hang in there. Jesus is Coming soon. ❤❤❤

Picking the Wrong Battles to Fight

My daddy was a boxing instructor in the Marines, so we watched a lot of boxing back in the day. So I love boxing analogies. Lol And in general, the key to never losing a fight is to pick the right fight. Yeah, sometimes people will surprise you and get in a good hit anyway, but you have done your best to minimize damage and be victorious. So in life, we need to conserve our energy and pick the right fight. There are many out there. Many. Any number of fights to be had. And what someone’s outer appearance is or whether they know proper etiquette or what translation of Bible they read (despiteth howest thou likest the perfecteth KJV, becauseth everyone talkest thusly) or what the name is on the church. These things do not matter at all. Not one bit. There are real issues no one is talking about. There is a sin problem, an avoiding church problem, a my kids can beat a video game in 2 days straight but don’t know a Bible verse problem, an abortion problem, and here’s the biggest one of all, a problem of people choosing sin and eternal hell to humble repentance (contrition) and eternal heaven. This is a huge problem. This is a good fight to take on. Because Jesus already won this one for them, they just need truth and prayer to open their hearts and accept it. As a big picture person, I rarely get hung up majoring on the minors, but I am not always fighting what I should be fighting. But way too much attention is being put on inconsequential matters and not enough people are fighting for people’s eternal soul destination. There attention only two options: heaven or hell and I don’t and God doesn’t want anyone to go there because of His great love for us. I love because He loves. Fight that fight. Help them if you can, win their hearts for God who longs for more children to adopt. I don’t want anyone going to hell. I will fight that fight. ❤

Waffle Magic

Not my normal super contemplative self tonight (super tired so not thinking deeply), but found something new out and wanted to bless it forward…. So, I bought this old round waffle maker at a garage sale the other year and have worked on it a bit here and there, trying for the perfect scratch waffle batter and system. And I have perfected it for our little taste buds!  Steve still won’t eat it (he doesn’t eat breakfast), but the kids and I love it. My secret ingredient is lemon juice. My baker friend told me it is because it starts breaking down the gluten and keeps it soft and airy and not chewy. I do that with pancakes. One splash for pancakes and two splashes with waffles. It also mixes with the baking powder to make air bubbles, keeping it light. And don’t forget the vanilla. I am sorry, I don’t have exact measurements because I always throw it together. But try your basic recipe and just add the lemon juice and see what you think. 

The Ins and Outs of Ups and Downs

I am even keel. However, I have friends through the loop riding massive roller coasters emotionally in their lives, up down, in out, life is a wild ride for them. While amusing to watch, I cannot imagine that to be fun. Not really. And I started to wonder how is it some of us take things as they come, a very island, reggae kind of life, gnarly dude, and some are crazy all over the place like a high strung competitive New Yorker on the beaches of Hawaii trying to relax: “Ok, I’ll relax and get some sun. Now forget relaxing, I am wasting the day and don’t want to burn! Let’s get to a store. Let’s rent a scooter. They are all rented, we were too late!!!!!! Let’s just watch the sunset…. ….. Why does it take so long?” Like I said, amusing to watch but terrible to live. And some people seem to live there on purpose or at least not know there is an alternative option. So I wondered why I go with the flow and am flexible. And it might be that in spiritual gifts, my faith runs very very high and my fear runs very very low. In addition, my humble has developed and expanded greatly and I absolutely love surprises and hate (as of my last great life lesson) the perception of being in control. Only God is truly in control of anything except our own free will and accompanying words accord actions. That is all we have control over and that can be removed from us with one accident or someone else’s poorly chosen free will. So there it is. I roll with the punches because I have a close relationship with God, faith, humility, no ambition for control and love surprises. Everyone’s story must be different, but this one is mine. Oh, and I love people too. That helps too. Hope that helps someone relax a bit. Lol ☺ Love you!

Silence is Telling

Nothing says “I want nothing to do with you” like a big heaping plate of silence. When you are pursuing and they are not reciprocating your pursuit, that is telling. They do not want the same thing. When you reach out to someone and keep reaching out and they are silent and moving further away, that is telling. They don’t want you. Silence is telling. It says more sometimes than words do. When someone is silent to you and you have been reaching out, they are lost to you, they don’t want you. This is a humbling notion but one when mastered will hurt in the short run but prevent further hurt in the long run. And God can give you both discernment and comfort, whichever is needed at the moment. The key is sticking humbly close to Him in prayer and reading. He is way smarter than we are (and loves us very much). ❤

Problem Solving 101

Small or life or death large or any sized problem in between, here is how to solve it. 1. Pray and ask God for help because He has the big picture and details from the past, now and the future in view at all times and at once and love you and wants to help and is strong enough to do it and wise enough to do it best. That was an excellent run on sentence, but said what I want so I am not changing it. Lol Start the prayer with these words or attitude, “Dear Hravrnly Father, I have a problem that you know the answer/solution to and I don’t know the right one. I need Your help. Please help me and give me wisdom and understanding and guide me to the right solution. In Jesus’ name, amen.” 2. Read any verse of the Bible (even unrelated) because truth is truth and wisdom is wisdom and it fosters truth and answers. 3. Do something else. Either think of something or take a walk or glance through a magazine or do some sewing or take a scenic drive. And take me with you on the drive. Lol 4. Come back to the problem with a new, fresh perspective and think about pros and cons for optional solutions. 5. If you cannot be objective because you are too invested emotionally, consult an objective friend or professional or pastor or whoever fits. 6. Repeat all steps as necessary but in the same order.