Rock Bottom

Been there, done that and it is not pretty. Rock bottom is not really rock but deep sludge that threatens to slowly drown you, in my case. Some people have an accident or incident that would probably feel like landing on rock after a 3 story freefall. But I digress, not wanting the glorify the bottom, whether rock or sludge. I merely want to say that I am not there anymore and will not be again. I can say that definitively because I am now standing firm on God’s promises. His promises are all throughout the Bible and all are mine through salvation in Jesus Christ, Yeshua. You see, there are three choices when you hit rock/sludge bottom. 1. Very selfishly and eternally die. 2. Proudly stay there and/or scramble up and drop back down repeatedly, indefinitel eternally. 3. Humbly pray to Jesus Christ for salvation and forgiveness and get up eternally. So, really two choices are quite foolish, if you think about it. Pride versus eternal life. Hmmm. I prefer humble myself, that was my choice. Every person can make this same choice anytime they want, foolish pride and eternal death and pain or humble acceptance of the free gift of salvation and obedience and eternal life. Hmmm. Doesn’t seem like a hard choice to me now. At the time it was, which is why I had to hit rock/sludge bottom to begin with. Jesus is hope, you see. Truth, peace, joy, faithfulness, gentleness, love and hope, the whole bit. Just something to think about. ❤


Hilary’s America Movie

Every American who loves freedom and especially every Christian who loves God and equality and fairness and respect for all people should watch this movie Hilary’s America. We watched it tonight free on Amazon Prime and it was full of enormous doses of truth (and you know from my blogs that truth is a passion of mine and I can sniff it out) and hope. Americans and high school students and graduate students should watch this movie. Christians should watch this movie. Pastors should watch this movie and encourage their congregations to watch it for themselves. ❤

“Wait & See” is Valid

My Grandma Batterson was a quiet and thoughtful woman, very clean, classy and practical. I would have some perceived emergency and tell her and she would much too calmly tell me to “wait and see”. Frustrating at the roller coaster moment, I see her beautiful wisdom now. Because, you see, most of the time the matter would resolve itself and alway with prayer it would be resolved at least on my end. Sometimes we have to do something, our moral obligation, the right thing, do something. But that is our requirement. When you get busy serving elsewhere or doing chores or work or even take a nice walk or bubble bath and pray, all will be well. And those very few instances we screw up and God forgives us but the person doesn’t because of their own sin of unforgiveness, we are not responsible for that anymore and still have peace and joy. So there is an art to 1. humble prayer, 2. Do your moral part and 3. Get busy doing something else. And my wise Grandma’s advice can then help you too. And on her heavenly behalf, you’re welcome. 😄❤

Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

So many possibilities of what I can do. I can do so many things. You can too. Anyone anywhere can do many things. But we must always weigh what we actually do with God’s will/Word in our lives. The reason is that everything we do has consequences, good or bad. We are responsible for every word or deed. We need to bear in mind that we are always representing Jesus/God in the world to the world. And winning souls to and for God is always more important than what I want or feel or frankly what you want or feel. “What I want” is a very weak argument for doing what I want without considering the eternal ramifications of that action. And God has expectations from us that we consider Him in all we do and the eternal ramifications of our actions. All of us. Whether we believe this or not. ❤


When things are wrong, pray.

When things are great, pray.

When you are unsure, pray.

When you are confident, pray.

When you are humbled, pray.

When you are uplifted, pray.

When governments struggle, pray.

When improvements come, pray.

For America, pray.

For every nation, pray.

For opportunities, pray.

For chances to serve, pray.

When you are mourning, pray.

When God comforts you, pray.

For every reason, pray.❤

Don’t Cheapen Your Deep

Don’t cheapen your deep. God made you with depth of understanding and reasoning about eternal and spiritual matters. We are built that way and will never be satisfied until we go there. Go deep as was intended. Don’t cheapen your depth for those who cheapen theirs. ❤

Word to the Wise

When maturity and God’s wisdom bites and prohibits reactions you would regret, it produces a better option. Rather than lashing out in self-serving indignation, I caught myself praying an immediate humble prayer of forgiveness for the attacker and a change of perspective and softening of heart. I left it as that and went to serving my kids a meal and washing the dishes. That brief prayer and humbling of spirit was honored by God who did indeed soften the heart and change the perspective of the attacker and myself. So, I have learned this wisdom in practice and am recommending it to everyone within the sound of my voice. Heed it and win. ❤