Wise Advice about Talking

Tell Jesus your problems and He will understand and help.

Tell anyone else your problems and they will be disheartened and misunderstand them or use them against you and not help.

Releasing negative words to a person may make your burden lighter for a moment but make someone else’s heavier and return to you heavier also in time.

So telling only Jesus (in prayer) our problems is wisest because He loves us, understands, can bear the weight of them with ease, and can help.❤


Managing Band Children

I am the band mom. They say “manager” but that is false. My husband manages the band but I am the mom and gig-getter. That allows me to buffer the children, I mean men in our band and be diplomatic, do the work and heavy lifting, listen to the incessant whining, and yet have the luxury of being paid less and blamed for everything. But I wear big girl panties and can take all of it (meaning I pray a lot to a really big God). And my brief payoff is the exhilaration of making people happy and dance and the fun of all that and brief appreciation of the audience. So there are perks. Biggest one is playing with my husband and my band brother. And now my son is our paid roadie. That is sweet too. 

Early Bird

I came to the wedding early. To relax. To practice. To breathe. The rest of the day will be a whirlwind. Another black tie convention Christmas gig after. This was my breathing moment, before guests arive, just me and the piano and God. Here we go. Please bless us, Lord. Let’s play.🎩😄❤

Answered Prayer

Thank you whoever prayed for my friend and her son who was in a car accident. No internal bleeding noted, a slipped disk and bruises and he is home with medicine and ice. Praise God! This was my friend who recently lost her husband and her son lost a step dad. So this terrified her and him, mortality being fresh in their minds. Keep them in your prayers If you pray. I appreciate it. God does always answer prayers. Sometimes in the way we want, when it fits into His timing and will. Other times He answers a better way in just the right timing to fit into what is best for you in His will and for the best purpose. I have learned this. And I have loved, thinking that person was the best for me and God, being the good Father He is knew it would end up horribly for me and led me to another path that is best. God does that. He is so completely cool like that. His love never ends or rests and He is never more than a humble prayer away ever. Such a beautiful thing. I am going to pray and get some sleep now. Two gigs tomorrow and I am exhausted just thinking about it. God, please help me! Love you! Sweet dreams! ❤

Busy Days & Bad News

When we are busiest, it seems we are made busier with bad news. My friend’s son was in a car accident, nothing broken and not critical but sore and hospitalized for observation. And of course I want to be there for her and would were my commitments not so pressing today and tomorrow. But this is how the devil worka, y’all. When working hard, he attacks. So please pray for special comfort for her and healing for him and I place them soundly in God’s hands and must keep moving. God bless us all. ❤ 

“The Best Defense is a Good Offense”

Daddy and I used to watch football together growing up. It was my favorite team sport to watch with him. (Boxing was my favorite sport of to watch with him but that is for another blog.) And if you watch football for any length of time and in any depth of strategic plays, you will find that the best teams have a great offense. And even if their defense is rather eh?, they can still turn out well by having an exceptional offense. And truly in life as well, I won many battles by offense focus, whether a threat from a bully heading my way, a difficulty brewing, a weird statement from a collegue, a lying attack against your character, whatever it might be. And when I saw the threat, I ran to meet it head on. Most threats are made by bullies of some sort, which are all cowards, and facing them makes them run off crying or frustrated and they leave you alone. Demonic attacks are the same. However, we work our offense on our knees in humble prayer and active Bible study. In this way, the weaker we seem, the stronger we are for God can work. And He is definitely in charge and over everything and everyone. God is bigger than any hurricane, as we experienced firsthand. He just is. Praise God! ❤ ❤ ❤