The Extent of Our Power is the Extent of Our Faith

We decide how powerful we are by the amount of faith we practice. Power of one individual is not in the extent of physical endurance but of mental faith and spiritual trust in Almighty God. God’s protection and provision flow through us in direct proportion to our humble prayer and faith. These are His criteria for action in our lives. And it is exciting to see the Lord work through us so I highly recommend humble prayer and faith and you will see it too. 😄❤❤❤

Misinterpretation Clarified

I used to pray for arms to hold me. I had always assumed that meant a man and my husband is not naturally a hugger and frankly pushes me away because I am too hot (temperature wise not sexy but ya know… lol). So I had misinterpreted that as unanswered prayer. And when my daughter surprised us with her presence, I just now realized why God gave me this precious treasure. She is a cuddle bunny. She loves to be held and hold on tight. Duh me, God answered my prayer for hugs from my little girl, the huggingest person you would ever want to meet. Thank you, God, for her and answered prayers!!❤❤❤

Divisiveness is Evil

God unites. His enemies divide. “United we stand!” Is truth. As is “Divided we fall”. The enemy, the evil forces of this world, all evil is united in its front to divide all of us. Evil wants division so all countries and their people are destroyed and they can rule. But I have a secret. God is still in charge. And if God’s sleeping children wake up and start praying and return to God, the division will not be successful and God will heal this land. God restores and unites. God heals and loves. We should be tired of playing into the hand of the destructive forces around us who around much weaker and damaging than we ever realized. God is all powerful and love, the Creator who builds. His side is the aide to rally toward. Truth and love need promotion on every level. We are called to that. It is a command. Proclaim truth and show live everywhere we go. We must do this today, right now. Pray. Our unity depends upon it. Truth and love must be promoted to yield hope. God will do it if we humbly pray. We must. 

My Morning Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father, please forgive any sins I committed, knowingly or unknowingly. And please forgive any sins my family committed knowingly or unknowingly. Please make us all clean before you and help us to walk closely with You all day long. Please be with our governmental leaders. Please keep them safe and give them wisdom, knowledge and understanding to make the right decisions and politicies at the right time for the right reasons. Please reveal those politicians and evil people doing and plotting evil and may they be foiled in their plotting, found out and punished and kept from this evil. May truth be poured out and justice be done. May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Please wake Your sleeping Christians up and help them to pray and seek you and look distinctively at heart like Your people and not the world around them. Help them to understand that lasting peace and eternity with you is far far better than temporary carnality and desires of the flesh that only feel good for a minute when catered to but steal joy and peace and can take your life. And in their returning to you, please heal our land and restore it to vitality and unity. Thank you for all the blessings in my life and for good health and a home to live in with my healthy family. I praise you for your greatness and enormous love and grace for us. May your name be praise. May your wise will be done forever! In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

Difficulty of Prayer

I believe firmly that the hardest thing about praying is not the words to speak, not the right way or wrong way (there is no wrong way), not anything about the prayer itself but it is this: the bowing. Bowing the heart in humbleness, bowing the head in respect and lowliness, bowing the will to God’s, bowing the pride to beg of God’s attention for help, bowing of independence upon self, bowing of attention from self-indulgence to self-sacrifice. That is why more people don’t pray or pray as often. It is the bowing that brings us difficulty. We are taught to celebrate self or tangibles to depend on no one but self or stuff. To bow is the opposite of all that. But it is the bowing that God honors, rewards, uses, acknowledges, loves, recognizes. The bowing worships God as bigger, capable, in charge, worthy, generous, loving, good, etc. Bowing is the hardest part of prayer but by far the best part, worthy of the effort and the letting go of deterrents from doing so. ❤❤❤

The Need for Prayer

We still need to pray. More than ever, actually. It is easy to get lax or rest a but where we can, but we need to be vigilant for our governmental leaders to make wise decisions in line with God’s Word, for truth to be revealed always, for unity, for evil to be punished and good to prevail, for peace, for America, for exposure and punishment of evil divisiveness, and so on. This is even more important than ever. Please join me in prayer and fast if medically able. It is so important. Thank you! Love you! ❤❤❤

Will Power

Born stubborn and with an extremely strong will, I assumed most of my life’s biggest struggles were defeated by my own strong will power. I firmly believed that. So much so that I actually prayed many times for God to help other people but helping me wasn’t necessary. “They need you, I’m good”. So foolish was I! Indeed, my greatest strength was realized when God allowed my will power to be broken down and me to humble my heart and realize I am weak but God is strong. What needs to be strong is always strong… God. My will power focuses the strength on me but humble prayer focuses me on God, the Winner. I attached the link for the new song for my kids tomorrow in worship God gave me for them if you are interested. Anyone may use it freely. “All we need is faith and a humble hearted prayer and God will answer us best”.