When it is Wrong, Rebuke It

We have had difficult times with illness preventing our normal school days and busy gig days on sick days also and missing things and so on, and tensions have been very high with my husband, still feeling under the weather. And I have learned that when something is wrong, stop entertaining it. Rebuke the wrongness of it. Stop it. Pray and ask God to remove the wrong and make it right and change hearts. God answers these prayers. They are born out of a humble realization of two things: 1. Our fight is not against flesh and blood but against evil spirits trying to screw everything up, and 2. God is the only One that easily manages to drive out these evil spirits and help us. Both agree with Scripture and both honor God and He loves our faith and belief and honors it. Had this today and prayed and God helped. Never be afraid to pray. Never be too proud to pray. Always pray.❤


Unexpected Results of Quitting

I will not say what particularly it was, but recently I had quit. I had given up the idea of something in particular that I humbly gave up to the Lord as an offering to Him. I said in essence, “This isn’t happening again so I accept that you are enough and I give it up to You. I quit and am fine with that. I trust You.” And that was that, so I thought. But evidently God had different plans or honored my humility or something because today He saw fit to provide that very thing to me. And it goes to show you that sometimes in the giving something up to God, He honors that and gives back more. I believe He wants to know we are fully prepared and fully willing to give up everything for Him and He honors that, rewards it even. God is so real and alive and working in me and so many I know that walk with Him faithfully and meaningfully. It is so very beautiful. Praise God! May the whole earth praise His holy name!❤

On Saying It

Sometimes things go well

Sometimes it’s eggshells

You never know which it will be.

Trying to balance it

With unknown ups and downs

Is a very bleak reality.

So I pray and read the Word

It never changes, not a word

And God gives me peace no eye can see.

And that is all I can do

Until this life is all through

And with my God forever I will be.❤

The Cure for Aggitation

I often feel agitated. I am content and have peace and joy in God. But things vex me. I think those things go hand in hand. I believe you cannot be close to the Lord and not start to see evil as evil and be bothered that more people are not paying attention to God. That is insanity! See… agitation. So, as I am always seeking ways to improve, I realize the agitation welling up in me. My cure for this agitation is humbly praying and reading my Bible. That is it. Super simple. But knowing and keeping from the enemy’s evil distractions are two very different things. And I need to focus on those simple things. They seem to be the cure and answer to most things, truly. And people often sincerely under-estimate the immense power in humility. It is the key to purity and closeness to Christ. It is invaluable from a present earthly and an eternal perspective. Hope it helps you too. God bless and keep you, loved friend.❤

Nipping Problems in the Bud

We had to let our lead singer go in our band for a myriad of reasons which everyone left agreed upon. And he did not accept our decision that was best for him/his deteriorating health as well as the band, so he decided to be divisive by calling other band members and causing problems and whining like a child. So, here we have a problem, a potentially big one. But his tactics were ineffectual. Why? How do you nip problems in the bud? Here is the easiest way… good communication. We talk. My husband says “Adults talk”. Children whine, adults talk. That is it. We talked. I talked and explained for the decision we had wrestled over for a freakishly long time and our line of reasoning beforehand. Then the band was prepared for his childish antics and knew we were on the right page. Some people’s pride will not release them of wanting to do what they feel good doing even if their health is compromised and a good friend steps in to intervene and save them from their self. And my conscience is clear and everyone is good and excited about our new members and energy and new songs again and we are moving forward together, more united for it and clear of conscience knowing we did the right thing for him and us. Good communication accomplishes that. And of course before any communication occurs, we pray first and God provides the right words at the right time for the right reasons. So really it is two fold… good communication with God and with everyone else. And then the details, good or bad, will work themselves out. ❤ 

Good Communication

The key is that good communication relies on a series of words conveyed, the hearing of this words, the reaction of the listener, and their return words. If there is damage to any of those parts or additional parts added (like body language, tone, eye contact or lack thereof, distractions, additions because of reading into it because of damage, intentional biases, any other thing or energy level or illness or frustration with the neighbor’s cat or weird things digesting or whatever, good, meaningful communication falls apart. It is one thing to say something, even flawlessly, and it can be quite another to be heard as intended and read properly, without insight into intentions or woundedness. So there is a problem we all have with communication these days, it seems. So, I pray more. I pray that I will say the right words at the right time for the right reasons and be heard that way. I think we all need to pray that more. You can mean something well and then be misinterpreted unwittingly or purposefully. So pray. ❤

Thank You, Lord!

So tonight, we got a new drummer! This guy is great! Great attitude, great fit for us, great craftsmanship, wonderful drumming, steady, great wife (actually supportive and not psychopathic!), happy, dependable, wow. And we are now all looking forward to gigging instead of dreading it. We are so happy. Thank you, Lord!! God answers prayers, friends. Any little or big thing you need, ask Him. He answers and He is good!!!❤