Prayer Need

God loves us so very much that He loves having a relationship with us, loves being our Heavenly Father. And He commands us to pray continuously. Does God need our prayers? Nope. He wants them, though because He knows we need to keep in touch with Him and be humble enough to ask for and receive His help. And we absolutely need to pray.

Now, what particularly to pray. We pray about everything:

1. Personal needs, praises, worship, conversation.

2. Country being in God’s will.

3. President Trump and elected officials.

4. Church matters, alignment with God’s will, needs, growth, missions.

5. Missionaries and Christians around the world and unity.

6. Extended family and those who are ill or needy or especially needing salvation.

7. Work related needs, employers, employees, etc.

8. Home needs, unity, peace and joy.

9. That God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

10. Best for last: praise and thanksgiving to God!❤


In the Dark, Unafraid

My daughter still struggles with the dark. Despite lessons on security, despite reassurance. She struggles with fear of the dark. And I think how silly that is until I realize how real it is for many/most adults too.

I cannot tell you how many of my patients (mostly geriatric) are scared of the unknown, being in the dark. They get a cancer diagnosis and fear rushes in like a cheetah on the hunt. And adults I know are worried (a sweeter way to say afraid) of losing or changing a job or having to move to a new place where they are largely in the dark. People are afraid of not knowing.

I have good news. No need to struggle with fear of the dark or the unknown. You can let go of that fear. How? You simply stop clutching it so tightly and let go of it. Lift it up, visualize yourself lifting it to God. Tell Him you know He is in control, ask for help, and let it go. Things in life are as easy or difficult as you chose for them to be. Life is a series of choices and this is just one of the many. Give up and stop focusing on what you are afraid of. Quit giving it power. Face it with God and His Truth that you have the Holy Spirit, stronger than any force on earth living right inside your heart when you got saved. You have nothing to fear, just a conversation with God to have. No worries. No fears. Reject them both. Know Whose you are. Child of the One True God, all powerful and all loving.❤

Focus Above

When battered, bruised the fighting threatens

And long and hard the darkness deepens

And feeling far from all that’s right

And uncertain if to flee or fight

I find one thing to count upon

One happy truth found in this world

Whenever I humble my soul and pray out

Jesus is here and all problems lose face

For all them are nothing due to He grace.

So humbly I pray and God gives an umbrella

A protection from evil, from every dilemma

And He comes in with peace, joy and love

And all is serene with my focus above.❤

Profound Contemplations of God

Driving to my consultations today, I had a profound thought I want to share for God’s glory. Imagine for one minute how enormous and wise and all-knowing and loving God has to be to answer our prayers. We take for granted He does and know by results He does. But have you ever stopped to think how powerful yet loving He has to be and considerate on every level- knowing the present and future simultaneously and choosing what is best for us without screwing someone else up. I mean, it is a sobering, awe-inspiring thought. And oh how God deserves our praise and awe and worship for just that. Oh how perfect He is!❤❤❤

Out With my Molar

I had a pretty nasty fracture on my bottom 19 (my bottom molar I bit a ham bone shard with accidentally and it chipped). And dentists have previously terrified me. So, I asked my Aunt and best friends to pray for me on the way and they did. So the whole time I had peace and even joy and the oral surgeon was wonderful and great and all went well. And I am so happy because I know my Heavenly Daddy AGAIN took care of me. I am sure because I have never had peace before at any dentist office ever and I could not do otherwise. I felt God was with me through it. I knew He was in charge and good. So, praise God! My molar is out!

My Prayer and Hopefully Everyone’s Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father, I love you so much. I pray for truth to be prevalent and obvious. I ask you to guide our world leaders and our President Trump and all those who do what is right that they be protected and be given more wisdom and make decisions that please you. Please revive the church all over the world, wake them up so they live your love and truth and help others to do so. Please save as many as will listen and soften hard hearts. Please destroy delusions and lies and punish those who have harmed others to the fullest extent of the law. Please destroy evil and make it pay for the harm done. And please help me to show You and Your love and truth in my life for Your glory. Please foegive any sins in me as I freely forgive anyone who has sinned against me- I know my enemy is the evil spirit in a person and they are just ignorant pawns. May Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Please provide for and protect us. May Your name be praised in all the earth! You alone are perfect and worthy of all praise!!! In Jesus’ precious name I pray. Amen.