Healthy Celebrations

When the family has been in poor health and are now restored to health by God’s good grace and healing, it is celebration worthy. So we are going to celebrate. And before we were sick for so long, I would have questioned the sanity of someone celebrating good health. It is when you have been I’ll that you appreciate health and celebrating makes perfect sense. That is what Jesus said something along the lines that those who are forgiven for much appreciate it much. That is so true. And being healthy again is like being forgiven of a great illness. Worthy of celebration. ❤


On Truth & Variations on that Theme

My daughter is raised to be truthful. Not that we always get it right, but she knows full well what is truth and what is lie. Her friend does not, she mixes truth and lies up together in a big bowl and dishes it up according to what she wants at the moment- attention, things, pleasures, etc. Sounds like half of society these days and me a while back, I confess it. So how is it I believe I am instructing my child in knowing truth versus lie? How can I tell? What is truth? Is it all relative, which is the latest fad of knowledge? Do we guess or reason and come up with our own truth? Who decides what truth is? How do we know what is truth internally? Why is there a truth? Aren’t absolutes square and rigid and boring and limiting and antique/archaic? 

I know and we all know what truth is because we are all created with live by the Creator of truth/One which can not ever lie. Our Creator can not lie, there is no lie in Him. And He planted a moral code in our brain. We can choose to attend to it or not for we were also given free will. But the moral truth code is embedded on our brain harddrive. Think about it. Why do we gasp in horror when someone hits a pregnant woman or leaves their dog in the car on a hot summer day or kill someone or rise in anger at a bully? Why? Did someone tell everyone this is bad and wrong, lying is bad and wrong. When we lie, do we feel good or bad? Think about it. Someone had to have done so. God pre-wired us to know it. He wanted our happiness because of His love for us so gave us the moral code of truth to follow to be happy. And He was generous enough to write it down in the Bible for we who are too distracted and self-involved to hear our internal moral truth programming code gift from God. We need to get back to it for our happiness and connection to God. 😄❤ 

Wrapping Finished Celebration 

I just wrapped all the presents. All. Of. Them. I am too tired now to celebrate but I will tomorrow. So very happy to be finished. Those little kids who used to wrap presents for a donation would have come in handy and made a pretty penny here but alas, no such person was here. My son offered, though. Lol. So, tomorrow we party. Must celebrate. How funny ironic would it be for Jesus to come back right before the kids opened their presents. Ha! Anyways, right now… I will sleep. Sweet dreams, friend. ❤

Life Hack Share

Ok, so I bought my daughter a faux fur (cotton/poly blend) vest from a thrift shop that looks wintery and works beautifully over her dress for the Christmas kids choir performance Sunday she is in (and has a solo-yay!). I washed it and the faux fur was all matted. Wanting a softer look, I tried this life hack I heard about on YouTube. It said to mix half fabric softener and half water in a disposable plastic cup. Then you dip a brush into the cup mixture and brush the vest. It took a bit of time and repetition but worked beautifully. The same is supposed to work also on doll hair (that my daughter rarely plays with). She prefers animals to people because of their fluffy cuteness. I do not blame her. And also also perk, I smell fantastic! (Lol- the mix splashed onto my sleeves- lol.) So if you need fluffy instead of matted, brush with fabric softener water. There ya go. 🙂 ❤ 

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Don’t Worry, Be Happy Lyrics by Bobby Ferrin

“Here’s a little song I wrote 

You might want to sing it note for note 
Don’t worry be happy 
In every life we have some trouble
When you worry you make it double 
Don’t worry, be happy
(Don’t worry, be happy now)

Don’t worry
Be happy
Don’t worry, be happy
Don’t worry
Be happy
Don’t worry, be happy

Ain’t got no place to lay your head 
Somebody came and took your bed
Don’t worry, be happy 
The land lord say your rent is late 
He may have to litigate 
Don’t worry, be happy 
(Look at me I am happy)

Don’t worry, be happy 
Here I give you my phone number 
When you worry call me
I make you happy 

Don’t worry, be happy 

Ain’t got no cash, ain’t got no style 
Ain’t got no girl to make you smile 
But don’t worry be happy
Cause when you worry 
Your face will frown 
And that will bring everybody down 
So don’t worry, be happy 
(don’t worry, be happy now)

Don’t worry
Be happy
Don’t worry, be happy
Don’t worry
Be happy
Don’t worry, be happy

[*4th verse not in radio edit]
Now there is this song I wrote 
I hope you learn it note for note 
Like good little children 
Don’t worry, be happy 
Listen to what I say 
In your life expect some trouble 
When you worry 
You make it double 
But don’t worry
Be happy, be happy now

Don’t worry
Be happy
Don’t worry, be happy
Don’t worry
Be happy
Don’t worry, be happy

[Radio edit continues here]
Don’t worry 
Don’t worry don’t do it, be happy 
Put a smile on your face 
Don’t bring everybody down like this 

Don’t worry
It will soon pass whatever it is 
Don’t worry, be happy.”❤


Of All the Beautiful Days

This day was full of busy (the 5-k and making of a costume before a deadline) and beautiful catching up with wonderful friends we love dearly that live far away. It rang with the familiar bells of too much to do, blended with the joy and peace of reuniting with very great friends and then more busy-ness (the flat tire) and then more beautiful with watching my husband’s other band play a gig and then being a roadie. Busy and beautiful was the order of the day, and despite every potential frustration, I have been unable to stop smiling. Truly, God’s brilliant light shone on us all day long. He is the Maker and lifter of our heads. May God be praised!!❤

Once Upon an October

Once upon an October,

We celebrated three birthdays.

We had 4 parties also then

And deepened our relationship.

We feasted and went to the beach

And somehow still did school

But these very busy October’s

Are really very cool.

I miss those who are gone from life

I wish they partied too

But I know the party up in heaven

Is really hopping too.

So here upon this October,

With all its busy charm.

We celebrate our family with God

And He blesses us all month long.❤