Lamentations 5:21

Lamentations 5:21. “Restore us to yourself, Lord, that we may return; renew our days as of old”

Why an entire book on weeping for consequences of a nation’s sin? Because weeping is a necessary step toward repentence and repentence restores our relationship with God. So before a nation that has been neglectful of their God can return to Him, they must first be sorry that they screwed up. Thus Lamentations exists to emphasize that very important point. It is a call to knees. A sorrowful acknowledgment of wrong. And even though it has this mournful purpose, wrought with years of devastation and misery, it has these beautiful pockets of hope in God, of restoration, of hope for the future. They are sandwiched in the weeping so are easily overlooked, but what a great example of the beauty of God and that sorrow may last for a night but joy comes in the morning. We all must mourn and be sorry so we can make it right and restore our relationship with God. Then, what a beautiful world we would live in!❤

The Friend who Abandons You

I am still reeling over the loss of a friend. This friend was close to me and I invested a lot of time and resources into the relationship. I find it difficult to still love a person who suddenly disowns you. I guess I do not understand that mentality because I am am faithful friend and friends are adopted family to me. Maybe some people only see others as what they can get out of them and never really see friends as I do. Maybe people think differently because of hurts in their lives or upbringing or false beliefs they accept to believe that blinds them to the truth. And maybe people just choose to be mean and selfish because they want to be. Regardless, it still hurts deeply and I again will choose to cling to the Lord for help and hope. He is my comfort and strength and the best friend I will ever have. God loves me so much and will never abandon me. Thank you, God!❤

Unexpected Separations

So our grown son (from my husband’s previous marriage), the Marine and all around really great guy (maybe a tad biased), gave us the wham banger news that his wife of 4-ish years just left him for her ex-fiance of ancient past, the one who wouldn’t commit. Yep. We were going to visit them this week. Now, instead, he is moving alone out west to room with a Marine brother and a fresh start because he loves her sincerely and everything there is her. And I got to thinking. I had that happen in my ancient past… dumped for an unworthy ex after years of commitment and mutual love. And some people are a blessing in your life when they are there and some are are greater blessing when they go. It is impossible to say and realize that for about are year and that is are fact. Before a year is up, you only say it through clenched jaw. But how much worse to end up in many years with someone who hates you and has run you into the ground or stolen your freedom and identity and taken all your purpose to suit them and then threw you out or selfishly cheated. And like I was, he is blessed to start afresh and have us praying for him and encouraging him, and whatever God had for Him can be more apparent without someone half there and unsupportive. Nonetheless, as horrible as divorce is, sometimes you are forced to face it and change everything and that is never easy. So if you think of it, please pray for our son to find the path God wants Him now. God is the healer of hearts and Maker and Lifter of our heads. Thank you and God bless us, everyone!❤

Keeping the Blues Away

The blues are determine to sneak in through cracks in mood, slight imbalances in hormones, moments of fatigue, bad decisions by friends and family, deaths, bad drivers, memories, what have you. There is a huge potential for despair or just the blues. Yes, everyone has the opportunity for sadness, even the funnest or funniest of them. How can we keep the blues away? Well, you just can’t entirely and if you lose the ability to feel sadness, you have missed the ability to be a feeling human or live in a dream world of lies where everything is ok and we are not surrounded by evil all around us. But one way to minimize the sadness is thr simplest thing in the world and yet the most difficult thing in the world. Humility. When we are humble, we lower our demands of life, our expectations, the perfection demands, the control issues, the deserving disease. Humble closeness to God is the most beautiful and empowering thing in the world. God also helps us. ❤

Explorations on Sadness

Many things have happened in my life and my response is generally optimistic and hopeful, figuring out what to do, getting things done, charging ahead, always full throttle. My pulse has slowed of late and there is a different drum beat to dance to. I have this new thing in my life called sadness. I am not sure if it is from my daddy’s downward spiral with dementia, fading away or family life and changes or something I ate or some new hormones taking over my body, but I am not liking this new talent I have to cry at the drop of a hat. Never been a cryer really. However of late, I am some sort of master at it. I am changed in this regard. It is foreign territory to me. I, who can always find the funny, search out the stupid, love the enjoyable, invent it good am now in the position where I see the hurt in people’s eyes. I see their pain they are hiding behind the laugh. I feel their sorrow in their encouragement. And I experience it with them. And it hurts. Of course, my eyes are very clean these days, which is a plus. They probably needed that. However, they are  clean now so this can stop anytime. An additional side effect is a stronger desire to hold my children, hug them, laugh with them, really focus on them. So maybe even sadness can have its productive uses. Nonetheless, I am understanding more the crippling pain a lot of my friends contend with of depression. It would probably be very much like what I have been going through only stuck there longer term, emotions just doing their thing and you’re left to figure it all out or be a victim of it. I’ve no intention of being stuck here because I feel there would be this hopelessness that would seep in and steal away joy and peace. So, here is what I will try. And I will see it if helps. I will focus on the hope. The great hope of God and heaven and so on AND little hopes of happy days in the sun, cool drinks, warm friends and will drive, even if the terrain has changed. It is still my boat and I will own it and make use of it. Have to.

Sometimes I am Sad

Normally very happy because it is my choice to be so, it is strange to most that I too have sad days once in a while. I do nonetheless, and I want to explore and share it because you might need to pour out or understand some sad days too and you are not alone in that. Everyone, even perpetually happy people have moments of sadness or days or weeks or months even. For me, if I feel it for a day and have a good eye downpour, it passes by the next morning but that is just my experience. Most of the time my sad days center around my daddy, whose dementia is worsening by the day and I am watching slowly drift off to oblivion. That is my sad spot. We have good days and bad days but even his bad days he is not himself any longer, not fully. There is a point he has crossed where he will never be fully himself ever again. His body, always strong and will even stronger keep on even in their weekened state, but his mind is losing the battle. And missing him is not mourning him because some form still remains and I remember. So the pain is acute and long term. I miss my dad but still have him to visit and care for. And today that hit me hard because his mind wandered many paths during my visit, during our attempt at conversation. The second part of my sadness was my son having a cold but going to his dad’s house for the weekend where I can not take care of him and nurse him back to health, and when I asked how he was I received no response. That frustrates and saddens me because I care about the health of my boy. So these two factors and one other I cannot discuss had led me to the point yesterday where my eyes received a good cleaning and my mind dwelt on the sadness far too long. Sometimes you have to feel it. You have to just be sad. In fact, during said times, I try to be as sad as possible, making it far sadder with my imagination, picturing everyone I meet with hidden sadness and tears about to emerge. Then I can cry harder, more painfully, more heartfealt. What purpose does this serve? It cleans my eyes, for one. Secondly, it gets it over faster so I can move on to the rainbow after the flood. Thirdly, if I do this hard enough, I become ridiculous to myself and will turn it over into laughter. Maybe that is a little crazy, but a little crazy never hurt anyone and by the way do not judge me. lol. If I can convert the energy of the tears into a greater more positive energy of laughter, it helps everything and lifts my spirits, cheering me up afterwards. It is not that I negate or dishonor the sadness but that I pay it homage and respect it but then draw the line at it ruling my life. The sadness must never be the goal, must never rule the show. It is a means to an end, which is to remember that God gives joy and peace and comforts us when we mourn. That is the end of the story, you see, my friend. It is a happy ending. It is an ending worth pushing through to get to.

Grieving Me

I always thought I needed Daddy most when I was young. Once I moved out of the house at a young age and was supporting myself pretty well considering, I actually was foolish enough to think I didn’t need him much. But when I did, he was always there for me. Even if not physically present, he had me. He was my person, my support, the one who loved me and would die to get or do anything I needed or asked. He always thought I was capable of amazing things, never doubted that I could do anything but always laughed when I chose the hard way. But now that dementia is stealing my Daddy and strokes and heart attacks have weakened him to the point of being bound to a bed in a nursing home and I am grown up and 42 with kids of my own to care for, I realize something. I need him now more than I ever did. I am not ready to be without my person. I thought I was ready for him to go be in Heaven all happy with God, singing again with his angelic voice. But I am not. There are mean people here. There are people who don’t grow up despite their age. There are people who are evil and destroy because they are miserable and can’t stand when others are happy. There is ugliness around all over. There are circumstances in which you must do things you don’t want to against everything your heart is screaming you need, you want. There are people that would just as soon rip out your heart as to risk hurting their own. There are challenges I never dreamed I would meet. 42 is scarier than any other age I have been. And here I am needing my strong bulldog daddy and he is descending. My time is spent trying to get him to remember anything and laugh as much as possible when what I need is him telling me again that he will kill anyone who harms me, he’s got me no matter what. I was never bad in his eyes, never wrong, never anything but beautiful and loved and accepted as I was and made to feel the most comfortable in the world. I could be me with Daddy. Now I would give anything for another round of advice I was good at trying to avoid. I would love to hear more stories he rarely offered. I wouldn’t even mind one of his rants about what is wrong with greedy politicians. And I wish I still had his Sweet 16 Rifle which about threw out your shoulder to fire or his 12 gage he taught me to fire so well. I wish I had more time. Yes, I can visit him but he is seldom home now. There are rare moments and those I cherish, but my fighter Daddy, my intense but relaxed hard working but soft hearted Daddy, who wanted to march down to school and tear apart any teachers who were mean to me even if they had every right to be. My Daddy, who would protect me from anything in the world or outside of it and really really could, He I miss. My safe zone, my protector, my provider whenever I needed anything, him I miss. I am on my own in a scary world and I feel like a helpless child standing alone in the rain without an umbrella, crying out for one of his enormous bear hugs quick before the ravenous wolves attack me. And there it is. Well meaning people remind me God is always there with me and I respectfully acknowledge that is true and I agree. But there is something magical in a great big bear hug that defies rational thought and overcomes the feelings of insecurity in this world that nothing else can do yet. And Daddy could give them and I miss that most, of all things. It was my ultimate sign of security, my understanding of love and protection. There is a crazy world with psycho people hell bent on harming me and those I love because they are miserable and sick and my bear is hybernating, bedding down for a long sleep. He descends and I am left to fight. He taught me but I still feel unsteady. I grieve for the loss of my fighting warrior. I am proud of who he was and who he is now I love and spend time with. But I still grieve for he cannot fulfill the roll of my champion right now when I need  one. I need a champion warrior whose love for me goes beyond his comfort for himself. I grieve for this. I cry. Sometimes I laugh, especially with him. But I cry more now than I ever have. As he descends, I descend too. My heart hurts.