Passion Week

Our church is having services every night this week from Palm Sunday to Easter and a big party Easter Sunday after church. Many are involved, many contributed things to remember the passion week, focusing solely on the book of John. Tonight we focused on John 17 and I am amazed more people do not parse Jesus’ prayer. I had never heard it. It was the focus of missions and church building and growth with the Holy Spirit. What a blessing to learn more about that this evening and doing a prayer walk afterward. How beautiful!!😃❤

Adjusting My Armor ~

Sometime my armor,needs to be adjusted . . .for with inattentivenessit starts to get encrusted. So with the Word of God,my whole armor I lubricateand with faithfulnessI grease up my breastplate. Sometimes my armor,needs fortification . . .for I start to lose for Godmy heartfelt appreciation. So I take all the Verses,enriched with gratitudeand enshroud […]

Adjusting My Armor ~