Happy Resurrection Day!!

Happy Resurrection Day to you!!! May your salvation be secure in Jesus Christ, our Messiah and Savior, the risen Lord of Lords and King of Kings! Praise be to God! Let’s all celebrate our hope in Jesus today together!!😄❤


Many Hats Powered by One God

I wear many hats.

I am Christian, wife, mother, friend, grandmother, teacher, Sunday School teacher, church pianist, caretaker times three, band member/co-leader, neighbor, singer/songwriter doctor, PE coach, cleaner, dog owner, babysitter, driver, blogger, author/writer, encourager, promoter, prayer warrior.

Those are a lot of hats. I was exhausted writing those down.

How do I do it all and stay sane (most of the time)?

One Person gives me strength every single day, every moment of the day, loving me through every step…. God.

God is my Heavenly Father and in our loving relationship as Father and adopted daughter, He cares for me. God is not a construct and terrifying judge (although He will judge people who reject Jesus Christ as Messiah and Lord of their life). God is Father through the redemptive work of Jesus Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit. As Father He can lavish love and power on us. As Father, He gives me new energy and strength every single moment. He is such a good Father.

And that is my big secret. Many hats, one God. ❤❤❤

Old Town Gig Tonight with Blue

We had a gig tonight and my son’s dad messed up our weekends again so Blue (our dog) had to come with us to the gig. The gig was 7pm-11pm in Kissimmee, so was a late night for all of us, especially when the kids and Blue are in bed by 9pm. So I had no idea how it would all work out. And Blue was great, and after much prayer that he would not try to eat any tiny dogs, he was fine all night. And he got a bunch of attention and love also… so glad we got him bathed before we went. A great night and I am thankful. God is good at helping with huge things and these little tiny details. Praise God!😄❤

Pondering Singing/Songwriting

I have written literally hundreds of songs, lost count many songs back at 352. All with different melodies, all catchy, though very raw. Ridiculous amount until you realize I am now 45 years of age. I had one boyfriend who wanted to read and read my songs and listened to some. He was the only person. Some I published, some I recorded professionally in CA at Michael C. Ross’ studio, some I played as specials for church, some are still being used by churches for worship, there is one Easter contata, there is one rock ballad, etc. I once thought I was supposed to take these songs and share them myself with the world on stages across the country, concerts, themed evening, praise and worship evening, be a recording artist, etc. I really thought I was supposed to do that. I wondered why else God would entrust these songs to me. All this I call phase 1.

Phase 2 was give up mode after trying to get going on it and never being heard by the snobs in the music industry. They won’t even listen and are so n lazy they want a finished product before even considering a listen. What would I need them for then? And churches not even considering a free concert from a fellow Christian with references that prove my sound doctrine and heart to encourage with truth and so forth. No’s were everywhere, except a few published songs that went nowhere, so I gave up. Maybe I was wrong about being a singer/songwriter. Maybe I sucked at it. Very brief career over.

Phase 3. My songs read like a deep, moving journal, full of hope and pain, truth and phases of life. I believe many of those songs were a gift from God to sort out the worship and praise amidst the pains and horrors of my life. I have been through a heck of a lot – as most of us. But the songs show God working me through the difficulties with an ever repeating theme of how He is worthy and brought me through it thr best way possible. He may have given those songs to me as a live gift to help me put and show me love through healing.

Enter phase 4. Now. The present. I don’t know what if anything will happen with these songs but I am about to play a newer one in church this Sunday and wish to share them as needed. In the meanwhile, I am appreciative for them in my life. They are a loving gift from God for whatever reason He gave them to me and I am very grateful. And I will see where He leads me with them. And I will record in our home studio and play around with them over the summer. You never know what can happen in a day. I am willing to accept no or wait or they were just for therapy or go or whatever thr Lord wants. He is the boss of me. I am willing to obey Him whatever that looks like.

The takeaway: God’s gift to you is for a reason He knows. He may share that with you or may wait until later, maybe even heaven. Don’t worry or fret n or give up. Accept that He knows best and just be ready and willing to obey. God sees the heart. 😄❤

Benefits of Being Married Long Term to an Addict

Many people believe there is only negative in being married to an addict (it does not matter the addiction of choice- they all look the same ugly in a spouse and are all rooted in false beliefs, lies, sin and pride). There are many advantages and blessings. Some are the following:

1. Being humbled every day allows a contrite heart to flourish. It is next to impossible to feel like the center of anyone’s life or attention who already has their addiction as the center. Yes, the downside is that often even God and obedience comes after the addiction, but I am showing the positive and it is true that you cannot help but be humble when married to an addict. This helps a lot when working on contrition with the Lord. And that is a hurdle to faith most people really struggle with.

2. You depend on and trust in God only and that is very healthy spiritually. You cannot depend on the addict often but you realize quickly (because of the contrition mentioned earlier) that you can always depend on and trust in God.

3. You love truth. You realize that the addict, although in denial with lies and false beliefs, is riddled with guilt and fear all the time and lies like they breathe. This is so obvious and lies upon lies gets old. So you love truth. I read my Bible all the time, loving every word, every truth it is. You truly appreciate truth more than most do.

4. You accept and learn to be content in God. You appreciate everything good in life, really appreciate every blessing, every kind word, every word of encouragement, every friend who sticks around, every prayer where you feel God there with you. You appreciate more. You are thankful for a home with air conditioning, transportation, food, all those blessings people take for granted. You are content with unimportance. You are happy with every blessing and know full well that God is enough every day, every time, every moment.

5. You develop a thick chin. You realize that what God says about you is the truth and are thankful for it. You realize the truth is not in the accusations and put downs and anger/rages that always accompany the adddictions because of their nature and guilt and fear. You realize that God lovingly made you and sleep alone for years or not, you are beautiful inside, God lovingly made and gifted you. You are incredibly beautiful because God’s glory shines through you. So beautiful!

6. Forgiveness comes easily. You have to forgive so much and are humbled and contrite that forgiveness comes super easily. You have to forgive to survive. You forgive because you love. And you forgive because God forgave you and you want to be forgiven and have your prayers answered.

7. Greater faith in God. You rely on God for every encouragement, every good thing, every solution to every abuse, every emotional anything, healing when stress is getting to you, every comfort when lonely, everything. This is invaluable in a walk with the Lord and makes us closer. And heaven will be so much more beautiful!

8. You show them God’s true love. When you stay with an addict, you have the chance to show them love. In fact, the act of staying married to the addict is the strongest show of love along with the forgiveness. Love is patient, kind, self-sacrificing, humble, real, truthful, joyful, peaceful, faithful (even if they are not), etc. We are responsible for how we love. And love is purely beautiful.

9. You are in obedience to God. God hates divorce and if it can possibly be avoided, it should be. There are many blessings and rewards for obedience to God.

I hope you understand better the blessings involved in being and staying married long term to an addict. No one is perfect except Jesus. Staying married is your choice I would say largely because of these blessings and love. And God’s love is the greatest force I know.❤

Puff Quilt Mostly Finished Now!

Well, in all my spare time, I have been working on this puff quilt for the new grandson we never get to see. It is an act of love. I had made one for our granddaughter also but it was rejected. This one might be rejected also, but I still love our daughter and grandkids so I made it anyway.

I think this is how God must feel. He gave us the gift of salvation because He loved us so much and so few accept that gift but the gift remains because He loves us. Pretty amazing, that love thing. ❤