Thank You

I wanted to thank those who prayed for my little family. We have been blessed by your prayers today. I testify that God answers prayers. I am ill so was low energy with the same work and I was dreading this day and I know many of you prayed for us. I know because things were much much better today. Thank you so much for praying. Please continue if the Spirit moves you. Also, publicly I thank you, God and praise You for hearing us and wisely helping. What an amazing God we serve!!! I love you!❤


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The good: Our band family had a great family gig today at the mall’s food court. There was singing, dancing, congo lines, great stuff. And my kids could come to it and have a blast and participate. They knew all the songs and played Morocco and egg shakers. It was a blast and I killed those congo songs, just saying. Pays to have gone through a reggae phase. Lol

The bad: Missed my friend today a lot and band family no longer with us. I wish there was a way for me to turn that off but for now, I feel it hard and do the best I can with God’s help.

The ugly: Got a bit lost on the way home and ended up very tired through Winter Haven. Oy. Must to printout my own directions and not rely on following someone. Lol 

But all in all, a tired but great day and gig. Glad to be home. Headed to the shower and then bed. Church tomorrow with my kids!!! I have a lot now… my two and the big bunch from church. Momma first and foremost. 😄❤

A Ray of Runaway Sunshine

In our band, we play oldies rock (and variety) tunes. One of the songs we do that has always given me grief on my organ lead was Runaway. It was our old drummer’s favorite song, so it sticks out in my head and I always got it right on the repeat but always screwed it up the first time. It plagued me. But something happened. I was led to study it. It sounds pompous, but I rarely study a song, just play it, make it happen. So this is not on any planet my norm. And for the first time ever, I easily and smoothly and perfectly performed the lead both times and can do so without complication or stress every time. I could play it now for you. Lol So, this was my gift. I don’t give myself glory for it was so out of character to think of figuring it out that I know it was a gift from God. A rock song? Yes. Because it was a stress for me and I asked for help and He helped. So it was more about God’s provision and answer to prayer and less about what He was helping with. God cares deeply about us, about me, about you. He loves specific humble prayers and requests. He loves surprising us with creative answers. And it was a moment of sunshine in an otherwise impossibly busy and stressful day. Well done, Lord God! I love you!❤❤❤

Wil Sepulveda

Wil Sepulveda, a Great Drummer and Our Own Runaway


Today, I went with my great aunt (a retired missionary to Chad, Africa and an orphanage in Haiti) and mom (missionaries’ daughter born and raised for 9 years in Lyberia, Africa) to a missionary ladies meeting. There are so many incredible missionary ladies, some retired but still serving where they are and some actively serving ladies. What incredible faith they have and such wonderful stories of how God provided for them and those they serve(d). It is beautiful. So, here we were learning about the current state of missions and the church’s support of missions is drying up. And moreso, very little support is ever spent on missions and church planting on American soil. Once missionaries come home from abroad, they Andre no longer being supported. And I see America as a country ripe for mission work. We have spiritual needs all over and need awakening in our churches and revitalization and truth spreading. And I am here encouraging you to pray for the cause of Christ and pray and support missionaries wherever God has sent them. If we all gave a little, there would be so much hope shared and lives would be changed and people saved and we would be able to say we helped. That would be awesome to stand before our Father with the report that we helped spread His truth throughput the world and to our neighbors! Oh what a beautiful gift that would be!!!❤❤❤

Tired & Smiling Deeply

My dad worked more and harder than any person I had ever known or heard of. He did this all his life. He taught me that work ethic. And when asked when he ever rests, he always said, “I’ll rest in heaven.” There was always work to be done, either the kind that pays the bills but often what other people needed. He helped anyone who ever asked him. He did not say no just because he was tired. He was built for hard labor, made able to work and he saw it as a gift from God to be used for him. I have that gift, he passed it down. I live that gift as much as I love playing the piano or singing or writing or handsewing or being mom. And when God gives us a gift or talent, we are truly happiest and most at peace and full of joy when we are actively using that gift for God, for other people and even for us. God designs that into our fabric. Do what you desire to do deep inside more than anything else. Everyone happiest as a different gift and chances are that what you desire to do deep down and what comes naturally is your God-given unique gift. It is all yours. Just do it. You will be so very happy you did! Love you! ❤

Staying Close to God

Staying close to God requires that you put the things that are not God down. You spend dedicated time with Him. You humbly pray. You read His Words, the Bible. You worship. You just chat. You stay close to God like you stay close to your best friend. But you have an advantage with God in that He is always with you, always available, living in your heart. ❤