Today I Taught Tennis🎾

Being a 2nd and 3rd grade coach for homeschool PE, I have been blessed to teach about 20 kids a different sport each month. And this month I taught the kids how to play tennis. Tennis is a passion of mine and my favorite sport to play now. I instilled that love into my kids and now into my class. They loved n it and had a blast.

It is just exciting and beautiful to share knowledge and bless someone else with a new knowledge. It is so satisfying and rewarding, a service to someone else. And we never know what we say that helps another person. That is why we serve and teach and write. And we must continue. And God blesses it.❀🎾


Validation is Encouraging

My best friend Shawny (I miss her!) and I used to encourage each other in truth and talent and help and praise. It was awesome. We both needed it, having somewhat particular (in her case) and critical (in my case) parents. So we met that need for encouragement for each other growing up. Perfect, right? Well, we ended up in other parts of the country and we don’t get that all the time. So when I hear encouraging morsels from the Bible, good books, blogs, audience members, church family members, band family members, etc., it is invaluably emcouraging. Validation is encouraging, not to hear how great I am doing or be puffed up like a peacock, but to know I am on the right track and helped someone or encouraged them. So never be afraid to encourage in truth someone. It is not about their ego but may just give them a burst of light in their day and help them know if they are doing ok. Feedback is important and precious. Intelligent people actually want to get/do better. Love them that way, it’s good.❀

God Answered Yet Another Prayer

God never ceases being faithful. God always answers prayer and always knows how best to do that for everyone and His kingdom. Today, He answered yet another prayer for the church. The pastor was having to retire due to severe health issues and decided if he had to retire, no one would have his congregation and would destroy it. It is woundedness, sin sickness, grief all rolled into one. And I saw this almost instantly and started praying and fasting over it for the purity of the church and truth to come out. And God allowed the preacher to be dumb enough to send the truth and proof in hard evidence and was caught and will retire early with truth as the reason. And my next prayer is that He confesses to the congregation for his sake and the sake of the integrity of the church. We are very very forgiving. It is (or very well should be) our M.O. we forgive so Jesus will forgive us (see the Lord’s prayer in Matthew 6). So praise God for answering yet another prayer!!!! God is worthy of all praise!❀❀❀

Hidden Blessing Surprises Everywhere

I needed a ball gown for tomorrow for a fancy gig. Having lost 50 pounds, last year’s gown did not fit and I could not alter it again. So I found this little gem at the thrift store for $4.99. It was sleeveless (which would not work for a keyboard- playing dancing singer. So, as it was way too long, I hemmed it and took that fabric to make sleeves. I call it my fancy peacock dress. See why:

So what did I learn? That God blesses us with hidden gems if we look for it and put some work into it. And if you re-read that, it is a deep, amazing truth. That includes hidden gems within us and within other people. Sometimes you have to search a little, put in some time, work on it a bit and just bless it back. And all of a sudden, out pops a gold mine that was just waiting for someone to see its worth and bring it out. God is so very good, beautiful gem friend. ❀

A Gift From Busch Gardens Musicians Today

Sorry it looks sideways and it isn’t the best recording but it gives the flavor. These guys were great and everyone enjoyed them. It was fitting because we won’t be going again, today was the last day of our passes. What a beautiful day. Too busy, but the Christmas on Ice show was worth going and the music and show was worth the parking fee and wait for everything. Happy we went and now ready for bed! God bless us everyone! πŸ˜„β€

Don’t Be Sad the Parties are Over, Look at Today as a Potential Party

Every day is beautiful and a gift. None are promised and every one is a gift of grace, filled with potential. Sure, people may not be packed into this day n in merriment and excitement, but they could if you throw some hot dogs on the grill and in it people over. Or reading a good book could fill your day with them or growth opportunities. Or baking or making something could provide someone an opportunity to receive a handmade gift from you and make them smile. There are endless possibilities for today. Make it count and share joy! (Sharing joy makes yours bigger.) πŸ˜„β€

Christmas Blessing

The preparations are ready. More chocolate than should be consumed in one day will be consumed in one day. Jesus’ birthday cake is ready and iced. Cornish game hens are marinating. Presents are wrapped and ready for excited hands. Hustle and bustle are over until the morning. I sit alone in my bedroom and there is a hush, a calm, a peace, a joy. And it washes over me that Jesus’ birthday celebration is deeper than thanking Him for His birth but worshipping Him and thanking Him for what came after. Jesus was born on purpose as we all are, but His purpose was far greater than ours… saving the world. My Hero. Your Hero. And tomorrow I get to celebrate my Hero, Jesus. And here is my present for you…

I bless you in Jesus’ name, that you will know Him closer and deeper this year. May tomorrow be joyful and peaceful and richly meaningful and with Jesus in it right with you. May your heart be lifted to His kiss. β€πŸŽπŸŽ„