Comfort Levels

It is fascinating how people differ so much in their comfort levels doing different. Some people are right at home on stage. Some would rather drink poison. Some people are very comfortable working hard outside, some people prefer quiet work in the air conditioning. It is usually guided by our giftedness f t om God. And the beauty of the kingdom of God is that the here is no right answer. Everyone has a role an DC everyone is equally important. Equally. In fact, to me personally, an on-stage, public speaker/worship leader type person, those taking care of the background details seem much more important because it allows us all to function in our giftedness smoothly and if I had to sit down and do tedious work, my spirit would very quickly go from thriving to surviving and struggling very quickly. We have to operate within our comfort level ( within reason, I mean we can’t always do our jobs from soaking in a hottub Lol). We ate generally operating in our giftedness when we are comfortable. I am uncomfortable sitting in the congregation during worship. I just am. I worship alone in quiet but around other people, I need to be leading. That is what I am designed for. We need to do what we are designed to do to be comfortable and content in our work for God. ❤ 

Clearing the Head

Today was a head clearing day. Most of it was mental. But for me, mental precedes everything else and tends to get the most cluttered. I have a conversation prepared if I ever speak with a particular person again. That is done. One less thing floating around my head. Also, I laid all my quilt blocks and planned exactly what needs to be done to get it together. That is checked off my mental cargo hold. I spent a lot of extra special time with Kathleen today, which she has needed and it had been weighing on me. That is checked off with a concerted effort to keep that up. Several other things were talked out with God on 3 mile walk this morning, so that was special and decluttered a bunch of little things. So declutter in my mind was my theme today. It was completely unintentional and I just realized it myself and feel unburdened so I know it was a gift from God. So I feel so very blessed. Praise God!!

Oh the Delight of Dusk

My favorite time of the day is dusk in summer. I love the beauty of it, the rich colors of the sunset, the luxurious tranquility, the nature coming alive again, the serenity of swinging on the porch swing and be accepted with it all, one of God’s fellow creations. I have had some very hard days lately (don’t usually try to focus on that) and have cried more than my fair share of loved ones gone. I miss them very much. 💔 But drying my tears, I swing at dusk and here are the remnants of color, birds twittering, the blessings g of a hummingbird, a tree frog emerges from behing the wall sun decoration to eat, flowers are blooming, herbs are growing, talking to God I am calm again. I am thankful and blessed. My tears are dry. I am content that God is with me even if no one else is, which happens. God is all I need and the world He made is incredible! There are so many nuggets of perfection of beauty to feast on. The quilt is coming along. My daughter is in bed. My son is visiting his Grandparents for 2 weeks. Friends gave me a fresh bottle of red wine which go n perfectly with the chocolate cookies I just made. Life is pretty amazing just as it is. All is well. The rest will wait for heaven. Until then, I love you. Get outside. ❤

Sick Days

Our handyman has been ill yesterday and today, so I have had a lot of time to work on my quilt. And I do not like the fact that he is sick because illness is awful, but I am basking in two days off in the air conditioning and doing my quilt art. I have never done such an elaborate quilt (this being my fourth ever and the other 3 were simpler for kids), and I love the artistry involved. I did not appreciate them properly before, they require a lot of time and planning and expertise of artistic implementation. What a joy to participate in this timeless artistic craft and how blessed I am to be having the story of Jesus (for I cannot tell my story without telling His) as well as our own story on it. It is a blessing to be working with my hands on such a project. Each square picture I finish brings such delight! I am content. God has blessed me so much! Thank you, Lord! ❤

What Brings Great Joy

I wanted to pause from my quilting and just praise God from my heart for all the joys He has placed in my life. There are way too many to mention, but I need to give Him props and thank Him for a few that stand out. All my life I wanted to be a doctor (well since I was 9), and He fulfilled that passion for me. And as a professional woman, I wondered if I would be too old to have my own kids or adopt (both are beautiful and either would have sufficed) and He answered by allowing me to carry two beautiful babies. One I look forward to seeing in heaven, she would be 22 years old, maybe with children of her own by now, who knows but she will be my Heavenly blessing, as well as my twin brother and family up there already. Therefore, Heaven to be assured of and look forward to is a great blessing! The love of my life is a major blessing. I never thought I could love anyone so deeply and fully and know so well and click with so intrinsically. I didn’t think before meeting him that soulmates was a real thing. He has blessed my life. Of course also hurt me, so every good thing has its down side. I am blessed by growing up on a farm with a Christian family who took us to the best church. Oh how I loved that farm! Only another farmer can truly get that but the hard work was replete with rewards of bird in song, glimpses of foxes at play, skies that changed all the time, deer accepting you as a friend, dogs running with you in the field, the feel of dirt and long grasses, better than any bed, swinging on ropes to the rafters in the barn off straw bales, riding on the tractors or combine with Daddy, the smell of fresh air and taste of fresh vegetables. The list goes on. My spirit was the most free there outside on the farm. Mmmm. Let me just take that one in a minute. I have been blessed being able to homeschool our kids and have a husband supportive of that. What a difference it makes to spend time with your kids!!! I am blessed each time I sit down at the piano and can play anything I want to or write original songs. (My fantasy, ideal cabin has a piano, by the way. Lol) I am also blessed to do art, see art, teach art, just express myself, write, everything that shares passions and ideas with another person is beautiful. Anyway, I could go on all night, but this partial list is what God chooses to flood my heart with joy and peace and love and calm. Some blessings are worth thinking of and revisiting for better perspective and appreciation of life and God, and some are worth waiting for. ❤

So Now She’s a Philosopher

My daughter is getting close to 7 years old. And she has a new stalling technique for bedtime. She has suddenly become a philosopher, with a million new insights and contemplations and questions just after bedtime prayers and after lights out. Then bam! She is searching then for all of life’s trying questions, such as “Momma, have you always wanted to swing with Lamby?” Or “I can text Jesus on my phone” or “What is Heaven like?” Or “Momma, I feel strongly that we should go to the park tomorrow.” It is always interesting and at the same moment annoying for I need to recover from our busy, b us day. I tell her “We will talk about that tomorrow and now you can discuss it with God until you fall asleep.” Ah, the adventure of childbirth. At the time, you have an idea the worst is over. And in a way, that is really hard but the adventure just begins there and keeps going forever. It really is a beautiful adventure to be a mom. That is true whether you birth your own or adopt someone else’s who can’t care for them. Both are beautiful! Life is beautiful! God was good to think of it. What a richness my kids have brought to my life. 

“Moana” the Movie

I just watched “Moana” with my kids because it is on Netflix now. Talk about a great movie! I highly recommend it. I liked the story and character development and the hope. I did not need all the reincarnation spirit stuff or mysticism but I think writers think they need to do that or keep the kids’ attention nowadays, it’s lazy but akin to mythology. Nonetheless, taking the story to its heart, it yearns to push through to find your gift and meaning. And for that it is beautiful. I loved the friendships also. And we all loved the chicken. Life is, my friends, whatever we allow ourselves to pursue as God gifts us. He gives us the drive to do what he gives us to do, our purpose. And when we pursue that, things eventually fall into place. ❤