God is Not an Option

My heart tonight was to share and/or reiterate that my precious God, Maker of everything we know including us, Keeper of nature, Maker of Angels, Ruler of our eternal destinies, is NOT an option. He is beautiful in His glory and wealthy beyond measure, wiser than any of our wisdom or what networks we configure. God is All Mighty and All Seeing, has always been, always will be. There is no end to Him as we know of no beginning. And He knows each of us He lovingly hand crafted by name and every minute detail of us, down to the very number of hairs on our heads. And He, loving as He us, is also holy, as we cannot be. So He made a way for us to be holy through the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Ahhh, what a sweet name. Oh how amazing. What love! So, God is not an option. To deny Him is to declare your blind foolishness, your naivity, your deception that makes it convenient to live a life based on animal pleasures. God is who made us. We cannot deny Him. And if we try, we put our immortal eternity in jeapordy of a punishment of hell made for demons who deceive and destroy us, and we are His treasure. I would rather be His treasure than enemy, His beloved child than a proud idiot. God is not an option. And Jesus Christ and His Bible and humble prayer is our only way to Him (because of the holiness). And oh how sweet His Holy Spirit gift is in us when we accept this incredibly generous gift of salvation from Jesus. God is first, most important, worthy of our efforts and energy and resources and worship!❤❤❤


Watch “Christina Aguilera & Blake Shelton – Just A Fool (Unofficial Music Video)” on YouTube

So, this song has been on my mind lately. The thing is that when you accumulate some years during “maturity”, you reminisce in quiet moments. You regret some. You appreciate others. You wonder at your own sanity or insanity when the opposite would have been called for at different times. You get why you are largely alone now, preferring the stability of a few close friends to popularity from the world of strangers and denegration. And it hits you that although the past may hold most of your ambitions and loves and passionate pursuits and hard times and incredibly amazing and perfect moments, all of it accumulated to get you to the most important moment of our life… the NOW. And you may have left some love out there floating around, rejected for a while but you know remembered by them now and again, and you may have left some pretty harsh treatment being forgiven beyond deserving, that God brought you to this place to forgive now and love who you can now. Better. Bigger. With maybe less ambition but much more wise fervor. And maybe, now, as He has blessed you with survival and presence, you can give God back some love He gave you through it all. He has been your constant, precious friend. He is the Lover our souls all wanted and still want. And treasure your precious gift that everything else has led to… NOW. ❤❤❤

Rain Check

We were going to go bass fishing today. Yes, the weather guys said rain but they are wrong about half the time, so we were playing the odds. We lost. Rain, rain, rain. And cold. Boy, we’re they right this time. And we have a rain check and will try another day. My son is interested in fishing and I am interested in grilling some fresh fish for lunch, so there you have it. Some day soon we will fish. Today, we will hold our rain checks and play some board games and watch a red box movie with popcorn. These things are best to do on a rainy day, so rain checks are welcome here. Have a beautiful day filled with blessings from God. ❤

Original Music

My husband and I are working on original instrumental music! I have written hundreds of songs but very few instrumentals and this is so freaking cool. Love it. God knew what He was doing when He had me marry a musician. This is so good! What a gift! Just wanted to shout out and give God props for His insight. He does know best, friends. ❤ 

Wrapping Finished Celebration 

I just wrapped all the presents. All. Of. Them. I am too tired now to celebrate but I will tomorrow. So very happy to be finished. Those little kids who used to wrap presents for a donation would have come in handy and made a pretty penny here but alas, no such person was here. My son offered, though. Lol. So, tomorrow we party. Must celebrate. How funny ironic would it be for Jesus to come back right before the kids opened their presents. Ha! Anyways, right now… I will sleep. Sweet dreams, friend. ❤

Sitting in the Studio

I had a dream last night about playing a gig with our present and past band members playing an all day gig together. It was so good and I woke up happy. So, Steve and I are aglitting here in the studio listening to all our tracks and lay recordings of current and past band members, and now and then we’ll hear Sherman’s  voice or Wil’s or Fonzy playing or Bill singing or Artie, etc. It reminds me of those beautiful musical moments with our band family. And I appreciate those moments.❤

Unusually Warm Out Today

So here in Central Florida, the sun found us again after a little cold spell passed, and it is warm again. Of course, now it feels really hot lol, so we.are headed to the pool. So excited. I will get some sun and teat the water. I’m sure the kids will go in no matter what but I am more of a wimp with temperature and swimming. So, anyway, have a beautiful, sunny day!! Enjoy!❤