Overcome lies with truth.

Lies come from the enemy, even if a loved one says them. Maybe they believe lies. That doesn’t make the lie true.

God only speaks truth. Check the lie with the truth of the Bible.

Pray continuously and the Holy Spirit will help discerning lies from truth when you ask.

God hates all lies. Do not accept what the Spirit tells you is not right.

Keep reading the Bible’s truth to have truth in your mind and heart. Lies will be easier to detect and reject.

Do not ever lie yourself. When you do not lie, it frees your conscience and you sleep better at night.

Truth yields purity. Embrace truth. Decide your life will embrace truth and reflect it.

Always be truthful and people will notice and ask your advice when bad things happen. Then speak truth in love.

Truth and love go together, for God is truth and love. There is only His truth and love. Truth and love are not relative, they are absolute. They are what God says they are for He is their source. This is important because truth or love that changes with circumstances is a lie.❤


Prayer Reminder and Example

I have not stopped praying and I want to remind you to pray also. Continue praying. Here is my prayer heart, in no particular order:

1. Pray for Christians all over the world to repent of their sins and love Jesus again passionately and serve Him and others, showing His love to evetyone.

2. I pray that those who are unsaved would humble their hearts and be saved by Jesus so they spend eternity with Him.

3. I pray my sins be forgive and that I forgive everyone who has ever wronged me and I forgive myself for my sinning against God, other people and myself.

4. I pray for wisdom, knowledge and understanding for our good President and all his family and cabinet trying to do God’s will and restore our country to honoring God and people as well. That they be protected and strengthened.

5. I pray my children be forgiven of their sins and my husband be forgiven of his sins and they all stay close to Jesus and be filled with the Holy Spirit to know right from wrong and choose the right. I pray for salvation for any family members not walking the right way right now.

6. I pray for help being healthy and being a healthy weight with energy to serve wherever God wants me.

7. I worship God for His glory, beauty, creation, character. I praise Him but live honorably to show my respect for God by living honorably as He wants according to the Bible and my Holy Spirit led conscience. This worships Him with my life.

8. I pray the church will become honorable and serve God and people again and not themselves. I pray for revival, repentence, prayer and fasting and worship for every church and that the Bible is the only text and is read and taught in its entirety with humility and respect and praise.

9. I pray the truth will be told and discovered at every turn and truth expose the evil and lies and those evil ones be punished to the full extent of the law so their hearts can change and to be an example to others. I also pray for life to be revered and abortion and other forms of murder be abolished so God will bless us again.

10. I pray for Israel. I pray for her peace and safety and that Israel would be able to rebuild God’s temple but also accept Jesus as their Messiah. How I love Israel!

These are most of my regular prayers. Please make them yours and join me in prayer. Please pray. Pray often. Pray passionately. Pray humbly. Pray with faith and faithfully. And God will answer as He always does with power and love. Praise be to God!❤

Self-centered/Humanistic Christianity

Hear me out. Christianity is Jesus – centered if it is as God intended it and written about it in the Bible. And that means conversations about Jesus, teachings of Jesus and the Bible, worship of Jesus, prayer in Jesus’ name, communion remembering the death and resurrection of Jesus and so on. But my deepest annoyance in so many churches I have attended or seen on TV or heard on radio stations or conversations have focused on this illegitimate hybrid of humanism (worshipping ones’ self or another human as god) and Christianity (worshipping Jesus as God – which He is). So you get concepts like “What has He done for me lately?” Or “I am angry at God” or even “God needs to answer my every whim and prayer in this way or I will not go out of my way for Him”. I have also witnessed many worship services where the songs are more about themselves (usually talking about the first person’s feelings) than Jesus or Jesus’ name not even mentioned.

This is dangerous territory. Here is why. It is based on a lie, a false premise, some stupidity that people want to buy to feel important. As much as we would like it to be, we humans are not God and can in no way every be as important as He is. In fact, our importance in its greatest form is entirely based upon God saying He made us and loves us and we matter. That is it. God is God and He is Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit and we are not Him. We cannot make a person except by the means He built into us when He made us. We cannot control the weather. We cannot even keep from catching a virus. See the problem? That we are on the same level as God is the stupid prideful lie that Satan himself believed to fall from heaven and God’s grace. And now this enemy is wanting us to land his same fate, eternity in turmoil being separated from God. But we can fight this lie by worshipping Jesus again, focusing on Him again, obeying Him again, just plain saying close to and focusing on Him again. He really is a, He is everything, in fact. All He does is perfect and true and loving, how He is built. Jesus needs to be the focus. ❤

Call to Church Reform/Revival

Churches suck lately. They are not supposed to suck. They are supposed to be vibrant, serving each other and the community, spreading the hope and love of Jesus, teaching the way/God’s way of love, reading God’s Word together, worshipping from the same heart together, etc. Now it is as full of dogma and traditions and time frames and unspoken perfection expectations and silence your kid and dumbed down messages to be so seeker sensitive you don’t actually say anything worth finding and full of cliques you feel cozy in because they are just like you, etc. And I am so super sick of that. I teach Sunday school out of the box and get weird looks. I do not care. I serve God and teach Him to my kids and I answer to Him. Raise your perfect eyebrows at me and I will still teach out the box. I will love those kids with Jesus’ love and not mold them into unrealistic expectations of dogma that does not matter eternally. Wake up, church! Stop sucking. Stop being wordly. Wake the freak up. Read the Bible unashamed, pray together and really pray, worship together, throw the clocks away, be God to the world. Revive, oh church! Get off your cozy, lazy behinds and be the church God designed with wondrous diversity and assorted gifts and talents shared in concert for God’s glory. Be who He designed you to be. Be beautiful and vivacious! Be God’s! ❤

Sunday School Blues

Where are the children

I have seen so many near.

But when the Sunday School bell rings

They are so very far.

If they’re here, they come with scowls

Or rolling eyes and tired minds

And boring is the Word of God

For their parents make it no priority.

So I sing the Sunday School Blues

For a community spiritually starving

For they have time for video games

But no time for their Creator.

Children more than anyone

Need the roots of God’s great Word

And parents need to bring them in

To study it and sing with friends

And Sunday will be bliss again.❤

The Rapture

This made up word “rapture” is a church – slang for being caught up or caught away from earth by God to be saved from the blest part of the tribulation. Being spared and thus rewarded for humble obedience and relationship with God by not going through awful times on earth is the crux of it. People get bogged down by pre-tribulation, mid-tribulation or post-tribulation rapture, but to me that majors on the minors and is not necessary for salvation. If we stay close to God and accept and value salvation through Jesus Christ and live in relationship, communication, worship and obedience with God, heaven is our inheritance and when the rapture happens, we will be caught up to be with Him. If we are living in right relationship with Him, are saved by Jesus’ grace sacrifice and resurrection and live in forgiveness and service to mankind, we have our assurance of salvation, a home in heaven and the fruits of the Spirit no matter what. Be and live right, true and saved and God will keep us forever. If you have some sin struggles- from lying to gossip to unforgiveness to sexual sins to theft to drug abuse to murder and everywhere between, humbly pray for help from God and stop doing them. God is very forgiving. And He wants every person saved and to clean house so He can rescue/rapture as many as possible- everyone would be ideal. He loves us- you, me, everyone. ❤

Moral Compass Lost?

Americans as a whole and on government seem to have collectively lost their moral compass. We took God out of schools and demanded both parents work and are not taking kids to church, abortions are allowed and even funded, people are addicted to their cell phones and tech or drugs, the liberals and deep state are working their evil butt off to divide and destroy our democratic republic and steal our freedoms, prosecuters and judges are not finding evil rapists and child molesters guilty and punishing them, homosexuality is celebrated instead of being condemned. It is a morality problem no one talks about. We who believe in God need to wake up and pray and fast. We Christians need to wake up and pray and fast. And we Christians need to wake up and pray and fast more. And then again. We are the moral Compass protectors and we have been lax and sleeping. It is time. ❤