Newly Well

God has restored me in time to pray. It is time to pray and fast for America against the evil in this country that seeks to destroy us, those determined to destroy at all costs. Christians must rise up and act like Christ and pray for our church to be strengthened and woken up and evil to never win here. Not enough people are praying. More need to pray. We need to turn back to God and put away our desires for worldly temporary distractions and conveniences. We must fight on our knees on prayer. I am going to and I thank God for healing my body in time to do so. He is good. And God is bigger than any hurricane, any evil force, any power of darkness, any ugliness that rears its head against His glorious beauty. God can save us. Only God can but He requires our humble prayers and obedience. It is time we act like Christ and put God and others before ourselves. Pray. ❤


Weinstein and Answered Prayer

The creep was reported finally, caught, prosecuted, punished. Truth is out. Truth is visible. This, my friends, was an answer to prayer. I and many others, I am certain, have fasted and prayed that truth would be revealed and seen in its entirety and evil would be exposed, prosecuted and punished to the fullest extent of the law. We have prayed this for a long time and God has seen fit to answer our prayers. This is the beginning. Truth, silenced for far too long, will be growing. God answers prayers. We are still praying, still fasting, still full of faith in God, in Truth. And more people are joining our ranks against this spiritual warfare every day. I know because we are praying for that too. And God still answers prayer and still is in ultimate control of this entire universe. Join ranks. Help us pray. Read the Bible. Fast. Anything you can do. And God fights for us whenever we humbly bow to ask Him to. Praise God!!!!❤❤❤

Calling All Christians

I am calling all Christians to a technology fast. Off all tech for one week, starting tomorrow. And instead of staring at machines and social sites and texting, you actually visit people in person and pray. I cannot think of a way to honor God more than getting off all this and honoring Him as more valuable. As such, I will be off my blog for this week (until a week from tomorrow) and I will see you on the other side. If you are man enough to do it, that is. If God is really first in your life. There are no deleterious health benefits with this tech fast. Probably would improve life about 200% in fact. So, fast with me. Let’s go. Love you!❤ God loves you too!!! ❤❤❤