Spilling the Beans

There are times we should spill the beans. For instance, when we are planting these beans to grow, we should spill them. Another good time is when spilling the beans into some boiling water makes them tender enough to eat and gain nutrition from. Maybe spilling the beans would offer some help in a kitchen fire, particularly if they had been soaking a bit. Perhaps other such scenarios would benefit one who spills beans. But if not beneficial in some such way, spilling the beans seems a bit clumsy and involves a lack of discipline and mental courage and strength. Most of the times the beans don’t belong to you in the first place. Often these colorful beans would be much better served as decorations on a shelf in a classy jar or as paperweights or some such thing. When beans spill, it is the overworked broom and dustpan that suffers. The clean up is generally horrible. Some spilled beans could inadvertantly be planted and take root and become out of control in no time at all. It is just a mess. So unless sVing a life or some such noble deed, please do not spill the beans. We all have enough veggies of our own. Thank you.