The Love of Money

Coming from a small crop farm family in a small, rural town in Buchanan, MI, we depended on the weather and our tractors for a paycheck on top of dad working nights as a large machine repairman. I knew daddy would make money to pay the bills of living and God would take care of the weather and all would be fine. We didn’t have a whole lot and I was perfectly content to live simply. People in my town didn’t make a whole lot and had to commute to neighboring larger cities for higher pay.  Loving money (you know, the kind when Jesus said, “The love of money is the root of all evil”) never crossed my mind. Frankly, I believe money is ridiculous. This flimsy linen buys things, pays bills, is fought over, starts huge wars, excites greed, promotes jealousy, separates families, deprives people of easy access to mission work, the list goes on and I totally get why Jesus made that statement. It is true. How sad is it that your worth depends on how well you are balancing your debt load. Why is everyone in debt? Why do we work so hard to buy ahead of time what we need or want in advance of having the money for it. Do we need things so badly? What do they do for ua? Let us buy more things, pay debt off eventually, manage debt now, etc. It is a mixed up world when stuff/materials/comfort/accumulation of linen paper matters more than people. Of course I am not sure how to solve this, it is so ingrained in everything. But I wanted to mention this truth: peoplr really are more important. God made people lovingly and special on purpose for a purpose. Getting rich has never ever been that purpose. Loving God and people is the purpose. Loving means serving and caring and honoring. So the largest amount of time we have or resources or service should go into loving selflessly and not accumulating for self. This is radical and counter-culture but that is the God we serve. Jesus was radical, in the best way.❤❤❤