Friend of Faith is Foe of Fear

Faith and fear are polar opposites. When one increases, the other decreases. One (faith) is from God and one (fear) is very very not. And fear is the cause of worry. So worry is also the opposite of faith. And I hear Christians say they worry about this and that. The sin of worry and fear is focusing on the problem and not God who gives faith and can conquer quite literally any battle before you. When we worry or fear, we call God inadequate to help us. We are not relying on God in faith. So to build faith, which should be our goal, we humbly pray and release the problem to God, who can handle it. Keep doing this. And repeat. Every good thing comes from exercise and practice. Exercise faith in God and it will grow. He is the answer.❤❤❤


Scared of the Dark

My daughter lately is scared of the dark. And no amount of turning lights off and on again and explanations changes her mind. What she needs and wants is me there with her.

We have darkness encroaching. If you have any spiritual sensitivity at all, you feel this increase of darkness. We are making great strides with prayer and worship but the darkness is still there to contend with. And faith is what allows us to know it is ok even in the dark and just knowing God is there eases our anxt. So that is the key, friends. Have faith that God is there as always, just one word or thought away. We never have to fear the dark.❤

“Feeding Demons”

I just read a book called Feeding Demons by Perry Stone. (It is available on his website.) It expounds on the lies and limitations of demons in people. It is a very good book. There are some principles worth sharing about it (but I encourage those seeking more detail to get the book and read it- I am not affiliated with him other than being a sister in Christ.)

Principle 1: God and Satan are in no way, shape or form equal forces. God is infinitely more powerful and Jesus already won the final victory over all satanic forces and demons. Satan is a defeated enemy and he knows it but lies, lies, lies.

2. Jesus has complete authority over demons. As such, those who are humbly close to Jesus also have authority over demons because of Jesus and only in His name.

3. Every person has free will to allow or not allow demons in. We cannot cast a demon out against someone’s will. They must want freedom.

4. Prayer and fasting to and for God builds up spiritual power. You get stronger against the enemy by prayer and fasting. Closeness to God is everything.

5. Jesus’ protection is available to anyone who humbly asks Him to cover and save them and has faith. Faith is crucial and allows Jesus to work through you and salvation is our hope and peace. ❤

Proving Faith

There is a misconception that faith alone produces results. In prayer, it does to the extent your humility and walk with God are also in alignment. But in life and sometimes even in prayer, to prove you are close to Christ, faith must be accompanied with doing something, often accompanied with bravery or courage or love or patience (the other fruits of the Spirit). I can have faith all day long that I can fly but that faith is never proven until you make the wings and step off the cliff and then it works. Drastic example, but my point is valid. I can say all day I have faith God will provide for us to live on one income, but I can prove those words by one of us quitting their job and then seeing God provide. This is also drastic but a true story of me and my husband. I am a doctor but am semi-retired to be a housewife and homeschool instructor. And God has provided everything we need plus so many bonuses. The missionary can have faith that God will provide for her mission but proves her faith by leaving her job and going to the mission and seeing God provide. I can have faith that God will heal someone through me but it is not proven until you put hands on the person and pray and see God heal them. Then it may be said that God blessed that person with healing in response to faith. Faith is not proven until the results after the action align with the prayer/belief/trust and God receives the glory. Until then, it is hopeful words and faith is unproven. Faith is always rewarded but is theoretical to anyone else until proven. ❤

Enormous Baby Steps & Faith

My children were quite different in their approaches to learning to walk as babies. My daughter did not try or want to walk until she was 16 months old. She was talking in sentences by the time she was 12 months and organizing and putting Legos together and everything else a baby does early, way ahead in cognition and everything but walking. She liked being carried, it was not a priority to her. She didn’t even try to walk until she could do so quickly and proficiently. She was safety conscience, careful, contemplative, wary. And she runs and jumps and dances with the best of them now. My son, in stark contrast, was walking and talking and balanced by 10 months and was running by 12 months. Huge steps of faith. When met with safety, steps became bigger and bigger and running was a viable and more efficient option and off he ran. These are differences in development and temperament and personalality. Nothing wrong with either, just different. But in our faith walk, we are to choose either, depending on our current level of faith for FAITH plus STEP equals SUCCESS. There is no success apart from faith so it is unwise to step out until your faith grows, right? Well, seems logical but faith is spiritual and not logical. Faith is believing what we cannot see. So taking that step after a humble prayer is exactly what builds our faith and makes our steps count. That is truth.❤

God is in No Danger

Atheists cannot diminish God’s greatness or especially existence by denying it. They have no power to do this. Saying something or even believing something that is not true will never make it true. God the Son, Jesus Christ, will always be our only Source of salvation and God the Holy Spirit our only Source of guidance and comfort and God the Father our only Source for eternal peace and joy and existence with Him. No amount of ignoring Him or those truths will diminish that truth. No amount of saying a lie or distracting yourself to the point of moronic nauseum will change the validity of that truth. Just as no amount of denying hell,s existence will prevent those who deny God from going there. And why on earth would anyone separate themselves from the eternal lasting love of God Who matters most? This is why God says in Psalms “A fool says in his heart there is no God.” Only a fool could deny Him Who made us all. And only a fool chooses death to life.❤

Meeting Goals

So, two days gone and 20 CEU hours accomplished. My goal is ambitious but doable. Tomorrow, I will fulfill the last 10 hours and renew my license in time to see my patients Monday. So, I am motivated to accomplish my goal. 

Thinking about that a bit, I realized that goals are really easy to accomplish if you set the goal realistically and have the proper motivation to do it. It has to mean something to you. It has to be realistic. That being said, all that is the easy way which does not grow you as a person of faith. I can do this of my own power no problem. Big whoop. To grow faith, you live close to the Lord and motivate yourself trying to please Him. Then your goal is whatever He puts on your heart and mind to do and then He gives you the power to do it. It may or may not be realistic but my favorite verse is “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”❤