It is a beautiful day, full of promise and blessings from God. Find them and have a wonderful today!! Love you!! 🙂


It is amazing how many people talk about truth and are either against God or won’t mention Him. God is truth, the pure unchanging truth. Apart from a discussion with Him in it, there is no absolute truth, only relative truth. And as soon as truth becomes relative, it is no longer real truth but your perception of truth and/or how you wish to see or apply truth as you see it to your life view. As I worked toward my doctorate, I was accosted with a myriad of “truths” that seemed different for every person and that changed like people changed their socks and that I was supposed to follow blindly like riding a bizarre wave. And thank God my parents taught me to think for myself and gave me a Bible for reference of absolute, unchanging, loving, unwavering truth. Had I not that basis, I would have, like apparently many blind souls, been adrift in the ever changing tidings of relative truths I was attacked with. And everyone studying for a degree has the same sludge to wade through and everyone watching the mass media and hearing so much going on out there designed to divide for political purposes. We have the truth in the Bible. How do I know it is really true? Because for writings so old and comprehensive to be historically and archeologically proven historically and prophetically correct 100% of the time is absolutely impossible were it not truth and from a supernatural and powerful God. It is absolutely trustworthy and absolute truth. So as nothing else in the world has lived up to such scrutiny while retaining its accuracy and power and proof of truth, I would rather put my faith in it rather than someone’s shifting relative “truth” that is based on agendas or justifying their behavior or sheer nonsense, who knows. Give me concrete, absolute truth every time. There is such comfort in it! Such hope! 🙂

The Importance of Intention

When we are intentional and thoughtful and purposeful, it is much less likely we will screw up. Of course that is not always true as we are still humans and can be intentionally wrong. However, if we consult with God via prayer and Bible reading, before making major purposeful decisions, we are much more likely to do the right thing or at least not have a lot of cleanup and apologies after. There is a disparity between the concept of intentionality and immediate gratification, the far more popular and obviously more utilized choice, but I think that disparity is a good thing. I believe if people were purposeful and intentional and moral or Godly, the world and our own families and communities would be far more superior, positive and lovely places. This starts as simply as thinking first before speaking or doing. Sure it takes longer but I think that is also a good thing. It is a good goal to become more intentional and moral. And indeed may help with the whole unity and love thing everywhere.

Loving Family

I heard a beautiful talk from a Godly mentor lady yesterday and it has been sticking in my mind. God really wants us to show love to our families first and foremost and others as an extension. This is sometimes difficult because a lot of togetherness can bring out our differences, but that is where the love part comes in. We are born into a family for a reason. We marry for a reason. We have children for a reason. And rather than some enormous task to perform, I cannot help but believe that reason is love. As such we have a mandate and responsibility and deep desire to love these people as well ands be loved by them. God designs us all on purpose and with a plan and He is love and made us with love. That us His fingerprint in us. So when we focus on loving them, we are worshipping God and serving and focusing on others than ourselves. Isn’t that extraordinary? I love that idea. Work on loving here and now. Love in every way you can. When you run out, refuel with prayer and Bible reading and meditation, the love source of God. World changing concept right there. 

Things That Divide

Love is a whole, a unity, a common purpose for the benefit of everyone and for God. That sounds utopian or cheesy but it is true. How do I know? Because God is love and He is whole, united, purposeful and beneficial. Love is also good. So it is good to be whole, united, purposeful and beneficial for everyone and God. And this is always true, so it is true for countries, marriages, relationships, communities, churches. So what divides? Well, anything, even things that look good, that diminishes the importance of destroys the unity, whole, purpose, benefit for everyone and God. Pretty basic and simple, I think. Who would want to divide? Someone who pridefully wants their benefit to outshine everyone’s benefit is one. Distractions of entertainment or tech or social media or gossip or other distractions that draw you from the purpose and unity. The enemy of love or God is another. People who glorify their ideas above truth, whether because of mental problems or their own philosophies’ importance to them. The thing is truth is truth. And because love is good and whole and united and purposeful and beneficial to everyone for God, these thing provide what love provides, which is peace and joy and hope and self control and gentleness and faithfulness. It is beautiful when it works well. Thing that can divide marriages are lies, prideful self gratifications separate from your spouse, disrespect by treating yourself as more important than the feelings of your spouse, or arguments about money or raising children, etc. Things that can divide church are lies, marital division, denominations, gossip, traditions, dogma, false accusations, disagreements and personality clashes, or distractions, etc. Things that can divide countries are lies, separate government parties, misrepresentation, damaging media (more lies), false accusations, injustice, glorification of hate and evil, church division, marital division, etc. So there is a lot of work the enemy is putting in to dividing our marriages/families, church and country. But as damaging and successful as it seems that is, the cure is actually much much much stronger. Love is the answer. Being good and loving to each other is the start. Being united and whole and purposeful and beneficial to each other for God is the outcome. Overcome evil with the much stronger force of good. God, the most powerful and smart and loving force in the entire universe is on the side of good, love, unity, purpose. Choose to be good and kind and respectful in every relationship of your life, starting with your spouse then children then church then country. It is a choice. It is worth every effort you put into it. We cannot change anyone but we can change ourselves. We can love! Everything starts there.

Productive Days

So we finally were able to get rid of the junk van which has started this chain of productivity that has made me a happy girl. Now we can put aggregate in the driveway, which we have now. And today  y son and I raked the yard and cleared the space and the whole family worked together to clear and measure and level off the base where the aggregate will go tomorrow to be the foundation of a new shed. And we have the shed in the modern assemble it yourself style and that will happen next. And then we will have a decluttered house! I am so excited about that. I love working together as a family on projects. We work well together and it is nice to work together toward a common,  beneficial goal.that is the beauty of a family, focus on we and not just me and accomplishments wholesome things together. That is truly beautiful! Am tired but a happy sort of tired and now going to sleep, looking forward to tomorrow’s work together! 🙂

Facebook Rant & Related Dream

Everyone I know lives on Facebook. I used to too. They use it for news, gossip, self edification, bask in their own goodness with it, I did it too. I quit my addiction cold turkey because some idiot female was trying to talk bad about me to my husband who decided life had enough drama and bye bye Facebook for a long time. And also, the timing fit because I was mourning the loss of loved ones and do sad better alone. So, in line with the decision, I deactivated my account. Later, it magically resurfaced. Interesting. So I deleted it completely. Low and behold, it takes an entire month to be deleted permanently and during that month the account is active! If I log in to deactivate during the long wait for someone to push a button to delete me, I reactivate it first and have to wait another month. It is really easy to pick up an idol to bow down to, one that tracks you and reads your stuff, but very hard to rid yourself of it. Rant over. The point is, I had a problem, an addiction to something and realize it now and will not go down that road again. I am quite guarded now who I let into my world. I am quite selective who is in our band family and who enters our home, who I tell anything to. It has to be that way. Few people really care anymore and that is a shame, especially when so many claim to love my God. People are wrapped up in talking to themselves and a machine that they do not know how to talk in person without being bored or in a hurry to get away and text so some else about it. Seems like a strange turn of events. I am wanting more than ever to go back in time and live without any tech at all. While yurt living with a raw vegan smoothie is not in my immediate future, I am wanting to run away from society to a small neck of the country and worship God with my family in nature. And that is where my heart is. Of course, we have some things to do here for a while. But someday, if I have my way, you will look and we will be a speck on the horizon headed for space and beautiful farmland to grow some food and breathe air.  Maybe just a dream, maybe very real. God only knows. 🙂