It is amazing how many people talk about truth and are either against God or won’t mention Him. God is truth, the pure unchanging truth. Apart from a discussion with Him in it, there is no absolute truth, only relative truth. And as soon as truth becomes relative, it is no longer real truth but your perception of truth and/or how you wish to see or apply truth as you see it to your life view. As I worked toward my doctorate, I was accosted with a myriad of “truths” that seemed different for every person and that changed like people changed their socks and that I was supposed to follow blindly like riding a bizarre wave. And thank God my parents taught me to think for myself and gave me a Bible for reference of absolute, unchanging, loving, unwavering truth. Had I not that basis, I would have, like apparently many blind souls, been adrift in the ever changing tidings of relative truths I was attacked with. And everyone studying for a degree has the same sludge to wade through and everyone watching the mass media and hearing so much going on out there designed to divide for political purposes. We have the truth in the Bible. How do I know it is really true? Because for writings so old and comprehensive to be historically and archeologically proven historically and prophetically correct 100% of the time is absolutely impossible were it not truth and from a supernatural and powerful God. It is absolutely trustworthy and absolute truth. So as nothing else in the world has lived up to such scrutiny while retaining its accuracy and power and proof of truth, I would rather put my faith in it rather than someone’s shifting relative “truth” that is based on agendas or justifying their behavior or sheer nonsense, who knows. Give me concrete, absolute truth every time. There is such comfort in it! Such hope! πŸ™‚

The Importance of Intention

When we are intentional and thoughtful and purposeful, it is much less likely we will screw up. Of course that is not always true as we are still humans and can be intentionally wrong. However, if we consult with God via prayer and Bible reading, before making major purposeful decisions, we are much more likely to do the right thing or at least not have a lot of cleanup and apologies after. There is a disparity between the concept of intentionality and immediate gratification, the far more popular and obviously more utilized choice, but I think that disparity is a good thing. I believe if people were purposeful and intentional and moral or Godly, the world and our own families and communities would be far more superior, positive and lovely places. This starts as simply as thinking first before speaking or doing. Sure it takes longer but I think that is also a good thing. It is a good goal to become more intentional and moral. And indeed may help with the whole unity and love thing everywhere.

Loving Family

I heard a beautiful talk from a Godly mentor lady yesterday and it has been sticking in my mind. God really wants us to show love to our families first and foremost and others as an extension. This is sometimes difficult because a lot of togetherness can bring out our differences, but that is where the love part comes in. We are born into a family for a reason. We marry for a reason. We have children for a reason. And rather than some enormous task to perform, I cannot help but believe that reason is love. As such we have a mandate and responsibility and deep desire to love these people as well ands be loved by them. God designs us all on purpose and with a plan and He is love and made us with love. That us His fingerprint in us. So when we focus on loving them, we are worshipping God and serving and focusing on others than ourselves. Isn’t that extraordinary? I love that idea. Work on loving here and now. Love in every way you can. When you run out, refuel with prayer and Bible reading and meditation, the love source of God. World changing concept right there.