I have been trying to instill within myself the act of obedience. I have also been trying to instill my children with the act of obedience. Obedienceis beautiful proof of our love, not some evil limitting thing it is made out to be. And I have made some observations.

1. The act of Obedience looks and is different for every person (for some keeping their mouth shut is obedience, for others opening theirs is, for others serving people, for others spending more time with God, for others fasting, for us all prayer, so on).

2. Everyone has a different obedience problem.

3. The act of Obedience is always rewarded by God.

4. Obedience must always first involve humility and loving God and that is the first step.

5. Thinking obedient thoughts is the second step.

6. Doing the act of obedience is step three.

7. All three of those steps must be performed in order to get the full reward.

And that is what I have noticed. And a beautiful thing is that when we obey, we please God just as my kids please me when they obey. God does not ask the unreasonable, as we parents don’t ask unreasonable things of our kids. We want them safe and happy and blessed and God wants the same for us and moreso. He loves us, you see. So obedience is a lovely way to show Him we respect and love Him too. ❤


The Joy of the Lord is Submission

The Joy of the Lord is presented to those who humble themselves before God. This joy is an underlying contentment no matter what happens in life. It is in direct contrast, opposition even, with people who reject God’s love and relationship and the demons they have decided to submit to. Everyone is submitting to someone, there is always an authority. Always. Some people would rather submit to who they think is themselves to do what they want, but actually it is the devil, demons who want them dead or at the least disconnected from God. Please take heart and keep eternity in mind. Satan is a cruel master who promises what he cannot provide and thrives in lies whereas God is a loving Father who loves you in truth and grace. Submit to God and be full of the joy of the Lord.❤

Prayer Awakening

I was awakened at midnight last night and prayed for an hour before I could go back to bed. I am not sure who I was supposed to pray for, so first I prayed my heart was clean before the Lord and for forgiveness of any sin. Then my kids. Then my husband. Then I praised God and thanked Him. Then my family. Then unsaved loved ones. Then anyone unsaved. Then my President and country. And I went back to sleep and slept like a baby the rest of the night.

Christians, pray. Pray like never before. Pray because as a Christian it is not optional or a good idea. Pray is commanded and obedience is important. In fact, if we are commanded to pray, isn’t it a sin not to? Pray to our Heavenly Father God in the name of Jesus Christ. Talk to Him. Worship Him. Love Him back as He loves you so much. Pray. Pray. Pray.❤❤❤

It Begins

So, I cut down on a few things this homeschool year. However, we will be doing Fall Baseball. So here we go, starting tomorrow with practice Tuesday and Friday nights. “Woo hoo!”, she says sarcastically.

Since my daughter did not want to play baseball this season, she and I will be working on tennis at the same time. And that will be great. And all bets are off what will be done once games start. They are short of coaches, so I may coach. We will hit that wall when we run into it.

So we are about to be a bit busier, however we cut out 4-H and a lot of other small things we used to do that took lots of time and I will only assistant coach PE instead of doing everything. That will free us up for mornings we need off to wrestle an alligator or something. You never know what will happen in a day and we must be available to help.

Despite the starting-tomorrow-busier-schedule, I find joy now in doing these little things with my children. I find that doing little things for them blesses and honors God. I find to be true that God wishes us to love on people with the same energy and generosity that He does. It makes Him happy. And making Him happy makes me very happy. So here we go…😄❤

Why Weight Loss Numbers Matter to Me

So, I have lost 30 pounds since I started this inspired quest to be healthy. God was my motivation as I was blatantly living recklessly and with gluttony, as big a sin as any sin. I wanted to obey my dear Lord God in every area of my life. Not only that, but on top of it, I was unable to do everything He asked me too, not having enough energy or stamina and in pain when I forced it.

Thr numbers matter because to me, they motivate. When I see them go down, I know progress is being made. I know I am obeying God and that success is echoed by looser fitting clothing and greater energy and no pain. And today I was asked to play the piano for chapel services in assisted living facilities and that is something I can do bow and take my kids. How beautiful.

People say the numbers don’t matter. To me they do. I have to have that encouragement that I am doing the right thing. I get it very few other places. Most people I see regularly have not said one word- I am not sure if they are convicted and avoid the topic or they think if they compliment they would be misconstrued as flirting or perhaps 30 pounds is no big deal of a difference, but it doesn’t matter. I am not losing for them and just find it a curiosity, but the numbers encourage me. When I started in June and had 50 pounds to lose, that number was a bit daunting, even to me who rises to a challenge, but having 30 pounds gone in just 2 1/2 months the healthy way, I am more than half way there and it feels good that I am obeying. And I am healthy and strong doing it.

So, there is why the numbers matter to me. Other people have different stories and numbers are bad guys for good reasons and I get that completely and respect you for where you are on your journey. This is just my opinion and reasoning, in case anyone wanted to know. God bless you!❤

Giving Proves You Follow Jesus

There is no doubt in my mind that Jesus is extremely generous. Extreme generosity seems to be His natural inclination, His nature. He gives to us generously even when we do not deserve it, when we don’t even know we need it, when He feels like it. He gives and gives and gives, even gave His own life (then reaurrected) for our salvation and still gives so much all the time. Why? Why on earth does Jesus keep giving and giving to us and we do not deserve it. He gives to people behaving well and people behaving badly. All the time, He does this. Why?

Jesus is generous because of who He is and out of His great love for us. He wants us to be saved, know and feel we are loved, be blessed by He who made and thus owns everything. How can a loving Father who owns everything not lavish gifts upon His chosen and adopted children? We are that when we follow Jesus. So He gives generously.

Jesus is our example and why we give back and should do so generously with appreciation for all He has given us. We tithe, we give, we offer, we serve all out of this generosity pot of love Jesus blessed us with. Who are we to hoard what He gives us so generously? Who are we to selfishly want more? We as Jesus’ loved and treasured children behaving as unsatisfied slaves? May it never be. I give of myself- time, money, gifts, abilities, service, encouragement- because of Jesus’ innate generosity and my appreciation for and honor of Him. ❤

My Only Job is Grateful, Loving Obedience

Burdens are instantly lifted when we realize it is not up to us to solve problems in society, in our nation, around the world or even in our families or the first person that pops into our heads. God takes care of all that and does so really really well. So all that weight is off my shoulders, off your shoulders. My job is to obey God with love and gratitude and grace. So that means pray all the time, help out, be nice, teach children about God, love on people, take care of my land and whatever I have been given. That is it, the fun stuff, the good stuff. God does the heavy lifting when I bow and pray. What a great gig. What a great God! ❤❤❤