My Only Job is Grateful, Loving Obedience

Burdens are instantly lifted when we realize it is not up to us to solve problems in society, in our nation, around the world or even in our families or the first person that pops into our heads. God takes care of all that and does so really really well. So all that weight is off my shoulders, off your shoulders. My job is to obey God with love and gratitude and grace. So that means pray all the time, help out, be nice, teach children about God, love on people, take care of my land and whatever I have been given. That is it, the fun stuff, the good stuff. God does the heavy lifting when I bow and pray. What a great gig. What a great God! ❤❤❤


Sunday School Blues

Where are the children

I have seen so many near.

But when the Sunday School bell rings

They are so very far.

If they’re here, they come with scowls

Or rolling eyes and tired minds

And boring is the Word of God

For their parents make it no priority.

So I sing the Sunday School Blues

For a community spiritually starving

For they have time for video games

But no time for their Creator.

Children more than anyone

Need the roots of God’s great Word

And parents need to bring them in

To study it and sing with friends

And Sunday will be bliss again.❤

Obedience is Worship

When I obeyed my daddy, it was because I respected him AND he would spank me if I didn’t. When I obeyed him, not only did I not get in trouble but I got privileges and got to do cool things with my daddy, like go out on the tractor or combine with him or get a twisty dipped cone at the ice cream shop. These times were valuable to me because I got to just hang out with my daddy, which was too rare. And obedience to God, our Heavenly Daddy, is the same way. I obey because I respect Him and I do NOT want to get into trouble with Him and so I get rewards of closeness to Him, more time. And so obedience is worship, for worship is time with God and giving Him respect and honor. It is beautiful!❤

Don’t Drop Your Christianity

Don’t drop your Christianity to grab material possessions.

Don’t drop your Christianity to lie or gossip.

Don’t drop it to watch that bad show or porn.

Don’t drop it to covet or steal or want anything else.

Don’t drop your Christianity to act out in anger or violence.

Don’t drop it to taste pleasures of this world or bury your face in tech.

Don’t drop your Christianity for any reason at all.

Jesus never dropped you. He fights for you. Humbly stand for Him and with Him. You will always be glad you did. Jesus love you and always rewards obedience.❤

Easy to Become Complascent- Call for Revival

We are largely lazy people, if you really think about it. Our forefathers were so brilliant to work their tails off and find ways to make us sit around. We have washing machines that wash and dry our clothes (and pretend it is hard work to put the clothes in and take them out again). We have machines that wash and dry our dishes (same thing, poor us have to load and unload them). We have entertainment on a large box or portable device anywhere we are so poor us don’t have to be without entertainment for one minute. We have grocery stores that have led people to believe they actually get their food from them. Like that’s where it comes from. We have running water, air conditioning, electricity, all modern amenities and even buy all our clothes premade. We don’t even understand the workings of sheep sheering or picking cotton from its sharp pod in the field. We even have machines we sit in that take us from place to place on land or sea or air. No horses. No walking long distances. And all this is for our convenience and luxury. And miraculously, we still find plenty to complain about. Someone wants out stuff, storing all our stuff, paying for the stuff, those 3 dishes you had to hand wash, car broke down, whatever. We are spoiled brats. Lazy. Complascent. And this is no good. It has crept into the church and produced a lazy brat Complascent offshoot of the true Christian church. One where we are all for doing the right thing as long as we don’t have to do anything and God is declared our first priority as we plan every day without Him, and I am ashamed at the level of non-prayer and no fasting. Where is the fasting and prayer, praising God, serving Him and His people, caring for orphans and widows and those that cannot care for themselves? We need those people. We need true Christians to get off their fat dumb and happy behinds and wake up. God is trying to start a revival and y’all are not helping one inch. Go or get off the pot.❤

Church in Us

We Christians are the church. The church us people. Buildings keep you comfortable and cozy but church is us with God. Tithes should primarily be spent on doing God’s work and not fancy buildings or elaborate tithes. When that happens, people lose faith in giving and the work does not get done. When we started viewing church as a business, the church started suffering. We need to get back to God’s plan for the church in the Bible in Acts. Some small church groups are starting up and it is beautiful but we need more like this, change to grow the church and revive her, which is Christians. Revival is embraced when people are living the truth and are believe in God’s will and vision for His church (us) again. When God’s design for HIS church is followed, He draws people into faith, moves hearts, changes lives, transforms hope.

Practically, meetings of Christians can happen anywhere, homes, parks, any available and inexpensive building. Church is encouraging each other, problem solving, helping, serving, worshipping, teachinf, reading God’s Word, praying, fasting, giving- all together for unity and all together for God and furthering His work. That is it. No drama, no complications, no exorbitant building program, no political agenda, no push for power, no gossip or slander, etc. That is what church is supposed to look like and be. If we get back to that, God is very pleased and will bless us now and eternally. Obedience to God is the highest calling and a mandate for every Christian. We need revival. He is coming aoon and we need as many saved as possible. Now is the time to obey and get our hearts right and stay close to God. We will need Him even more from here to eternity.❤

Being too Busy

I never ever want to be too busy for someone who needs me. It is easy to be. We get so wrapped up, even in very very good things (but more often its stupid little entertainment or tech things). But may I never be guilty of the sin of over-busyness where I disobey God’s direction for me because I am too busy with anything else. So I am working on that. I want Him to return (soon) and catch me obeying and not being busy with nonsense. ❤