Peaceful, Easy Feeling

Today I got a lot of little things done and had such a peace all day. The biggest thing is that my daughter and I did a craft- we made our own fans. What fun! I did yard work, pruning, counseled my cat lady neighbor (who is mourning the loss of her really old cat), assisted with new lighting for the fish tank and cooked bacon – wrapped chicken breast. Amazing I can eat this now and then on my new nutrition lifestyle. So, what a good day. Tomorrow we are supporting our nephew who just became a priest. So a break from teaching Sunday School and on to family support. Family is good! I am just so thankful to God for all His many blessings in our life. God is so very good. ❤


Sweet Spirit

We had our VBS (Vacation Bible school) ending program tonight. It was great. One youth was saved and many families without churches now want to come to our church family. It was wonderful, all went so well. I was able to talk to and encourage many of my kids and their families that came to our classroom. It was wonderful. In keeping with my Good News theme, this was a fantastic start. And God kept the rain away so the kids could bounce in the bounce-houses. And we met some other homeschooling families. Such an uplifting experience! God is so good!❤

When Things Go Wrong

If things always go right in your life, that is so wonderful. Except, we are promised trouble due to the existence of sin and selfishness in this world. We live, for now until Jesus comes for us, in a world of opposing forces- one that wants us to morally grow in love and grace and one that wants us destroyed and dead. Good and evil are there. And our own selves has to constantly fight selfishness and badness in our own choices. So going wrong is the natural conclusion to all that sometimes. So what do uou do when uou fall off that goodness horse? You just jump back on that horse and ride on. How? Humble prayer and Bible reading and repentence (rejecting the bad and accepting obedience and good). Jesus is our path to freedom and all good in our lives. He is the only way. And the good news is that he understands and is for us and loves us. No one gets or loves us more. ❤

Detoxing Our Social Circle

Upon firing from our world three people from our old band and their related toxic drama and constant negativity, we have detoxed our social circle and cleaned up the band. Those that remain and the new ones are uplifting and drama-free, just looking to make beautiful music together without the negativity. It is so relieving! First, we tried to communicate with them, reached out, prayed for them, prayed about the decision. And some people just do not want to let pride and selfishness go at any cost, so we released them. It was detrimental to remain in such a negative state all the time with constant harmful negativity and drama all the time. So we detoxed our social circle in this way and God blessed our decision with new, positive musicians and more instant energy and excitement about the band and gigging together! The house is lighter, the studio welcoming, creativity flowing. Change is rough but rewards are fantastic. What a relief!❤

Children’s Choir Successes

Tonight, my kids learned several big words, like “anunciation” and “diaphragm”. We found a role for Lucy to play because she hates singing (she will be Mary). We learned and sang the words to Mary, Did You Know?. It was beautiful. The kids that used to have one pitch are now all singing together and it makes my heart happy. 😄 ❤ 

God Loves You

God did not and does not intend for bad things to happen. Evil and sin is in control of those intentions. God wants who He is to be for you: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. That is His intention for you. Never blame God for the bad things. He did not cause them or want them. Blame evil and sin and those choosing them. Blame the right people and put your energy on God for good in your life. God is good.❤