The Enabling Terms for Sin

No one calls sin “sin” anymore except the preacher, seems like. People use enabling or minimalizing words like “mistake”, “bad choice”, “wrong thing to do”, “little oops”, or my favorite “better than what they do”. People don’t want to be insulting or appear judgmental or holier than thou. But really, who does it hurt? The both of you. The sinner goes on sinning and the person who should have pointed it out to help them has committed the sin of not doing so. Both lose. All because you didn’t want to give offense. “Do not judge” is a command in the Bible, but so is “if your brother or sister are in sin, first speak to them about it” this is so they may be corrected softly and gently and be saved from eternal punishment. And hey, it is not judging to discuss this one on one with them in a manner and spirit of helping them. And please expect the same courtesy. This is a great show of love. You care about each other’s eternal soul! How loving! When I was deep in sin, I wish someone would have cared enough to grab me by the shoulders and take a look with me at what I was doing to God’s heart and body and myself now and eternally. That would have been great love. No one did but God. And it proved His love for me. It is important.❤


Focusing on my Focus

We become what we think about and focus on. If we focus on evil, we become evil. If we focus on Jesus, we become better. Focus matters so is my recent focus. Only salvation is more important than what we focus on. Our focus needs to be Jesus and eternity because this life is really so very short but the life that continues after is everlasting. So we must focus on Jesus for eternal security as He gives those who call Him Lord and Savior. We are loved unconditionally by Him and it is peaceful and divine to focus on Him. It is joyful and nothing feels better in the world than confidence in eternal life and our relationship with the Almighty God. He who did and is doing so much for us now and will do in the future, He is worthy of our focus. And what is focus if not worship???❤

Rock Bottom

Been there, done that and it is not pretty. Rock bottom is not really rock but deep sludge that threatens to slowly drown you, in my case. Some people have an accident or incident that would probably feel like landing on rock after a 3 story freefall. But I digress, not wanting the glorify the bottom, whether rock or sludge. I merely want to say that I am not there anymore and will not be again. I can say that definitively because I am now standing firm on God’s promises. His promises are all throughout the Bible and all are mine through salvation in Jesus Christ, Yeshua. You see, there are three choices when you hit rock/sludge bottom. 1. Very selfishly and eternally die. 2. Proudly stay there and/or scramble up and drop back down repeatedly, indefinitel eternally. 3. Humbly pray to Jesus Christ for salvation and forgiveness and get up eternally. So, really two choices are quite foolish, if you think about it. Pride versus eternal life. Hmmm. I prefer humble myself, that was my choice. Every person can make this same choice anytime they want, foolish pride and eternal death and pain or humble acceptance of the free gift of salvation and obedience and eternal life. Hmmm. Doesn’t seem like a hard choice to me now. At the time it was, which is why I had to hit rock/sludge bottom to begin with. Jesus is hope, you see. Truth, peace, joy, faithfulness, gentleness, love and hope, the whole bit. Just something to think about. ❤

Distractable Me

Always been easy for me to chase shiny objects. Not to own them but to study them and explore. That is why I went into science and medicine. I want to know how things work and love people- insatiable and most naturally curious. So distracting me is outrageously easy. And I realize more and more as I study myself objectively and study the people around me… distractions are the enemy’s greatest tool in his toolbox. It works remarkably well, I must say, and to great effect. If we lose focus on eternity and especially Jesus, we can be separated from Him so much more easily. We must always be soberly aware that our focus has to be on Jesus to stay close to Him- keep in His strength and the fruits of the Spirit and His rich, powerful love. He will not walk away from us but we sure can wander away running after shiny objects.❤

Hardest Thing

The hardest thing to do in life is humbling ourselves. It is not out of pompous attitudes or beliefs of our grandeur, necessarily, but that of letting go of selfish pride and humbly praying to God and admitting we are sinners in need of a Savior and accepting Jesus Christ as just that. That is a step most people have the hardest time with because then we can’t do whatever we want unless we want pure and holy things. Even shy people feigning humility are proud and selfish internally, sometimes more stubbornly so. It takes a great deal of courage and bravery to kick our selfishness to the curb. But exactly that is what God REQUIRES for eternal salvation. He doesn’t suggest it or think it would be nice. Oh no. He requires it. And some people just choose eternal damnation rather than humble obedience. And I can think of very little more pathetic and saddening than that. My heart hurts literally for them. ❤

Plodding Along the Journey

I was placed here to prepare for eternity with God in heaven. So were you. And we are plodding along on our journeys to forever, where our souls and spirits will not be burdened by sin which crept in or was chosen or evil or temporary things or aging bodies or fleshly needs. We plod along. But we must not simply plod, for we are all feeling a lot of treading through mud lately. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t feel it. It is harder to plod along. Sometimes each step is mired down by distractions and wastes of time and difficulties and sadness and so many other options. It is easy, so easy to succumb to its weight. It is easy, so easy to give up and go with that tempting wide road leading to hell. But we must continue on our journey to heaven. We must be diligent and persistent and intentional and aggressive in our steps. Our Heavenly Father waits for us to make it to Him. He longs for a relationship with us He lovingly made. We must stay focused on Him. We must cast off distractions and pray more, fast more, focus more, read our Bible more. These are necessities to keep plodding along, keep going on the journey to eternity with God in heaven. It won’t be terribly long. Please keep going. We are in it together.❤

72 Countries Searching

Friends from 72 Countries this month have found and read my blog somehow. That tells me people are searching for truth, hope and Jesus, for that is about all I talk about. And I find this to be very unifying and beautiful. I have never seen color or status on people (I am from a merger of missionary and farm families). I have been dirt poor and quite wealthy and had peace in God in both instances, with a little more joy in poverty than wealth somehow. My mom lived in Africa the first 8 years of her life, so color is diversity and beautiful to me. I myself am not white but a peachish- tan. Lol. So, I do not talk about color or status or fleeting/meaningless outward beauty treatments and dress or most other things. I speak about God, Jesus’ salvation He offers as a free gift, the Bible truths in verse, the church family and spiritual matters on the journey we are on togethwr with God. These things matter eternally. They are lasting truth with hope and love and faith and passion of God’s love for us. I love writing and love poetry and love people. I want people saved, as many as possible. But more than anything, I love God, love Jesus, love the Holy Spirit and my relationship with Him is the most important thing in the world to me. I would trade any amount of money and jewels and land and whatever the Lord would require of me to maintain my relationship with Him. It is the most important thing in my universe. God is everything to me. It permeates how I think, my service to others, my family care and support, my relationships, my everything. So praise God for blessing me with any good thing He provides and for the lessons that come from the bad. And I thank God for every bit of it for He knows and sees what is best and beautiful, loves me and wants the best for me in the long run. Eternity with God is my goal. And I want heaven to be packed. I want to see you there. We are so blessed! Praise God!❤