Music Therapy at Last!

So after the stress and crazy cleanup of the hurricane, we are back in the saddle right now about to play some music! Woo hoo! Music therapy!!! Love the music and my band family. Everything means so much more. God is good like that. You realize who you love is right here all along plating music with you as a team and family. And who wanted to go already left and you you may miss them but you realize it was their choice and you can still live a full productive life with those who remain. “Love isn’t in the falling but in the staying.” When people don’t check in after a catastrophe, they had no intention to stay. It is liberating to know who is staying and who fell off. And we can happily get back to making beautiful and/or fun music! Rock on! Stay to love!❤


Our Smooth Sentiment Band Family

Well, here we are, the Smooth Sentiment Band. We are a musical family, crippled in that we lost a drummer brother (Wil Sepulveda, may he rest in peace with his new wife he left us all for- we all see who you really love most lol and we accept it but love and miss you) gained another drumming brother that I have yet to get a pic of (welcome aboard, Troy). So here we are, in love with music and adoring the fun we provide to lift spirits from current events and bring back their remembrances of good, clean oldies rock and roll music. We are practicing up and are about to embark together on yet another season of making people happy. 😄 ❤  

Tonya LaLonde

Wilbert Sepulveda

Wil Sepulveda

Ken Burnup & Tonya LaLonde

Steve LaLonde

Smooth Sentiment Band with Arthur Attard & Steve LaLonde & Ken Burnup & Wil Sepulveda & Troy Cagglione & Tonya LaLonde

New Experiences

So tonight Steve goes to a different band practice to play in a different band with an old friend to fill in for a missing guitarist. Tonight will be the first time he practices with them and the kids and I will go swim at the clubhouse. New experiences. We will ho in at few weeks to watch him and that band play. I will be in the audience, not plating keys or singing or anything. Strange but I am excited to be able to listen and enjoy someone else’s music for a change. Change is often good. I can do change. I love doing new. ❤

The Band is Back in House

So, it is that seasonal time of year when break is over and we are now again up and running the oldies rock and roll band to prepare for a lot of upcoming gigs. We have 9 so far and 3 possibles this season. So wow. And today we met up like the finely tuned professional band that we are, very little rust this year, thanks be to God, and here we go. It is nice to play again with our band family. I am glad everyone’s health has been restored enough for it!! Praise God for the little things that matter so very much!!❤

Musical Confessions

So maybe it is weird for a classical pianist in an oldies rock and roll band and who is a worship leader at church to completely dig reggae music. Something about that laid back island groove takes me immediately to the beach, to simple relaxation, so crazy easy to play and redundant ridiculous that soothes me entirely. Maybe what I play is so complex I value the simplicity and laid back groove. That is my confession. And here is a confession ahead of time… I am going to introduce a reggae praise song to my kids next Sunday. Tee hee! ❤

Quilt Progress, Row 2

If I were allowed a favorite of my style, this row would be it. Light and airy, happy and colorful and I thank God for it. While I quilt, I am listening to Carolyn Arends, whose Christian songs make me happy, and her songs are as light and airy and colorful and happy as my quilt row. Happy girl here. Praising God with my voice and the art skills He gave me. ❤❤❤ 

The Blessing of a Song

So, my first day leading worship for the kids is this Sunday. And their Bible lesson is on Jesus healing the paralytic lowered through the roof. And I could not find a suitable song that rested with my spirit for it so God answered that unprayed prayer and gave me a song as I walked my 2 miles this morning. It is a fun kids’ song about the story and faith. I am so excited and just wanted to encourage you that God will provide any humble heart that is desperately seeking to serve Him and worship. He is so good!! ❤❤❤