Band Joys

Our band is delightful. During the slow season, we were going to biweekly band practice originally. But practice today was so fun, as it has been since we formed up and we all unanimously decided to get back to weekly practice just for the fun. It’s really really fun and therapeutic. Music cannot be under-estimated. It is so powerful and a blast when everyone works together united harmoniously. It is fantastic! Thank you, God for it!❤


Sharing Music/ Gigging Developments

As we grow and mature over time in whatever we practice (for better or for worse), the same has been true of my musical journey and I wanted to explore and share that. Trained as a note- reading classical pianist who could not memorize music to save my life, but well- versed and cozy performing on stage (singing and playing piano and both). I knew and understood chords but not how to use one and had never seen a chord chart, though I had dabbled and dismissed “fake books” (chords and melody line).

Then comes my initiation to a band. Immediately I understand that most band members use chord charts, never look at sheet music, and figure out the lead by listening over and over as slowly as possible. The object was for the entire band to play successfully songs together. I do realize that not all band members are easy to work with. (Was that an incredible understatement or what?)

And here I am today. We just gigged tonight to cover for a sick band and we had so much fun. Our present objective: bring the audience into the music and share that music with them as a band collective, providing a venue for them to dance and sing along and reminisce and just enjoy themselves. And our band members get along like family and all respect each other and no drama and just absolutely loving to play together for the people. It has developed into such a beautiful, fun experience.

I am thankful for this development. God is growing me up in yet another area of my life and I am humbled and so thankful for it. ❤

The Gig Tonight

We usually don’t have mid-week gigs. Most people hire us for weekends. But today, we had a gig. Just got back from it, actually. And this was the funnest gig ever. It was poolside at a resort next to Old Town in Kissimmee. We had all ages present, baby to 90 and everywhere in between. We even had a table of French speakers. And it was magical because all ages knew, danced and sang along with our live oldies music. It was more fun than I remember ever having at a gig. And we all smiled and danced and were vibrant and happy and the weather was perfect and I cannot imagine a better way to spend a Thursday. We helped tons of people remember happy times, have new happy times, enjoy life, spread joy and God Bless the USA was celebrated valuantly. It was wonderful. All ages love oldies music. All ages can dance together. And we heard so much appreciation and they will be hiring us back. The people all told the entertainment coordinator and she told us. They said we were the best band that ever played there in 10 years. And the point is jot that. The point is that we were united as a band family for music, dance, fun, lightening people’s loads, spreading joy, uniting people of all ages and nationalities. And that was truly a beautiful experience. I am so thankful!!😄❤

The Band’s Busy Season

So, we have 3 gigs next week, well starting this Saturday. We are doing 2 Valentine’s Day balls and 1 Mardi Gras party. So this should be fun. Here we go. And the whole time, we are so excited with new-to-us songs that are either fun or beautiful. So, I may not be blogging much this next week, you will know why. Busy playing with my band family and making people’s lives happy and beautiful. God blesses so much! I am so thankful!❤

CEU Days

So, I am up for renewal of my Audiology license and every other year am forced with a smile to do 30 CEUs  (continuing education units).  I can only do 10 hours as day, so am forced to do them as such over a 3 day span to knock them out. It costs a heap of money and is intrusive but I understand why they exist… to make someone money and be a pain in the neck. But I also learn a tad bit. Being a doctor for 15 years, I know a little bit about my profession. I don’t know everything so it is a wee good in a skantish way. But anyway, I am plugging along, getting my first 10 finished and reported today. Two more days of this nonsense to go. Yippee. But as a bonus break because God loves me, we had an extra band practice tonight! Highlight of my study day for sure. We have the best band we have ever had and we are a great, positive family having a whole heap of fun and making the most amazing music together! It is a blessing and and half and I believe God put us together. No doubt in my mind. Thank you, God!❤ 


So, we brought in the New Year with our band family and amazing people who paid a lot of money to see us. And it went great. With a new drummer and lead male vocalist, the whole night had a new, fresh flavor. I really dig thr new drummer. I haven’t wanted to dance like that since Wil left us and it was so much fun again!!! ❤ And our singer did an amazing job covering some pretty difficult standards. So it was fantastic and I am so happy with our band! And our dancing audience had a wonderful time, so many compliments! Praise God! ❤ 

Original Music

My husband and I are working on original instrumental music! I have written hundreds of songs but very few instrumentals and this is so freaking cool. Love it. God knew what He was doing when He had me marry a musician. This is so good! What a gift! Just wanted to shout out and give God props for His insight. He does know best, friends. ❤