Hard Rock Hotel Gig

Tomorrow, our band plays an oldies rock and roll gig at the Hard Rock Hotel, a black tie thingy. And we look forward to this standing gig every year. And that got me thinking. Last year, I was a different person with different focus and different mindset. We had a different Drummer, no longer with us now. I had Daddy still with us and I was helping in his care so the gig was like a vacation. My husband and I had a strained relationship for all the time I spent caring for dad and his stress over working. The kids were a year younger. This year, I go into the gig differently. My voice is stronger. We have a new Drummer (whose wife is not psycho, thank God, so less stress). Daddy lives in Heaven now. My kids are older. My husband is now retired. His and my relationship is strong now and peaceful. The kids are older. I am stronger and wiser for having gone through all that. And I have to say that this gig is such a vastly better proposition and I am looking forward to it very much. It is always wonderful to play a great event at a beautiful place and now the stress level is way way below market value. And whatever happens in the world, this GS are better internally in me because of God and He is still in charge of everything. And I thank God for the gig and the setting and the peace in my life. I thank God for my family and our life, our country and the ability to still make music.

Music of the Divine

Nothing stirs the soul, awakens the imagination or feeds the mind like music. It is a dance of the Divine on the ears and hearts of its listeners. It is constant in nature and can be heard always when still. People recreate it to their best abilities, people try to capture and convey and tell their own story as it is played. Music can go against its nature and denote pain or upheaval, express negativity and rebellion, hatred, evil. Everything good can also be used for evil, but in its pure form, in its purest self, music speaks of Divine things, joy, peace, hope, gentleness, it is a love thing. And when I have hiked alone and sat for days under the sky and found rest and solitude in the world God made, the music of nature sounded sweetly in my ears as strongly and as real as the best of Braums or Mozart or as sweetly as Jewel or Fernando Ortega. Yes, it sometimes had the fun of Marley or passion of Santana or expressiveness of Adele but in its subtlest form. In nature you have to be still and quiet to hear it but it is there as strongly as you or I. It breathes out the music of the Divine and breathes in the unclean then out comes the clean music. It cleanses the soul as it plays this timeless rhythmic original piece. Nature orchestrates the Divine music with clarity and distinction so beautifully that tears flow. I long to hear it again. I long to play it. When my fingers lightly touch the keys, I work to repeat the sound I hear in my soul from these visits. I work to portray the fingerprint of the Divine in my expression of music. I long to play with other musicians with such similar longings of the heart and together it is so beautiful. To come close to the emotion of the Divine music which flows and encompasses the very soul of a musician is to share a very special place which no one but a musician can possibly understand or appreciate but enjoys hearing when pure of heart. To open one’s self to the expression of music is to become vulnerable to other’s interpretation of it or knowledge and rejection of you personally because it is such and part of you. But to express yourself to the Divine is to worship Him and the rest takes care of itself. A musician is being who they were meant to be when they tap into the natural music of the Divine and deign to play what their heart finds. It is truly beautiful!

Valentine’s Day with a Non Romantic

My husband is a manly man, so much so that not only does his “feminine side” not exist but he never even wanted to drive by a movie theater playing a romantic movie. I, on the other hand, and most people do not know this, but I am a hopeless romantic. Of course I keep that side hidden, really only allowing one person closest to me to see that side of me at all, but it is a confession. I love romance, want the candlelight, want the flowers (albeit not cut ones, I want to plant and nurture them), I want walks into the sunset, sex on the beach (a really great drink lol), drinking each other I , the whole nine yards. Never happens with a practical man as my husband. He loves me his way and very very well, I must say, with a roof over our heads, dinner on the table or going out, playing beautiful music together during gigs (which we had Saturday and have again tomorrow), helping get that fence in, paying off the mortgage, taking me to our favorite restaurant in St. Augustine for my birthday in 2 days, etc. Everyone has a different way of expressing love and I am loved beyond any shadow of doubt. So, enjoy your roses and chocolates (which I will buy myself and our kids tomorrow lol), and stuffed I love You teddy bears and rose petals on your beds and bubbles in your baths. I will play beautiful music with my manly man and make people laugh and have fun and maybe even shock them with my improved vocals lol and before the gig I will enjoy my chocolates I buy myself in the beautiful house he provided for our beautiful family. I love you always and forever. We have been through rough times but made it and are stronger than ever! I will now and forever dearly Love you, baby! 📡🎹😍👄🌞🌻🍷❤❤❤

In Search Of

We are again searching for a new drummer for our oldies rock and roll band. Reliable musicians are sometimes not so easy to find in our neck of the woods. Sometimes it is the drummer who is unreliable, sometimes their spouse is jealous (and psycho), sometimes they get sick which is unavoidable. Regardless, it is how it is. The thing is that we can search for what we want but there is a better way. We can pray for God to provide. Sound silly? It would if you didn’t remember that God loves us and cares about those details in our lives. He also knows who is andvailable and would fit in with our group. So here is another viable option… prayer. Meanwhile, we put out ads and keep our ear to the ground and see what happens. I no longer believe God only cares about big things, He cares about the details too. He is an accessible God, a loving God. True, He is not interested in making us filthy rich for no reason but He cares who we adopt into our band family. He cares about us, about me.

Gigs Galore

  • Our oldies rock and roll dance band had a gig last Saturday and we have one today and one next Saturday, and here is how we benefit. When we play out live, we get tighter and closer as a band family. We make people happy. We give people healthy exercise because they dance. And we get paid to help with bills. Playing live stretches us as musicians because you try harder for a live audience than an empty room. It is a great feeling to accomplish all these things in one night and doing three weekends in all row is a blessing to all involved. It is a win win for everyone. And we thank God for the ability and opportunity to do it. 🙂

Last Night’s Gig

We have an oldies rock and roll variety dance band and we had a gig last night. The place was packed with wonderful people who apparently loved to dance and were quite good at it and quite fun. It was a beautiful experience. Missing people is a little easier, pain is a little lesser, tiredness is less present, and the world is a much better place when you are playing music with your band family and making a lot of people very happy. It is a rental experience I appreciate. On a sad note, it was our last time playing with our drummer brother, who has too mmuch pain from a work accident so we are trying to pull in yet another drummer, so it was a blessing to play last night when it wasn’t a learning experience curve for someone. Onward to new gigs with a new band family member and let’s hope for the best. Three is next month and NYE is on the horizon. Amazing how fast I me flies but how much more you enjoy it playing out!!! Rock on!! 🙂

The Show Must Go On

Musicians are made to be musicians. God decides what beats our hearts when He makes us. He puts in the gift and passion for it. It is not for us to decide to obey or not or let someone else make that decision for us, it is play or sing or die. The death would be not physical but definitely would be a death, a death of spirit, of heart’s song, of meaning, of purpose, of motivation, of heart beat. Musicians must always consider that when choosing a partner in life because I have seen so many go the way of marrying someone who does not share that passion and thus does not share them or support them in it. It is necessary to play for God when He makes you a musician/singer. It is His design and saying no to that is a major slap in His face, which is obviously not a good idea. Best to run with His design and not fight a battle you cannot win. The show must go on. We must play for the Lord, for His people, whatever venue we have to play, we will play because we know God made us for that purpose, among others. To deny it is to deny air to our lung, life to life. We are pleased to have a new drummer and the show will go on. Just makes our band family that much bigger and richer. Variety is the spice of life and God provides a way to keep His work going He started in us to accomplish. There are reasons for everything He does and God can use any situation and make good come from it. That is Who He is and He totally rocks!!!