In Memory of My Best Memories

There is a warm embrace of comfort that God gives you when you curl up with a loving memory. Tomorrow is a difficult time because we will be honoring Daddy’s life. I can do that better than many because people pay very close attention to their beloved hero and Daddy was mine. He was the man in my life, the constant, the breath that gave me wings, my champion. He loved and defended me and my sister. He was loyal and supportive to my mom for 44 years. And my favorite memory of all time was me throwing up the ball and hitting it into the poll barn. Daddy got home from a long day in the field all tired and dirty. He came right up to me and gave me a dirty mud hug with a laugh as he did sometimes and grabbed the ball and pitched for me. He said I needed to make a bigger dent than that and showed me how to get more power in my swing. It wasn’t a long memory but it is deep and holds my heart loved. Memories are what we have when people are no longer with us. Making them should be a high priority for those we love for we, like my daddy, will one day drift off to heaven. Pictures help trigger memories, help remember. But some of my best memories happen in the moments cameras or phones are left behind, moments like daddy scooping me up to sit on the back of his combine or tractor as he plowed or harvested, the smell and turning of the earth, the consistent rumble of the well preserved engine by a master mechanic, the breathing in of the fresh air mixed with soil, and me proud as heck to be my Daddy’s little girl. I remember the pride I had when I used to visit Grandma Batterson and hear stories of Daddy’s taking good care of her all his life once he was old enough to. Her memories became mine, which is why there is importance in time with elders. Memories are little gifts from God to bring a great moment of love into the present and we can pass that into the future to our kids. The importance of memories cannot be understated and their value cannot be measured. And that is where my heart is right now. Make and share some memories as a loving act of service and encouragement. Never disappoints. 🙂

Keeping Keepsakes

Simple lesson I taught myself the hard way. Keep some keepsakes of your life journey. There are so many places I have been that I thought would last forever or I thought would always be vividly clear to me that I am now struggling to remember. Other keepsakes I treasure and remember the e vents perfectly. It doesn’t have to be huge, maybe pictures, maybe a gorgeous piano figurine, maybe a little Teddy bear, maybe jewelry, maybe a small Rose or pressed flower. There are things we need to hang onto because life changes like the tide and throws you about this way and that and throughout it, little reminders help to cushion the blows and help to remember days of appreciation and love and laughter and travel. Even popping into a store in Sebring and grabbing a city postcard reminds you of better days, happy, complete days. Then you can draw from them when loneliness peaks, which happens in life. Don’t neglect your right to remember the good times. These have been God’s blessings to you and He would want you to remember the good. Sometimes it is all you get for a very very long time.