The Day with Jesus that Changed Me

I shared a day with Jesus when I recently fasted and prayed. He shared my day, was with me all day, I quite literally felt His presence, as if I was chatting with an important dear friend. That was a gift, friend. That changed me. That changed my focus, perspective and vision. That added eternity thinking and kingdom thinking to my constant considerations. And I have had this deep seated peace and just love and understanding and empathy for everyone since. And I just wanted to share how amazing a visit with Jesus is. He changes you for the better. Beautiful!❤


Using Your Gifts for God

God made each and every person on the planet with love, designed on purpose and with a special ability or gift to use for Him and others as an act of worship. There are no exceptions here.

So maybe fasting isn’t your thing, maybe it is. Maybe healing isn’t your thing but maybe it is. Maybe art isn’t your thing but maybe it is. So many options, so many needs in the church and kingdom of Jesus. Maybe you just don’t want to use your ability for God. Then don’t claim to be a follower of Christ/ a Christian and that would be a horrible decision. If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, then follow Him and use your gifts and abilities He gave you for Him and others.

The church is full of people not doing a dang thing. If you can’t be bothered, don’t even bother going. God made you, made everything that you appreciate, made everything good and on top n of that when we screwed up, Jesus came down here and suffered an agonizing death to redeem us. So what are you doing for Him?

Believing is good and well and may, may squeeze you into heaven, but what is belief without the fruit of that belief? What is the faith without using it to pray? What good is truth without sharing it? What is talk with no action?

We would be in a revival if the church Christians would wake up like it matters. Christians should be about God’s business. He has a lot going on right now. There us a lot of work to do. Christians should be missionary- minded. Christians should not be wrapped up in themselves and the world nor should they ever be lazy.❤


When things are going well, look out. All was quiet for about a minute and internally peaceful with God’s love and grace and help. Still is really but seeing someone from my past pop up, someone I used to know every secret, someone who I obviously loved incredibly more than he loved me, who I haven’t seen in a long time, and now I am married to my husband and all is in the past. But seeing the face and hearing the name from a friend just reminded me of the weirdness and struggle with keeping focused on the now. It is easy for me to get distracted, my mind is always racing and God is the only one now who can focus me. And I had to refocus because it is strange to see someone you loved in the past out of nowhere when the loving someone now and being committed in marriage is happening. And I thought hard and really truly would not change a thing. If I had not gone through heartbreak, I would not realize fully God’s strength in restoring me and raising me from the dead. He saved me from myself, no question in my mind. I accept that everything happens for a reason, a blessing or a test, and that God gives grace when we fail the test if we ask Him and smiles if we pass the test. Tests must be. How else does anyone really know how they will respond in a specific situation if they are never in one. It is easy to say the right words without a struggle. When the struggle comes, you and God see what you are made of and infinitely more important what God is made of. How erasylse can we know with our tiny human minds? God has to show us. And I am so very thankful He chose grace for me and gave me a wonderful husband who takes such good care of us. I am content no knowing or contemplating the what ifs. What matters is the now. I choose God’s way and path for me. I am thankful for the blessings and thankful even more for the struggle. Pain is an impressive teacher sometimes if we are open to and decide to learn the leason. ❤

Changing Change

People and pretty much everything else changes. Sometimes overnight on a dime. Sometimes with a realization of truth. Sometimes for better and sometimes for worse. Many things age gracefully and many age like giraffes on roller blades. But change is inevitable. And usually it is most likely to happen when you just reach some kind of comfortable.

The thing about change is that it is constantly changing. And the thing about God is that He never does. God is the only constant we know about in the universe. God is constant, faithful. We have God as our solid rock under us, the only definite there is. So when change comes changing on in, cling with great fervor on God who is always the same, always loving you.❤

Thinking of Shrinking

I am not an antique quite yet but I am old enough to realize that in our society, my importance will continue to decline. Old age in our culture, far from how it should be, I must say, every year is a shrinking in importance, in strength, in value. The more wrinkles should equal thr moments you want to be listening to all the sage wisdom she possesses, but alas in our backwards Hollywood and fashion/materialism promotion, ever wrinkle is more a reason to ignore, shun or ridicule.

I am considering this. I have much study on the topic, having served primarily elderly patience for 20 years and now personally I am older. I am thinking of shrinking. I saw patients deteriorate in health before my eyes and I know full well the families were either wonderfully supportive, reluctantly civil or downright brutal in response to this age increase. Doctors were also in one of those 3 categories, most adding meds upon meds for every symptom known to man with God knows 2hat side effect for such crazy combinations. Men and women with greatness God gave them and abilities galore, way stronger than I could hope to be, now shrinking, quiet, fading.

I realize I am unusual, but I respect them and wish to honor them. I spend more time with them than my schedule tells me to and ask questions, always questions. Who were they? How had God designed them and what did they do with that? Not every person matures, it is true, but most lived long enough to pick up valuable insight or just historical data to sparkle the mind.

So, when offered a chance to play the piano for some sweet dears once a month in a senior living facility, how would it be possible to say no? It is not. Those who went before us built this country so we can be who we are and live as we do. We are often pampered pets because of their blood, sweat and tears. And such a position demands respect and value and love. I do not want them to shrink alone, neglected. I want them to sparkle until the sparkle leaves their eyes naturally in sleep.❤

On If People Can Change

Yes, people can change. If and only if God is allowed to help and they really want to change and do all the work required of that. Apart from that, in my experience, people do not change. They may clean up their act for a bit if motivated but unless they work hard to break bad habits and keep in prayer and relationship with God, they will fall right back to their old habits and ways. Sometimes they are great until a problem or trigger arises or are tired or sick or get lazy or get what they were acting for then give u p again because they really didn’t want to change. So that is my answer, after decades of study of myself and many other people. God bless you!❤

Self-centered/Humanistic Christianity

Hear me out. Christianity is Jesus – centered if it is as God intended it and written about it in the Bible. And that means conversations about Jesus, teachings of Jesus and the Bible, worship of Jesus, prayer in Jesus’ name, communion remembering the death and resurrection of Jesus and so on. But my deepest annoyance in so many churches I have attended or seen on TV or heard on radio stations or conversations have focused on this illegitimate hybrid of humanism (worshipping ones’ self or another human as god) and Christianity (worshipping Jesus as God – which He is). So you get concepts like “What has He done for me lately?” Or “I am angry at God” or even “God needs to answer my every whim and prayer in this way or I will not go out of my way for Him”. I have also witnessed many worship services where the songs are more about themselves (usually talking about the first person’s feelings) than Jesus or Jesus’ name not even mentioned.

This is dangerous territory. Here is why. It is based on a lie, a false premise, some stupidity that people want to buy to feel important. As much as we would like it to be, we humans are not God and can in no way every be as important as He is. In fact, our importance in its greatest form is entirely based upon God saying He made us and loves us and we matter. That is it. God is God and He is Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit and we are not Him. We cannot make a person except by the means He built into us when He made us. We cannot control the weather. We cannot even keep from catching a virus. See the problem? That we are on the same level as God is the stupid prideful lie that Satan himself believed to fall from heaven and God’s grace. And now this enemy is wanting us to land his same fate, eternity in turmoil being separated from God. But we can fight this lie by worshipping Jesus again, focusing on Him again, obeying Him again, just plain saying close to and focusing on Him again. He really is a, He is everything, in fact. All He does is perfect and true and loving, how He is built. Jesus needs to be the focus. ❤