Defeating Evil

We do not defeat evil.

Jesus Christ already did this. The work is finished.

We help remind evil of their defeat by praising and worshipping God and speaking truth.

This reminds evil of its defeat and it flees.

End of story.

Life is simpler than most people suspect.

The question is whose side are you on?❤


Jesus Lights Up the Room

Maybe it is His human side that has been through everything we have and much more. Maybe it is His deep love and compassion that moved Him to heal and comfort and raise the dead. Maybe it is His sense of humor and constancy to the truth and His mission. Maybe it is all of those. But Jesus Christ lights up the room when I praise and think about and sing and read about and hear about Him. This is the light we are to be for people too. And Jesus helps with that too as our example and with the Holy Spirit and prayer and praise. How beautiful is that!😄❤❤❤

Christmas Lights

We got our Christmas lights up and I noticed two things:

1. I cannot get a decent picture in the dark. The light shines too brightly in contrast and comes out blurry. I would have to take the pictures in the day to do them justice.

2. All you can see in the dark is what is lit up. You cannot tell anything else about the house or surroundings unless it is lit up.

I thought deeply about these points, as is my custom, and came to two concusions:

1. Surrounded by darkness, the light of Jesus in us is the only things that shine. The darkness is not distinctive and the light is a sharp contrast, difficult on the eyes.

2. In the presence of darkness, the presence of light is desired, wanted, beautiful, what we look for. We want light.

We are the light of the world, now more than ever. We need to be the light. The world needs us to be the light. Jesus is our light and His Holy Spirit that lives in us is the light in us as long as we operate in humble obedient light and not sin darkness which suppresses it.❤

God in Us is the Light of the Room

When we are saved by Jesus, God’s light lives in us, making us light. We matter. We matter to God as He expects us to shine His light wherever we are. Any room we are in, God’s light should radiate from us.

But what does this light look like? It looks like truth and love and glory/beauty. The light God gives us is such an enormous gift and is such a healthy responsibility to look after. We love God and other people. We love them with truth and gentleness, kindness and all the fuits n of the Spirit. We radiate this goodness and truth from God. We radiate as surely as light beams radiate from a light source. We are warm and the shadows/darkness in the room has to leave when we enter.

We necessarily exercise our light by engaging with others and God in the fruit of the Spirit. We need to practice that fruit gift- love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control in truth. When we do, we are the light of God shining out.❤

Be What Others are Not

If no one is being the light,

That is your job

Be the light.

If no one n is speaking the truth,

That is your job.

Speak the truth.

If no one is worshipping God,

That is your job.

Worship God.

If no one is forgiving and letting go,

That is your job.

Forgive and let go.

If no one is serving others in need,

That is your job.

Serve others in need.

Others may be content with selfishness.

That’s not your job.

Just be selfless.

Others’ sins are not your concern,

Just don’t sin.

Be God’s child.❤

Under the Light

Under the Light of the lamp I can read

Or sew or draw or paint and create.

Under the Light there is warmth and no fear

And darkness is chased off and love fills the air.

Under the Light of Jesus it is the same

That loving warmth pervades the dark,

And remembering that I am Jesus to them

Makes me proud that I’m Under the Light. ❤


Light shines brightest because of the stark contrast to darkness. Darkness can get darker and vary in shades, can shapeshift, can destroy in levels or all at once, is tumultuous by nature and unforgiving hopeless. Darkness can change and vary and even disguise itself for a bit with light. But Light does not vary. It is always faithful, always true and relentlessly joyfully hopeful. You can cover it to a degree and pretend it does not stare penetratingly at you from behind the steel you erected but it never changes. Light is pure and distrinctive. It shows everything, uncovers every flaw but washes them out in the next breath. Light is God. Darkness is everyone else. We need God. We need His Light.❤