The Balance of Spirituality

On my heart recently and for many years, actually, is this balance of powers and focus between life with the Holy Spirit and humanistism-based spiritism. We all know God operates in our physical world and in the spirit realm. But it is imperitive that we do not confuse God in the Spirit with the world’s spiritism, largely based on humanistic new age and old Eastern philosophy, which is contrary to Scripture and downright dangerous, from an eternal perspective.

This is my informed conclusion… the Holy Spirit will never lead you in anything that is contrary to the Bible. So how do we know if it is specifically contrary to the Bible? We have to read and know our Bible. Then we pray a lot, all the time even.

Why is this important? Because the devil is a liar and disguises himself as an angel of light. He will pretend to be the Holy Spirit even. To test the spirits, as we are told to, you ask if Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior for one if there is an audible voice or even easier, you read your Bible and pray and ask God for help, discernment and wisdom.

Do not fall into the trap as my mom did where any desire your mind drums up becomes “God said I could…” She is morbidly obese but said “God told her she could have another piece of cake” because it popped into her head because her desires drove her feelings and then thoughts. And she misinterpreted it. Now, in thr Bible, it is all about thr principle of moderation in all things except prayer, and is blatantly against gluttony so it is safe to say God did not tell her anything of the sort and she didn’t pause to read her Bible and pray and think it through because that is what she wanted to do.

Many Christians are falling into that trap. I actually had someone tell me God told her to marry this guy, who happened to be married to someone else. She started an affair that ended miserably and much destruction. Pretty safe to say God had no hand in that and is probably not very happy about being blamed for sin.

Anyway, read your Bible and pray a lot and then use your wisdom and free will to hammer out the details. 😄❤

I Got Friends in High Places

Recently, I have been blessed with hope from friends and my Great Aunts in high places. I am so blessed to have them. I do not people often because people are often times all about themselves and I think too much of myself as it is. I want and have (praise God!) friends who focus on God. That is where I want to be. I don’t want company in the dirt, I want to be lifted up into the air. I want to be closer to Jesus Christ, my Savior. Another source of hope was my fantastic devotional Jesus Calling. It point me to Jesus all the time and is worded from the Bible as a note to me from Jesus directly. And I have found myself randomly just blurt out “I trust you, Jesus” and that helps focus me on what is important. My strength is in the Lord, no matter how strong I am. I am just a little girl without the power of the resurrection and Holy Spirit. God is so good and I am so blessed to remind me of that. 😄❤

Focus on Jesus

Revival will happen when we focus on and emulate Jesus Christ. As we worship and lift Him up with the power of His Holy Spirit, we correct the proper balance to the world He made. It is supposed to be that way. We were made by Him for Him and not the other way around. And He is so worthy of praise is He! God is magnificent, full of power and majesty, grace and generosity, love and holiness, truth and faithfulness. No one is like Him and no one can stand before Him without permission, even His worst enemy. Praise God and focus on Jesus in your home, in your church, in your small group or Sunday school, in your workplace, in school, wherever. As we lift up Jesus, He will draw all men to Himself and heal with love and pour grace and peace and joy into our souls and spirits. That with humility is the key to peace, joy, delicious life and correct function.😄❤❤❤

Excerpt from Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

July 23

“I am the light of the world. Men crawl through their lives cursing the darkness, but all the while I am shining brightly. I desire each of My followers to be a light-bearer. The Holy Spirit who lives in you can shine from your face, making Me visible to people around you. Ask My Spirit to live through you as you wend your way through this day. Hold My hand in joyful trust, for I never leave your side. The light of My presence is shining upon you. Brighten up the world by reflecting who I am. ~ John 8:12; Matthew 5:14-16; 2 Corinthians 3:18; Exodus 3:14”

Prayer Before Reaction

I have started this new thing. Correction, the Holy Spirit has finally been allowed by me to start this new thing. He has given me definitive clarity on this 8 day fast I am on. (I generally fast 24 hours weekly on Eednesdays and have aince September but I was told told fast while my son is away in Honduras on a missions trip and I am obeying.) On day 3 today, something started this decision. I screwed up. I accidentally ruined something of my husband. He is generally very abrasive and passive aggressive for days and does not forgive easily and keeps bringing it up and making me feel like an idiot for weeks/months/years about it. This is generally his reaction when I mess up pretty much anything, and I am clutzy and mess up a lot. Anyway, before I reacted to his tirade after I confessed my really dumb screw up and harm to his possession, I prayed. I prayed to ask God to help him not be so mad and to help him to be able to forgive me. After a few more angry and hostile comments about my disrespecting him and destroying his thing, something amazing happened. 1. I had total peace. I knew I screwed up and had confessed and will make an effort to be much more careful and certainly did not intend to harm it or disrespect him. God gave me peace. And 2. God helped him calm down and try to figure out how to salvage it. He relaxed a bit. Amazing.

And I am thus on a new selfish mission of self-preservation. I will pray before reacting and responding. I did not say a word in response to initial tirade. I humbly prayed in response before I pridefully opened my mouth, which would have made matters worse. I just prayed. Not only does this help everything but also conveys trust in God and faith that He can and will intervene to help me, the little girl He chooses to love. I can draw closer to Him in this relationship. He can maintain peace in me no matter what tempest rages outside these walls of flesh. Praise God who always answers prayer!!!❤❤❤