Some Godly People Still Exist, They Are Just Different Than You Thought

I am blessed to be in a good church now. The one I left was full of hot air… looked and sounded great but no one volunteered to help or serve and they cleared or couldn’t handle a problem. You were not allowed to make a mistake, sin or be real. It just wasn’t something they could handle.

Being raised by a missionary family on my mom’s side and Bible believing salt of the earth farmers on my dad’s side, I was raised with love and unconditional acceptance and realness. Jesus knew more about people than they do and loved them where they were, hoping to restore them to Him but always working toward that relationship. Every person matters is loved desperately. God wants every single person saved and close to Himself.

We as Followers of the Way of Christ need to be the same way. That is what a follower is…. a person who humbly follows their leader. We happen to have the best leader, Jesus who loves us enough to die a horrible death for our eternal n life with Him. So we need to remember that and follow.

I believe pride and ego is at the root of every stupidity, judgmentalism, bad philosophy, sin, horrible choice, bad judgment, everything ungodly. But there are some Godly people still out there, they just don’t look the way you think. They may not even be at church (gasp) right now by being treated so evilly by a wounded prideful person who is masking their own sins by beating up other more obvious sinners.

A Godly person, a Follower of the Way of Jesus Christ, looks like Jesus… full of love, accepting, serving, humble, light, truth telling, angry at evil, rejoicing at truth, and teeming with the fruits of the Spirit. That is our goal, our passion. We are out there. Do we screw up sometimes? Oh yeah. I sin a lot. But I don’t want to and try to search it out and face it with truth, pray with contrition/humility, turn away from it, and move on with forgiveness and appreciation for God’s amazing grace.❤


Positive Vibes Are Not Enough

Tons of people have feel good messages. Positive vibes. Positive thinking. Feel good emotions. Happy thoughts. Calm vibrations.

That is nice sometimes for an emotional boost but is not enough. It has to go deeper. It just has to. It is physics… the dark world surrounding us is heavier and bigger than all that emotional hype. It is stronger. So we have to go deeper to be stronger than what is all around us. Simple math. (The old math not the new nonsense math to make our kids stupid, but I digress.)

We need Jesus’ resurrection power from the Father via the Holy Spirit.

Nothing is deeper than the God of the universe injecting His power, wisdom, love, confidence/faith, hope, etc. into us. And no force anywhere in the entire universe is greater than that.

So encouragement is nice but is insufficient unless dripping with the Holy Spirit. We need God. Bottom line. And we need Him desperately and eternally.❤❤❤

Refusing to Get Offended

I am not sure exactly when it happened, but after most of my life having been inundated by criticism, always at home- by parents and sister first and later husbands- I drew close and deepened my relationship with God. First, I read my Bible every chance I got. Then later my heart softened and at Ling last humility became my constant companion and I was at long last able to humble my heart to pray and kneel to my God, the Almighty. Then I started the obedience of fasting once a week and that drew me closer to God even more. And somewhere on this journey with my Lord God, He revealed to me that His is the only opinion that matters and that He loved me and made me on purpose for Himself and His kingdom. And that, my friends, when you finally grasp that and hold it in your broken heart, frees you from anyone’s criticism. You are above that level of insecurity and immaturity and distraction and certainly those lies. And you realize that God’s encouragement and blessings far far outweigh any pathetic attempt to put you down. God is way bigger (to entirely understate the magnitude of that) than any evil coming against your soul for the Holy Spirit lives there now. So, I refuse to get offended now. My pride is not puffed up and I know the truth about God and the secret that He is in charge. What people say about or to me is discarded the second it does not line up with God’s Word about me. And I genuinely forgive them instantly, feel sorry for them not understanding that God loves them too, and then praying for them to get it. And here is my secret. You are welcome.😄❤

Jesus Christ, Our Savior

Almighty God, my Heavenly Father, I thank you for your great love. It stirs my heart to comprehend the great sacrifice you made on our behalf. We deserved punishment for our sins, crimes against Your holiness. But you did not leave us guilty. You gave us Jesus Christ, our Savior.

Jesus Christ, our Messiah, your only real Son, born of a precious girl and your Spirit. You allowed His work and words to be written down and poured out for us. 2,000 years later, we can see it all play out in the Words you wrote, the Bible I adore reading and can’t get enough of. Your Son, you loved, Jesus Christ, our Savior died horrifically and rose for us to be guiltless who ask for salvation. Your love is so great for us, the people you made and the saved ones you had mercy on and saved. And all who humbly trust you will be saved still, regardless of their crimes, all sin being equal in your eyes. Oh, Lord God, thank you. Thank you, Jesus Christ. Thank you, Holy Spirit. Eternity is secure because of your love and mercy. Please help me love and obey at every given opportunity. I love you so much, dear God. You are worthy of all praise and honor! May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. May your name be praised in all the earth! Praise Jesus Christ! In His name I pray, amen.❤❤❤


I have no wisdom of my own, knowing my limitations as a finite individual. However, God gives n wisdom generously to whoever asks Him with a humble, pure heart. And I know that wisdom from God n is more precious than any amount of treasures on this planet. God’s wisdom is better than time, better than riches, better than power, better than honor, better than the best luxury or vacation mansion. How can that be? God’s wisdom provides the big picture, the eternal perspective and view of God and Jesus that allows and instructs you to live in thr luxury of the fruits of the Holy Spirit- love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control, with an enormous injection of hope. ❤ ❤ ❤

As I Fly

As I Fly through this life,

And the turbulence grows,

I know who holds up my wings.

For I once used to walk

And sluggishly climb

But God gave me the Spirit for my keeping.

And along now I fly

Through life’s high points and low

And I never run out of fuel

For even if I glide

For a little while

God raises me body and soul.

We are not alone

On this flight we are on

Even if it seems that we are.

No, God’s in control

When we ask Him to be

So we can have peace and just smile.❤

Fruit of the Spirit

Love this list of attributes of God that we can build on and work toward. These characteristics are the natural traits of God, who He is, what He wants us to aspire to and grow to be. And what a powerful and graceful list! Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Wow. How perfect is that list and God whose nature entails all of those. Perfect! How great is our God! May His will be done.❤❤❤