Rebuilding Bridges

I am not one for burning bridges on purpose. There have been bridges burned unintentionally by ignorance or lack of communication, however, and I am sorry for those and have forgiven myself and worked harder at not doing so again. There have been plenty of bridges burned by others and I have long since forgiven them, of course (forgiveness is an offering to God). And there have been plenty of bridges I have rebuilt. It seems in life that God has blessed me with restoring these bridges of connection  to people I did not like much the first go round and He calls me to rebuild the bridge I would rather have walked away from and it became a beautiful thing. And here is the thing. We are all God’s children and every good Father (as God is the best) wants His children to love each other and get along and work well together. All have something beautiful or seemingly uneventful to bring to the household and together, God sees the possibility of immense greatness of His beautiful glory shining brightly through and from it. When people do right and maintain or rebuild connection, nothing on earth compares to it. Rebuild a bridge in your life today. It is worth the effort. ❤


For America

My daddy was a Marine for 6 years for America.
Many great men and women serve our America.

I am proud of our country and will stand and show respect for America.

We have not been perfect but have been knit together in America.

Our good President and his good staff are working for America.

Some of Congress and some of the Senate are working for America.

Few in Hollywood or mainstream media are working for America.

Those who do not stand out of respect for our country should not be paid American dollars or stay in America.

Fewer big monopoly owners are working for America.

But God still loves our America.

And if we start acting like Americans, we will again be a great America.

And if we deny the rights of divisive and destructive anti-American people, we will strengthen America.

And we will lead in generosity and love in America.

And what we do will rebuild a Christian America.

And my heart beats for God, for family and for America!❤

True Heritage Unveiled

People want to know their heritage. In general it is the shallow physical heritage of generations of this or that type, this or that skin color, this or that religion, etc. All of that is a distraction. Parsing through the distractions, and digging deeper, we all share a heritage that supercedes all of the physical and nonsense that has been manipulated to divide us. We are, all, you, I, your neighbor, you sweet grandma, the guy or girl in the last row, the person in a country hundreds of miles away where language differs from your own, whether they be any color of the sun, we are all made on purpose lovingly by God. God is our common heritage. We are united in heritage, no matter who is pushing what agenda. We are all children of Almighty, All-loving, All-knowing God. Thus we share the same heritage. We are all related because of that. We are all equals in status but differ in giftedness and talents. And as all God’s children, we need to unite and get back to a relationship with Him. He should always be our primary focus. He should be our common goal and the only One we all worship. God is our Maker and mutual father. Yay!!!!❤❤❤

Family Unity

Our family has together faced death of loved ones, rejection, people coming and maybe even loving us then leaving without a trace, wonderful vacations, difficult illnesses, good times, bad times. And no matter what, we are united and together. We are family. Unity matters. I want the same for our country. Only evil people or ignorant ones would not want that. Not everyone in our family always agrees, we often hurt each other, mostly without meaning to, but we often encourage each other and always love each other and stay together. United we stand and divided we fall. Catchy and very true. True for family. True for country. I love both. God bless us all. Keep praying. ❤ 

Many Hours at the Pool

The biggest reward for cleaning mom’s house and taking care of her, other than the satisfaction that is present, is that her clubhouse has a huge pool and other grandparents have kids that swim there. So there we stayed for hours of fun at the pool. We are a golden tan now and are exhausted but these are the memories you hang your hat on. These are new good tech-free moments with family that make you feel amazing and you remember as the good times for when things get rough. God gave us good memories there with Grandma/my mom and with her pool. Thank you, God!❤❤❤

Changing and New Life

We are renovating all the time now. My husband saved up all his working days and now that he retired, we are able to finally repair and change and breathe new life into old, falling  apart things. We have a butler’s pantry now, with like 2 things left to do with it. We have plumbing which works now everywhere. We have a new fence and two new gates on either side of the house. We have an opressive tree limb cut down from the neighbor’s neglected tree that was starting to kill our trees so the front yard is a sunnier, healthier spot now. We have a sidewalk formed and ready for concrete. And we have a new screened in and roofed back porch coming where a naked concrete slab now stands. It is a lot of work, haven’t been to the pool in a while. But there is a fresh spirit in this old house’s bones. And this has done the world of good to our love of being in this house. We really love it. We will live it more once the hottub is installed lol, but it is great for morale of our family. It is a happier place. It is fun to build something new or better together and get use of it. And I praise God for it all! He is the giver of new life and He brought light back to this darkness and life to these dry bones. I am so thankful to God!!!

Never Again

I will face challenges. I will have battles brought to my table. I will have to stare evil in the eye at some point on some level. There will be attacks. I will be pushed and tried. All these things are guaranteed. It is not a maybe situation. It will happen. But never again, and I am shouting it to the world, never again will I attempt to fight or react or respond or find success without God. I will never again face an attack or battle or problem alone. I will always go with God. He fights bad guys and has already won the big war and I fight then humbly in continuous prayer and Bible reading. And when the time comes that He ever wants more than that from me, I will hear His still small voice and obey and be ready with great confidence. Never again will I walk alone through anything. I walk with God who loves me unequivocally and deeply on levels man can not go. I beg you to do the same. God is always available.