Using Your Gifts for God

God made each and every person on the planet with love, designed on purpose and with a special ability or gift to use for Him and others as an act of worship. There are no exceptions here.

So maybe fasting isn’t your thing, maybe it is. Maybe healing isn’t your thing but maybe it is. Maybe art isn’t your thing but maybe it is. So many options, so many needs in the church and kingdom of Jesus. Maybe you just don’t want to use your ability for God. Then don’t claim to be a follower of Christ/ a Christian and that would be a horrible decision. If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, then follow Him and use your gifts and abilities He gave you for Him and others.

The church is full of people not doing a dang thing. If you can’t be bothered, don’t even bother going. God made you, made everything that you appreciate, made everything good and on top n of that when we screwed up, Jesus came down here and suffered an agonizing death to redeem us. So what are you doing for Him?

Believing is good and well and may, may squeeze you into heaven, but what is belief without the fruit of that belief? What is the faith without using it to pray? What good is truth without sharing it? What is talk with no action?

We would be in a revival if the church Christians would wake up like it matters. Christians should be about God’s business. He has a lot going on right now. There us a lot of work to do. Christians should be missionary- minded. Christians should not be wrapped up in themselves and the world nor should they ever be lazy.❤


Paleo Breakfast for 3 Days

I made up this breakfast. Because it takes some time to cook, I cook breakfast for 3 days at a time and separate the food into three equal portions and store it in the fridge. I don’t go longer than 3 days because I want the ingredients to stay fresh.

1 medium onion, chopped

1/2 yellow squash, chopped

1 pkg. Frozen spinach, thawed

Salt – free can of chicken

2 eggs

Salt, pepper, garlic powder, Italian seasoning, parsley flakes, agave nectar (drizzled in onions while cooking them)

Saute onions in skillet with water and a splash of olive oil with drizzle of agave nectar and desired seasoning on medium high. Add yellow squash after 3 minutes. Cook for 5 minutes. Add spinach and chicken and desired seasoning. After 2 minutes, drop 2 eggs on top and mix thoroughly. Once eggs are cooked thoroughly, you are finished.

It is delicious and paleo friendly. And this nutrition plan works well because I am down 21 pounds now and feel 100% healthier and more energetic. Also, my skin is no longer broken out and my skin is healthier.

Balancing Sewn Up Parts of Us

Now many people in my life, myself included, have perfect parts and broken or messy parts of them, great habits and sinful habits, good focus on some things and horrible focus on others, amazing gifts in some areas and no giftedness in other areas. And most people look around and want other people’s hood parts and gifts and long for it, ignoring the bad parts entirely. And we are told by God to focus on Him and do our jobs on one hand and rest in Him on the other. So basically, do and focus on the good and forgive or deny credence to the bad stuff. And the whole time, our focus is to be on Jesus. I think surfers have more the right idea than people give them credit for. Catch the wave, bask in the surf, chill out, love everyone. Now they may take it too far and neglect responsibility sometimes maybe but they got the chill out portion of how we should be. We are to be balanced in life but always focusing on Jesus and resting in Him. Contentment is a mandate, a commmission. Yes, so is teaching, witnessing, worship, doing our gifts, baptizing, caring for those in our lives, etc. Yes, that is true. But that is it. The rest is extra. And we are called to peace and contentment in the midst of life and that can only be accomplished by focusing on Jesus.❤

The Art of Giving Thanks

Today 830 or so of my fellow citizens of our central Florida city stood in line together to receive one or two Thanksgiving dinners for an elderly person (generally widows or widowers) in our town. Our family took a meal to a sweet 96 year old lady who happened to be asleep. Lol But she will enjoy as great meal tomorrow, Lord willing. But that is a wonderful new tradition for us. Serving and giving to others is a great way to articulate a lifestyle of gratefulness. There is little as rewarding as the great feeling that comes from making someone smile. It is a lifestyle, not just a special day, but in light of this special holiday for Thanksgiving, I am thankful to God for life, for my family, for my band family, and for you. Thank you, God!! Have a very happy thanksgiving!!! ❤

Walking Light-ly

Christians are called to be the light because our faith is based on Jesus Christ who is the Light of the World. And where Christians do not live in the light where they are, they are like a flashlight turned off…. no good to anyone and selfish as snot. Being the light is sharing our inner light wherever we go. Living the light turns on the fruit of the Spirit (our love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control) so everyone can see it. That way those in darkness (without the Holy Spirit) can snoteeee another better life option that heals and restores and makes everything better in every way. Live the light today. ❤

My Quilt’s Journey

I hand sew. I have tried to use a machine but to me, it lacks flavor, meaning, passion. I want to place each stich carefully where I want it to go. I want it customized and full of love and meaning. Every inch of fabric and thread, I want to touch and be a part of positioning and stitching exactly where it should be. And that meaningful intention produces a quilt with a purpose, a journey to its home, a story, a love thing. I make quilts and any of my art with the exact same passion and drive I live my life. I want it to be purposeful, time consuming on purpose, tell a story, be a visual representation of what God made. I want to exude love, scream out that this was on purpose. I took my time and valued it. That, my friend, is exquisitely beautiful. 

The Joy of Worship

Worship is not an experience at church, it is a daily, no hourly acknowledgement that God is great and we are small, that He is worthy of honor and respect and we are less worthy. This humbleness of spirit is very difficult for so many people. It is simple, a bowing of the knee of the created in the constant presence of the Creator. It is very difficult for so many because our culture and backwards media glorifies the ego, elevates self, does not acknowledge the Creator, boosts our pride. Our pride does not help us because it is most people’s greatest struggle/weakness. It takes great strength to dismiss our own greatness and power as subservient to a God who is infinitely greater. It takes great faith to yield control and power to God and acknowledge He is and knows best. Once that difficult task has been mastered, that bending or even yielding of will, worship is left. “May God’s will be done. Everything is His and for Him, including me.”This is the attitude, the goal and focus of worship. It is continuous and permanent. It is a lifestyle. Everything else branches off it. It is the core and strengthens everything else. Worship, this humbling us and acknowledging God, is extremely powerful! And it has benefits: peace, joy, richness of life, proper perspective, fruits of the Spirit coming easily, beauty of soul. It is worth every effort you make !