My Perfection

I have had a lot of people ask how I maintain my perfection. Bahahahaha! I am just kidding. So kidding. I just wanted to smile. I do not strive for perfection. I long ago accepted me as being as close to perfect as I can possibly get by being as humble as I possibly can to allow God’s perfection to flow through me. In fact, I know this little secret… lean in… ya ready?… wait for it…

No one is perfect no matter what they want you to think. In fact, the more together they look, the more messed up they probably are because they are trying too hard to cover it up. So there is the little secret. So no one ever fools me. I have frankly lived too long to buy that noise. But I know it of myself also.

The thing about striving to live truth and convey God’s truth is that you no longer get to lie to yourself either. I always need God. I need Him every minute of every day. He is my everything. God the Father is a constant loving Father. Jesus is a constant loving Father and the Holy Spirit is a constant loving Father. They are all God and I cannot live or function without Him. Does that mean I need a crutch? Absolutely, if that is what honesty is called to you, I own it happily and with great pride. I take pride most in my humbleness before God to allow Him to work through me. That is the flow I am most peaceful, joyful, etc. (you know the fruits of the Spirit).

When I give things immediately to God, I still have work to do, but as I do it I know His power is doing it and everything is easy. Yes, I said easy. Once you have wrestled down your pride (that is the hard part), the rest is easy.

So in review, perfect is not possible with people, humble is as perfect as possible for us, and God is perfect and will lovingly flow through you. And that is pretty perfect.😄❤