God Bless the Hot Tub

So today is build dat for the back patio to become a sunroom which will house as new hot tub. Of course in FL, we rarely need the heater, but in winter we will use that too. And God has pouted out His blessings on us over and over, as it is costing about half of what we thought and we are doing a lot of things too. It is something to look forward ti, to be calmed and soothed by, to help alleviate muscle pain and aches Steve is experiencing. It will be an enormous blessing and pain reliever, Lord willing. So not much work on the quilt today, but there is a wonderful reason for taking a break and working elsewhere for the day. Thank you, loving God who provides!!!

Today’s Accomplishments

Today, I have walked, mowed, caulked, buffed, sealed, quilted, ironed, trimmed trees, trained vines, cooked, and I still smell good. Lol I could teach a class on being a domestic goddess right now. Lol I love productive days, satisfying days. I love the accomplishment of seeing what your hands have done improve things and look great for my family, I love making the house a castle for my husband. And I have talked to God throughout and it is beautiful. Blessings are given abundantly by God when we stick close to Him and work for others (and of course Him). He is so very good!!! ❤❤❤

Talk About Work

We (my family) just dug out aggregate/dirt and installed and leveled about 20 feet of concrete footers on the outer boarder of what will be a new concrete sidewalk from our driveway to our back door. It took us 5 1/2 hours of constant work and we didn’t quite finish when the rains came. Talk about work! I walked before that so I am tired. Just made everyone biscuits and gravy and refueled. I think I will hang with my babies and work on the quilt for the rest if the day. Pretty tired now. But make no mistake, working together is fantastic and getting something useful and meaningful done for our house and family is exciting and wonderful. And the more we do, the stronger and more self-sufficient we are and the less we have to pay our handyman Joe to do. Love Joe as our handyman but would like to keep some of that money too. Lol Work is wonderful and keeps us out of trouble. Lol 🙂 Happy working! ❤


The tile backsplash is now up and cleaned /scrubbed. Touch up paint is applied. Next up tomorrow after church is the sink and plumbing going in (so nice to have a husband who can do plumbing and electric!). On the second project, after going swimming with them, my kids talked my ear off as I cut out about half of the fabric for my quilt. Cardboard templates rock, by the way, made it so much faster. This is going to be quite a project! So both projects are going beautifully. And it is slow and steady, do g what I can when I can. That is my new how I do life thing. I do everything I can just as soon as I can, prioritizing as I go. It works during busy seasons, which this is feeling like. Also, I expanded and planted my mom’s flower bed on the side of her house and that looks nice. She loves flowers but just can’t do it anymore. And that leaves me to close my little story with so much thanks to God for giving me strength and energy and the physical ability to do work. And I saw a great friend and caught up a bit and that was a wonderful boost. I am so thankful… and bonus down a few pounds. Little blessings! 🙂

Outside Work

Truth be told, I have always preferred outside work over I side work. I love being out in nature. It just feels like I am closer to God, more in His direct creation with greens and browns and feeling the earth and caring for the plants. It just feels right, like it is supposed to be. It calms the body with beauty and you breathe in deep with fresh air. You hear the birds singing their songs, see the bugs doing their thing and all of it is just harmony. So I got to work hard and cleaned up the oak tree corner. Now we can swing with greater beauty around us and I am just smiling thinking about it. Be blessed by God today!!

Elbow Grease

Step 10 of the pantry going in was scraping the popcorn off the ceiling (and tomorrow I paint it white). And the top cabinets are in and can be painted white tomorrow and then installed for steps 13-20. Lol Then we put up the tile backsplash (super excited about that) and hardware and all that’s left is the sink and faucet installation and we are done!!!! This is so much work but we are doing most of it ourselves so are saving money and it is beautiful!! I love projects that are beneficial for our family! Such a good feeling! Thank you, God, for the work, the change, the benefit and family time. God is so good!!


So sick of hearing “There is no ‘I’ in team”. Let me tell you the “I” is implied. It is there. I come from the opposite perspective. When I am a part of any group, does not matter what it is, I am generally the designated leader (believe me I do not request this) and generally end up doing like 90% of the work. Thankfully that does not apply to my marriage because my husband is very helpful, but in every other group this is generally the case. And I assure you that when you are a part of the team, you had better get your behind in gear and help the team. In the hospital where I worked for four years, teamwork was expected but only a few of us seemed to have gotten the memo. And in college, I pulled the long hours after my full time job to be sure the “team” project was done and worthy of an “A” while they all parties. Am I whining? Well, maybe a little bit, but the point is that if 10% of the people do 90% of the work, as the statistic goes, be sure if you are able to do something to help that you are indeed doing something to help. Teamwork requires a team effort, whether that be at church or work or family or service projects or school or whatever. Our requirement is to work as if you are working for God because you really are and you have to answer to Him for what you did, your attitude while you did it and what you did not do. And the beautiful thing is that because God commanded that, doing your best with a grateful heart is obedience and is REWARDED IN HEAVEN!! Woo hoo! Plus you sleep really well. Seriously, now that I am working past the crying all the time phase of my mourning process, I hit the bed and am asleep in like 5 minutes max and sleep peacefully all night. Peace of mind. These are the now blessings God gives us for obeying Him. This is very cool. So say a quick prayer for the right attitude and get to it. You got this! And God will help every time you humbly ask Him! 🙂