Special Kind of Talent

I was able to be a supportive wife with my kids today at my husband’s gig at Old Town. Yet somehow my special kind of talent again allowed me to help set up and tear down as well as do the sound check as the lead female vocalist and pianist were late. So I worked during the gig and supported my husband and the band he was helping out. I always manage to be helping or filling in or something. I arrive and end up being a teacher or roadie or sound checker or boss or janitir, whatever the need is. That seems to be my talent. I guess that is either competent or a humble servant’s heart or just naive. In any case, God knows full well I work for Him and no one else. Those I help I see as helping Him. Someone asks me to help, I assume God just asked me to help. That is how I was brought up and how I am. And I guess my stubbornness and faith kick in and I do it whether or not I ever have, and God always blesses my efforts for Him. For instance, the band appreciated what I did and asked me to sing lead for them in another gig. So… cool. And God always blesses my support of my husband (even if he was really mean that day). It is funny. When I drop my pride and be supportive and do what I know I should do, God blesses and the I am treated better. Most of the time. But even if not, I am not working for a person, I work for God, you see. So this night was very fun and they were great and I am rewarded and happy and exhausted. Going to bed now. Sweet dreams, friend. ❤ 


Working Alone

Today, Joe was helping someone else so I worked alone. Steve was helping our band drumming brother move things out of storage (he is selling a restaurant kitchen full of stuff if anyone is looking to start a restaurant) so he was gone all day. Earlier, I worked on my quilt a few hours and then got to work. After school, while Kat cleaned her room, Zach vacuummed for me. Thank God they can help now! And I, all alone, pulled up 8 of the trunks of established jasmine roots (they root and grow thick and crazy like Madusa’s hair). And I dug out some grass and dirt and round the ditch for too much dirt was still getting into the ditch and clogging it up. And I worked on preparing the garden area. That was enough. It was a lot. I am feeling it now. But thank God for hard labor. I love the challenge of it and sense of accomplishment that it brings. And I love God who gives us health and ability to work. It is such a blessing to work. It is wonderful!❤

Celebrating Family & Teamwork

My family worked our patooskies off today. I got a little sun poisoning in my shoulders, so it will be a tshirt and sunscreen for a bit. But I tell you we have a great team. I am not bragging but so very thankful to God for giving us each other and the ability and strength to do work. We did this:

And we are happy and content. Tomorrow big stones come for an outdoor lounge/eating area. Will post as we go. We are all exhausted. Rock work and tree root wrestling is no joke. God is so good to us!!!! I am blessed to have my family.

We Built the Wall

Our retaining wall around our tree is up. It is not tall enough to keep immigrant bugs out but will hopefully keep the dirt in. Lol. And the sod is out of there so we can prepare soil for plants!!! Woo hoo!! And as a celebration of mom’s birthday today, we are taking her to Red Lobster!!! Double woo hoo!!! Must shower now. Lol. God is good, people! ❤

Future Plans, Lord Willing

So much goes on in this world that leads me to believe, as always, we are one day, one minute even, closer to God taking those saved home to be with Him in heaven. But in the meanwhile, we live for Him and are not gone yet, so there is work to be done. Some of our work is with the church and spreading the Word about God and the urgent need to draw close to Him now and throw off the sin and worldly garbage so ugly to God. Some is this retaining wall. The concrete footer has dried and Monday we will lay these landscaping blocks on the footers to keep the trees dirt from clogging the drainage ditch again. Then we will not have flooding. So, Lord willing, this is our next house project. As always, God is good and keep focused on Him. Be ready when He comes, whenever that is. No one knows the say or the hour. ❤

Concrete Footers

So today was fun. Last night after our day work (putting up an outer form for concrete footers to be poured), I cut out sod to use as the inside border of our concrete footers. And we mixed and poured concrete and leveled it out. This concrete footer will be the base for a paver retaining wall for the dirt around our oak tree. Another way we are trying to keep any chance of flooding to a minimum in the future. (And it will be pretty.) So that was a new experience and I was blessed to be a part of it. Love hard physical labor. I should have gone into construction and landscaping instead of medicine. It is so satisfying and therapeutic! Do not understand when people don’t want to work. Work is a glorious gift from God. The ability to do work is an enormous blessing!!❤

Trash Truck Greatness

Today, the trash collection truck came through and picked up the trash (it has been 2 weeks) so I thanked him profusely on behalf of our subdivision. Their job seems insignificant to some but I assure you is one of the most important jobs in a community. When sanitation is unable to be maintained, things happen like disease, plagues, excessive bug presence and proliferation, stinkiness, and worse. Thank your garbagemen. You may think they have a yucky job but it is invaluable to your well being and contentment. Thank you so much, garbage truck drivers!!!❤