Sweet Sweet Obedience

I admit humbly that I was convicted tonight. I watched a youtube video of Heartdwellers on the rapture and was convicted by the Holy Spirit to quit being on social media and just obey, fast and pray. I have been on Twitter a lot tweeting Bible verses, my blog, and encouraging quotes. That few hear. A lot of time is wasted that I could be spending more learn g time with my kids or serving with them or volunteering more with Viste (helping elderly in need) or take my kids to play with kids at the orphanage in town or serve food at the homeless shelter or something. I thought I was doing this great mission thing but end up only heard by those who agree and not ministering at all so I will obey and get off all social media. My mom just did a piano concert at an assisted living facility and I would like to do that too. And I have a family to care for and house that needs a sprung cleaning. So there it is. I will keep blogging because I have beautiful regular readers to share life with, some feel like family but I will delete all other social media accounts. That may not be what everyone else needs to do but I have to obey what God wants me to do. I have been like my daughter when I tell her to get ready for bed and accounts he draws me a beautiful picture and I say, “This is beautiful but I would rather you just obeyed.” And it feels like God said the same to me. And I so want to be ready when He comes back soon. I want my family ready and as many people as I can help be ready as possible. And tomorrow so the big deletion day and I will be off and running with sweet sweet obedience as my goal and love my engine and peace and joy my strength.

The War Unseen but Felt by All

There is a war for our freedom, our truth, our justice and our lives. This war is raging and has been for years, but as the enemy is about to meet his punishment, his force is more open, more noticable, bigger. And everyone feels it whether they realize the reason or not. This unseen war is as real as you but operates only with permission in our physical world. The battle is between good and evil, God and Satan. It is not an even battle. God made everything and everyone we know of, and angels (which Satan is one) were created by God also. So He is much stronger and also won fairly by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as ransom for our sins. And here is one really cool thing about God. He gives His created people and angels free will to choose to worship Him or not. (Of course choosing not to is a death sentence because God is life and choosing not to live is choosing to die.) And Satan chose to overthrow his Creator and be God and God said no to that and sentenced him. Satan knew he was defeated and that defeat was clinched with Jesus Christ’s resurrection and now his war is not to win, he is already lost. His war is to take as many people to hell with him as he can. So he makes it enticing with unlimited lies that pray mainly on pride which is what got him so he feels will get everyone else. And he puts out lures of self-gratification and self-importance to see what sticks and works, be it gossip, judging, stealing, cheating, fornication, any sex outside of marriage really especially pornography, fantasies, drugs, any high, drunkenness, and it gets deeper from there. He promises happiness and pleasure and momentary bliss and so on and brings you into a doorway where you let him in deeper and allow him in because these things- any sin really- separates us from God until we humbly confess to Him and ask forgiveness, allowing the enemy to move in and gain ground into your soul. The goal is always to kill you while you are sinning, separated from God’s forgiveness to send you to hell. So the trick is to stay away from sin and temptation where these evils can come in. See, you falling for temptation says yes to demons coming in. You give them permission to make your life worse. Eventually, the lies accumulate to mask reality of truth to keep you distracted and feeling ok with living in sin. The power of the enemy is deception and denial, lies upon lies upon lies until it seems more true than truth and feels better for a minute. But the weakness of the enemy is that he is a dead dude walking and all you have to do to get out of his power is humbly pray to God and confess and ask forgiveness and for Jesus to save you. Then lies are defeated by truth and God’s Holy Spirit lives in your heart to fight off bad guys and you read the Bible. This seems far fetched and the enemy would say it is or distract you with work or social media or entertainment or the sins and building up of egos. This is the raw, honest truth. Beware of cults that masquerade as truth but provide an automatic in road for Satan and his demons. Beware of distractions. Beware of sins. Keep pure and it is easy to do, just say no to that crap and keep close to God. That is it. He heals, He is love, He is good, He is freedom, He saves, He wants everyone saved. Talk to Him all the time. Start now. God won already! Be on His good side!!!

The Whispering Tornado

They say that God speaks in a gentle breeze. While that is true, He certainly speaks however He wants to. He is God, after all. That is a big word and an infinitely bigger person. And for me personally, He can speak through a gentle whisper of a tornado. It has happened in my life, maybe because my pride or stubbornness or maybe I am denser and just more plain determined to get my way than I envisioned but I firmly believe when He has done this, it was out of loving necessity. See, He has never given up on me. And this world is all the generous grace we get. Once we die, our decisions of whether to obey/worship or not are our final decisions. We only have this brief time on earth to decide how our eternity after will be, wonderful or horrifying. And I would rather go through an eye opening tornado of a wake up call now than throw away that loving grace and opportunity to be humble and live happy forever. God is everything. He made us, this is all about Him and He is so very good/perfect/loving/holy!! How stupid was I and would I be again to pick up anything else to worship than Him?? What temporary pleasure (and everything but Him is temporary at best) is worth chasing where it is more important than my heavenly Father?? Is any amount of temporary pleasure worth eternal separation from God?? Uh, no. No person, no thing, no drug, no porn, no power, no lie, no agends, no meager success, nothing. Not one thing. So a tornado of life woke me up, thank God for it. I am awake. And thanks to His grace, I am forgiven and holy and saved. Oh how I love Him!!!

The Fire in my Eye

Once upon a time, God made me. I plopped into this world with a pretty big thud (over 9 lbs) and alone. My twin brother decided to meet me in heaven later. So here I was, on this earth and from day one there was a fire in my eyes. A sweet fire, but a fire nonetheless. I grew with that fire sparking, always sparking, lots of life, lots of drive. Fast forward 20 years or so and I made some really stupid choices to allow another human person to douse my fire, diminish my spark, lesson my drive. I believed an idiot. And I didn’t realize it at the time, but believing an idiot over the truth made me an idiot too, against the truth of who I was I believed a clueless wonder, a moron who made someone (me in this case) feel like less to feel like more. And dumb me of ancient past believed such lies and a fire, born to blaze eternally, went out. Not completely because it is innate. A fire was still perking unseen, awaiting a new spark. Fast forward past one misfit marriage into one of much more freedom and finally what relit the flame of life, of drive, of passions and pursuits for God, of peaceful movement forward was a spark of love and acceptance and fitting somewhere with someone whole who fit back. And life moves on again, fire is reborn, stronger and wiser than it was before and I see God’s hand in this. I feel the passion for life I once had, I hear the calm reaching hand of the Almighty coming toward me and feel Him lifting my head. So never underestimate the power of your love on another’s life. Love may mean the difference for them, may relight the fire in their eyes. And loving them and making a difference to them may relight your own fire. Sometimes doing what seems hopeless brings hope when done anyway. Have a goal of relighting at least one fire in your lifetime. What a gift that is! What a blessing!

When People Lie

I accept everyone as they are. Of course if you mess up, there are consequences and it should be that way in society for things to make sense. But I am in redibly imperfect so never judge anyone. I love people having lives of their own, following their dreams, living life fully, being themselves. I know varity is the spice of life. And I am open and honest, maybe too much so. And here is the thing. I am okay with anything, don’t judge and love unconditionally (that’s really all I’ve got, people, my gifts) AND I appreciate the courtesy of the truth back. I deal in truth because truth is my preference. I would rather have truth than have the incomplete story or half truths. It is like a slap in the face and a complete ignorance of who I am. If anyone truly knew me and understand me, they know I do not scold, I accept. I do not argue, I listen. I do not punish or turn away, I love and accept. But I want the full story. How on earth can I be what is needed if I only am told half of the picture? It also makes me realize that my intelligence is not fully understood either because the thing about truth tellers and open people is that they know the truth language so well that half truths/lies stick out like a beacon. I already know. I knew from the start. Truth dealers deal in truth, so lies are sensed, even if the precise details are not as obvious. Please do the honor of trusting the loving friendship and my intelligence enough to speak truth frankly with me. I promise to listen and continue to love. And this is the plea of my heart tonight and every night that has ever happened and every night that will. Let me love you. Friend, let someone love you. I am not squeamish, I don’t run at the sight of fear, lies, sin, pride, struggles, ideas and rather like also sharing triumphs, plans, ideas, beliefs, good times, etc. But I would love the huonor of the truth so I can help in the right way and show love truly. That is all.

Deep Chance Explorations

To chance or not to chance, that is this question. My mom, being only 20 when I was born, taught me that sometimes things just happen. Since I was a young child, I pondered reasons and meaning behind everything that happened to me or other people and I distinctly remember my mom’s frustration at my persistent questions (must have been so annoying) to the point where she said that some things just happen, opening the door to the idea of chance. I thought a lot about chance and the idea of it, studied it in school, explored it in games. I realized that chance has very slim chances of existing. There are laws of physics, laws of math, laws of science, facts that have certainty that dictate it to be so. Some items that do not have brains of their own may have statistical chance of happening, such as a coin you toss. But even that can be guided by wind or a strong magnet or a skilled thrower. There is a myriad of things that effect a myriad of things. There are forces at work upon the forces at work also, spiritual forces, wind forces, water forces, all which may be commanded by One stronger than they are. Is it chance or design? Is it chance or purposeful test or blessing? Is it chance or skill that some win and some lose? I decided that chance is off the table of possibility. My mom in her youth had not yet grown her faith to heights of seeing the unseen reason behind occurrences. It was not chance that placed this little girl in a small town in Michigan. It was not chance that I had the church I had, the family I had, the bad to es I had, the good times I had, the school and teachers I had, etc. God’s hand is at work continuously. As is our enemy’s. And another controller is other people’s wills and underlying motivations. The last piece of the puzzle is our own wills. We often cause much of what happens in our life. With so many controllers at play, the chances of chance existing go way way down and the interplay of the divine and dastardly comes more into focus. Design is everywhere. Order is everywhere. Chance is an idea only, a phantom thought.