Showing God’s Love

Showing God’s love to save souls is much much much more important than being right about something. People, much like God, respond to humble, sincere obedience to God. Love people.❤

Promoting Truth

Truth is what we all need. Truth is what we all want. Truth is always freedom. Truth promotes health and life. Truth is only found in God and the Bible, His Word. Truth is valuable beyond measure. Truth from the Bible should be read together, spoken of, shared, studied, prayed. Truth is what we need. Truth is what everyone is searching for. Truth is what it is and is to be believed in faith. Truth is so important. More truth equals more exposure of lies. Truth is what we should pray for. Truth is the goal, the destination.❤

Detesting Evil

Evil is not good at all. There is no redeeming value in evil. It is not cute, funny, fun, interesting, mystical, magical, or valuable in any way at all. Flirting with evil is evil. Evil is dark, disturbing, ugly, grusome, and people genuinely kill and hurt other people for its master. Evil is horrifying, horrible, hideous. Celebrating any part of it supports it’s force and what it represents. Evil is destruction and violence, in direct opposition against the goodness of God. Not one iota of evil is in any way good or worth celebrating. It should be opposed at every turn. It should mortifying us. Evil should turn our stomachs. I say this truth to prove a point only and not to give evil more attention than it deserves. Our focus, rather, should be on God and His goodness, love, hope, salvation through Jesus Christ. This should be celebrated and praised all the time now and forever!❤