A Reprieve of Change

With a new pantry comes something welcome, a reprieve from the doldrums. I was itching for a change. I am wildly ambitious internally and have trouble sitting still without doing something productive and I have been a tad stir crazy. I guess as I am more myself again, I am more energetic like I used to be and need to do something. So the new pantry allows me change, doing something, rearranging the kitchen, working on making it more productive and work for us best. It is a little challenge. It is a blessing. God always, in His wisdom, provides for us what we need, especially when we need movement. When we want to work, God loves providing opportunities to work. So thank you, God, for this new pantry! I am so glad for the change I needed so badly!! God is so good!!!

The Secret of Being Perfectly Humble

The more I think of things I could brag about, like my extraordinary laugh and love of life, I immediately thank God who made me this way. When I want to brag about my intelligence, I know God who gave it to me can take it away anytime He wishes and is Himself about a trillion times smarter than I. When someone compliments my piano playing or joy while playing or amazing dance moves (lol), I have to tell them God gave me that ability and many have far more and actually practice (little confession there lol). When I am complimented on my great sense of humor, I cannot take credit for God gave it to me and His is way better. I mean have you really studied a sloth? So, for me, I am good at stepping forward and am fearless about being on stage to talk, speak, play or sing or whatever but that is also a gift from God of faith. Then really I am just doing what I am given to do by God and that requires His constant allowance and grace on me. And I have found the secret. The trick that makes me so successful at what I do and who I am is not a perfect life, I did not ever have one of those and since dating, men put me down constantly (way to go, men). The secret is not a perfect life or pretending you have one. The secret of success and seeming perfection is at the first sign of problems, drop everything and surrender. Get down on my knees immediately and humble myself before God. I admit freely that I am nothing without God who made every inch of me. So I tell Him I need His help and beg Him to help me. I am shameless. I am actually a little proud to have finally figured it out but that also was a gift from God. So you see, nothing on me is mine, not even my life! All I am or own is God’s. So humble is easy with that perspective. Totally opposite what the world rams down our faces. To be perfect you do not have to look perfect or act perfect or have a perfect facade and mask on, you simply have to be perfectly humble. God can flow and do more through you than you could dream of doing or controlling or forcing alone. All that is bunk and and distraction. God is it. He is! Humble yourself and give it up to God and pray. I dare you. It works. It is a great secret, my great secret. God saves through Jesus Christ and heals and protects and nd strengthens and provides, any and everything good is from Him. Be perfectly humble and pray and see what delights come from it, cool things like peace and joy and beauty in nature and so on. It is well worth the experiment. 🙂

The Power of Struggle

Without struggles in our lives, we can not know ourselves and what we are really like, how we handle pressure, what we need to work on, how we learn, our pride level, so many things. If we only possess a perfect life in which no conflict was present, for one it would be dreadfully boring and two, we would never have the opportunity to know or improve ourselves beyond the extent of the mirror looking at the outer shell of ourselves. To truly know ourselves and what we are capable of and what we need work on, how can we grow wiser, learn, challenge ourselves, learn to lead, etc.? And without knowing ourselves deeper, how do we know God deeper, whose fingerprint is below the seen, in the soul and not on the seen shell? Not that we are God but that He reveals Himself in us in our inner soul when we worship and follow Him. Every great novel has an antagonist and a crisis. Some have several. Would it be worth the read without it? 

Passing People

People come and go in life. Some stay longer than others and some stay deeper than others. It is rare now to have someone stay forever, at least in my life. Family and a few best friends is all for me. Everyone else seems to just be temporal, whether I like it or not. And of the whole of the world, any of it, it only exists before you because God wishes it. He made everything and He designs and plans everything and that is that. We have little say about those facts. What we can control is how we are with those who cross our paths for however long that might be. And if we plant a seed or water a seed of Jesus in those people, we will have succeeded in God’s eyes. Do not take for granted you will have another chance to show someone God’s love. Love now whenever you can wherever you have a chance to. 


Anyone’s soul may be saved with utmost confidence when we humby pray to accept Jesus Christ as the sacrifice for our sins to God. The Bible spells it all out and you are welcome to read there, specifically Mark or John or Luke (my favorite). But sometimes we start off great but something or someone or usually we ourselves takes us off the straight path and we end up on a side trail. It can lead you the wrong way and distract you from the correct path. Distractions are huge in life. There are so many out there. A d so stoked you do not even realize you got off the right path and all of a sudden God plops down an inch ahead of you a solid steel 50 foot wall in front of you  that you run into and get knocked down for a bit. You think you might be down for the count, this is it, all done, give up and throw in the towel. However, because we are saved, God has actually intervened and He Himself had dropped down that wall from Heaven, not as punishment but because of His amazing love of you, wanting to point you back to the right path. And when you do finally come to, God reveals this to you and you get it and scramble your behind back to the proper trail and journey on, wiser and with an immense appreciation for God’s loving care of you and your salvation. You see, we sometimes need a lesser salvation along the way to keep us honest, keep us or restore us to holy for our Savior. And praise God, He delivers!! 


You know, as often as I have run into some sort of trouble in life, some of my own doing and some done to me, it never ceases to amaze me just exactly how I can bank on God getting me back out of it. God is a God of opportunity. He will always give us a chance to grow and learn and serve and start over and start again. Always these are there. It is easy to overlook these because when we feel like we are drowning under the weight of it our enemy wants us to believe there is no way and distracts us heavily. But if we take a chance on prayer and pray, God will allow us to see another option, an opportunity, sometimes blatantly and sometimes out of the corner of your eye. But I promise you that His opportunity is always better than the weight of the troubles you might be under. And the more we keep ourselves in a habit of prayer and reading His Word, the faster we can see His option. 

Chance Encounters that Matter

I have traveled extensively, more than most, probably, as well as moved a whole lot and flown quite a bit. None of it was for work, it was always with or for friends and family, sometimes missions projects. Throughout all of it, I have met let people who may smile po!itely if you smile first but mostly just try to ignore or tolerate other people’s existence to get where they are going. Not generally a great time to mingle. Lol But there have been these moments on rare occasions when I was pressed by something weighing on my shoulders and happened to have some kind soul go out of their way to help and give a word of encouragement or even share food when my wallet was stolen. Then you never meet again but these momentary or chance encounters matter. Whether God sent them to help or not, they did indeed help and expected nothing in return. How refreshing it was at the time! How beautiful for so some to put themselves out of the way and help, take the time, put forth the effort to voice a concern or encouragement. I have tried to repay these kindnesses over the years and keep going to give hope and help when needed. Often it does not take long but is a great opportunity with to serve our fellow man with elegance and grace befitting a child of God. Never underestimate the power of a loving act or word. You might make all the difference in someone’s life or the world. You never know who you are helping. And whenever you help another of God’s handmade creation, you are always helping and worshipping God Himself.