Sinking in the Deep Mire vs Sinking Deeper into Love

No doubt the world is full of evil, chaos, horrible decisions, selfishness, narcissism, cruelty, murder, nuclear threats and the list keeps going. No doubt it is incredibly easy to get bogged down in the darkness, the mire of ugliness and divisiveness and sink into depression and apathy. And pretty much that is the enemy’s (Satan’s) plan. His time is short, you see, so he wants as many dead with him as possible because he screwed up and got caught. But the beauty of our design is that we have a choice. Always we have a choice. Every moment of every day we have a choice. We can take the easy way and fall into the enemy’s trap like an idiot OR we can choose to sink deeper into the love of Jesus. God’s love is good. It is perfect. God’s love is powerful and His love for us is deep and wide and rich and precious. Sinking into love means focusing on God, focusing on good, leaning on love, loving to lean on Jesus. It means we are never alone, no matter what is going on around us. We can have protection, salvation any and every time we humbly pray for it and actively choose it and choose God’s way of love. As a side note, Satan sets himself us as equal in power to God and that is far from the case. He is a created being, created by God.butchose rebellion over worship. We have the same choice. God is way more powerful. Satan lies to deceive and draw people to bad decisions and death but God is truth. There is no lie in God. He can be trusted fully and eternally and that is what we choose. Choosing love is choosing eternal life with the Creator of us. How magnificent!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


Appearances are Often Misleading

Case in point. My distant neighbors had a white tent up that appeared to surround their house. My daughter observed it and asked about it. At first glance, I answered her that we needed to pray for our poor neighbors who must have to have their house fumigated for termites. Later, I discover I was wrong and that the tent was beside their house and was housing their daughter’s wedding reception. Lol How funny. I pictured termites meeting their demise in this tent and here is a new life union instead. And it goes to show that maybe some things we say or do require a greater explanation, many words or very clear and efficient ones. It is often necessary to explain or people will misrepresent us, just as we can easily misunderstand other people. Ask. Explain. Check. Certainly do so before speaking of what you are not certain with others. We seem to have lost the ability or desire to communicate with all this tech and anti-social (a good example of something not as it appears) media and endless entertainment and/or games and chats. We must be careful. It is imperitive.❤

On Missing

Sometimes you just have to miss an important person from your pass. Miss them, think about them, love them, pray for them, wish them the best, and move the heck on. Sometimes you have to feel it and then walk on. It just is. And if that person was meant to be there and God wanted them there, they would be there. Accept it, miss them, cry for a bit if you need to, hug a trusted neck if you need to, and then keep moving. Stop if you need, then get up again and keep going. Has to be done. We got this. God helps.❤

Retaliation is for Animals

When you are wronged or wounded, your gut instinct is to retaliate, exact vengeance, get even, demand evil upon them, wish an anvil would drop on their heads (yeah, so I loved cartoons in the 80’s), whatever the case may be. Retaliate is the animal instinct, the pride demanding it’s rights. However good that would feel for a little while, it is never God’s answer and never eternally satisfying. You see, if you take a big step back at the big picture, eternity is in that scope. In the moment, we are thinking myopically in that tiny space for that tiny time. The thing is God says vengeance is His. In a twisted way, you do more damage to them by letting God punish them. But if you take the way of love Jesus taught us, you, wait for it, love them back. Thank them for the lesson in humility, which is where we need to be anyway, and heap on them good things. Why? Because maybe they will see they were wrong and make amends or even be saved. And if they are not, they answer to God who can do a heck of a lot more damage than you. Expect higher function of yourself than a base animal. Choose not to retaliate, choose love. And that is power, truth, beauty, the glory of God. You will get better and retain your joy and peace. Ah, what a beautiful option!❤

The Different Day

The day I have had is the same as every other day. A lot to do, some things missed, some overshot, some tasks completed, extra things done, blue sky, kids healthy, spouse being nice, God is good. What changes is me. My eyes change. My eyesight changes with my perspective, and that changes with my decisions and some emotions, and those are influenced by what I put into my body. Lies and garbage in, separation from truth and peace and joy happens. Truth in and truth and peace and joy and love can flow readily. I have created a road for good to travel with me. I have paved my own road with good input. And that changes the everyday things enormously and changes my power dramatically because God can walk with me and He is pretty strong. 😄❤

Bleaching Houses

Every year, my mom’s house becomes an ugly mold and mildew greenish color, the result of warm rain in Florida. And this year, I bleached her house. Her whole house. In one day. With bleach, a hoze and a ladder. Up, down, up, down, reach, stretch, miss the windows, so on. Took the whole day. I was sore, hungry, thirsty (because I forgot to drink and worked through lunch), tired. And got yelled at. Got home and had to do dishes and cook and laundry. And this is my life now. Once I was a career woman, a doctor who worked for a good amount of money and then came home and did life. Now, life abounds with needs that I seem to be the only one that can do them. And am I whining? Maybe a bit, but I do have a bigger point. I would not trade this humbling family life for any amount of comfort and money. Not millions of dollars, not trillions (although I would pay off our national debt with that lol), not for whatever is bigger than that. I would rather be a humbled me- a mom, a wife, a teacher, a keyboardist in a band, a Sunday School teacher, a friend- than a face locked onto a cell phone, career driven proud woman who misses the whole point. Who I am is meaningless without eternal value. What I do is idiotic if I work my life away for the temporary. My identity is absurd without locking into what God made me to be, what He sees my priorities to be. I am nothing without my Creator. And I am close to Him when I obey and humbly trust Him. Then, when humble and obedient and trusting, I am a fierce woman of God and absolutely nothing can move or shake me unless He allows it for my growth or His glory. And prayer and Bible reading keep me connected.❤

Enduring Grace

God’s grace is abundant. He is generous with it. Humble prayer turns it on and nothing but wilful sin turns it on. The loving this g is that turning away from that sin allows it to flow again. Sin is missing the mark, not living up to the standard of truth God has for us in the Bible. No n sin is bigger than any other sin- good news for murderers but unsettling for porn watchers. Both sins and allb sins are equal. Denial is the biggest obstacle to walking away from sin and getting back to God’s generous grace so prayer and Bible reading is essential, necessary, imperitive. But once in God’s grace again after having humbly prayed, He helps you with everything you humbly ask Him to. ❤