Bible Study

My women’s Bible study group (which used to be called Sunday School class) is currently studying the book of Matthew, one chapter at a time. Why? Because we were tired of Bible study books focused on us. So many of these studies are not Jesus – focused but us-focused. Isn’t Jesus what we need? Yes! So we are skipping the self-study and going right to the source… the Bible. I highly recommend it.😄❤

Why I Have Become Anti-Meditation

I used to like the idea of meditation, calming your mind, freeing your thoughts from the calamity around. And I realized one day (or God showed me one day, rather) that it doesn’t work that way and is really quite narcissistic and ego – inflating truly. And momentary calm and a temporary ego boost/pep talk is a poor substitute for inner peace only God n provides. So instead of meditation, and far more meaningful and beautiful, I pray and fast and read the Bible. And I find this dosage of truth and God – mindedness is truly rewarding and peace-giving. And peace is always there with me now, even in calamity. I can weather any storm with God. When I focus on Him, everything is as it should be and wonderful. When I focus on me, I get back a weak, flawed albeit really nice lol person. I choose God. Meditation is distraction and a negative one. I would rather study the truth of the Bible. Far more beneficial and proper.❤

CEU Days

So, I am up for renewal of my Audiology license and every other year am forced with a smile to do 30 CEUs  (continuing education units).  I can only do 10 hours as day, so am forced to do them as such over a 3 day span to knock them out. It costs a heap of money and is intrusive but I understand why they exist… to make someone money and be a pain in the neck. But I also learn a tad bit. Being a doctor for 15 years, I know a little bit about my profession. I don’t know everything so it is a wee good in a skantish way. But anyway, I am plugging along, getting my first 10 finished and reported today. Two more days of this nonsense to go. Yippee. But as a bonus break because God loves me, we had an extra band practice tonight! Highlight of my study day for sure. We have the best band we have ever had and we are a great, positive family having a whole heap of fun and making the most amazing music together! It is a blessing and and half and I believe God put us together. No doubt in my mind. Thank you, God!❤ 

The Power of Food

Food. It is something we have to have to live. It gives us energy and nutrition. It promotes a healthy life and balance of mood. It also gives pleasure to the mind. And just as important if not more than the food we eat with our mouths is the food we eat with our Bible study and acceptance of teaching in prayer and Godliness. We need to take in God’s Word for the same reasons we need to eat. ❤ 

A Study in Grief

I have been working with and dealing with the subject of grief. Yes, heavy subject, but my experience has taught me that running from something does not make it go away. It will follow you until you face it. So, toward that goal, I study it. I hope to get through it quicker. Lofty, yes. Optimistic, yes. I think we should always think this way. lol I understand this is a logical study and assessment. Emotionally, things feel heavy, different, horrible, changing, roller coaster like, etc. So, while going through it, focus is difficult, but focus is actually they key. What you focus on while you are grieving dictates the duration and depth of pain involved. If you focus on what you are missing, what you will not have, what you lost, what you have to enduring during the change and transition, it is more pain, harder, longer, uglier. And while that is a part of the process and we have to have moments of this as part of the healing and restoring of our broken hearts, we absolutely cannot continue to focus on these things. The focus that gets you through the fastest and decreases the heaviness is appreciation. Appreciation and thankfulness is the key. What God had blessed you with through this person, situation, whatever, and allowed you to have while they were in the picture. And focusing on thankfulness to God for allowing you to experience the good things, the blessings, which are always from Him. And later allows you to grow from it, yada yada. But this moment, while things are raw, while things are fresh and very very real, if you can focus on appreciation, and pray and tell God everything, you will start to gain an inkling of refreshment and comfort and every day will have easier moments in them. Just my thoughts…