A Dumb Idea

My youth sponsor used to say, “Even if a million people believe in a dumb idea, it is still a dumb idea.” I believe dumb ideas can be quite dangerous. For instance, abortion is not only dumb but evil in every way. And no, the circumstances of the life’s creation do not change the importance of the innocent life. That is beyond a dumb idea, it is sheer evil, yet millions of people believe murder of babies to be just fine. This does not make it right. This does not remove the guilt and the blood on their hands that cries out to their Maker. It is a death trap for families.

Another dumb idea is pornography. Yes, it is old as the hills but those hills are pretty darn accessible now and there is a problem. A million people think it is natural and ok but that does not make it right. It is dumb. It is evil also. It demoralize and cheapens a sexual union between a husband and his wife (the only kind God designed there to be). People wonder why flippancy and lack of commitment occurs and why it is not as exciting to sleep with their very real, un-airbrushed wife and cheat or can’t get it up. It is a death trap for families, God’s design for a stable nation.

Many people (though not as many as is being portrayed) are disrespecting our President and police. This is a dumb idea, dangerous even, because the people elected them and they are thus God’s designed representatives for order. This is a trap for the nation to seize power away from the citizens.

Not every popular opinion is intelligent and good. Many very popular opinions are destructive and designed by the devil. We must examine our beliefs and hold tightly to them for we are responsible for what we agree with and what we choose. We need not be dumb. It is our responsibility to be wise. God can help.❤

PE Begins

Today was the first day of Homeschool PE at the park for our kids. And I stuck to my guns and did not coach this year. The hardest part was my kids coming up to me, excitedly anticipating me as their coach. I am glad I had made such an impression and they will do great with the new mom who stepped n in to coach. I need to be able to not be there if my mom needs me; she will be moving sometime within the year. So, I did it and let someone else have the reins this year. Hard but done.

And I am happy, got to walk the dog around the field and talk to a friend. That was peaceful. Confirmed my decision and I am content. Sometimes necessary choices are difficult but the best thing. And you pray about it and just make the decision and go. And God is so good to confirm your good decision with peace.😄❤

Battling a Grizzly

I would say humbly that I am like a Grizzly bear in many ways. I am smart, strong, resilient, will destroy anyone who messes with my kids, cuddly looking but maintains a distance, so on. This is humble knowing who I am, not bragging.

I watched a documentary on wolves taking down a grizzly. They were no match individually but together ganged up and kept at it little bit by little bit.

This is what I think is going on here in my life and many other Christians I know and know of. Those of us in close loving relationship with Jesus Christ know full well that nothing on this planet is too hard for us with God’s help. So the enemy does not boldly come against us. Oh no, he is a coward as all bullies are, and worse a coward that is already defeated. So instead of straight on, we get ganged up on and nipped at by this distraction or this little attack on a close friend, this attack on a family member, this task to do, this mission to take on, this person to care for, this spousal attack, this extra work at your job, etc. Until you are worn out to the point of ineffectiveness.

And now that I realized the game, with the power of the Holy Spirit, I can start getting out of it. I can say no to this, give that burden to God to carry, pray about then leave this situation, read more of the Word, sing and play worship songs until I am effective for Christ. Yes, we are called to act, but we also must encourage others to pick up their slack too so one person isn’t doing all the work. That was never God’s plan or will for us. God bless us everyone.❤

Open-minded vs Tolerent

I have always been an artist. Yes, I play the piano, but I am artist first and pianist second. Yes, I am a writer, but I am an artist first and an author second. What is the difference? There are two differences: 1. I am very passionately creative and

2. I am open-minded.

But whereas I am always open-minded/objective about everything, I am not tolerent about little, absolute about much. How can this be? They are separate things.

Open-minded means leaving all options of how to get there open, pouring resources into every endeavor and bringing it to life. You see the possibilities and any means of accomplishing the passion in creating are available and possibly tools to use to accomplish the task.

Tolerent means you accept anyone else’s version of that expression of creative as equally valid as yours. I accept that they are their version but do not accept them as mine. I allow them the freedom I have to be open-minded and appreciate it but never will accept it as mine. Tolerent says you can change my thing and still make it valid. Maybe, maybe not, depends upon what we are discussing.

As far as my faith, I am open-minded as to how church looks, how to serve, what clothes to wear to services, what songs we sing, where we meet, whatever. However, I will not tolerate a change in the Bible, false doctrines, lies, abuses of power, behavior that harms the Lord’s precious name, etc. And this is healthy, not stiff – necked or judgmental. We must know what is truth and stand for it with a passion but remain flexible in its application for the good of the kingdom.

I welcome discussion. Love you!😄❤