A Burdened Heart

Busch Gardens was packed today as I took my kids there for the last day of our passes, and crowds were thick for every ride, every show. And as I stood with my daughter on the top of the line (almost finished with our 45 minute wait) awaiting the skyride, I looked out over those in line behind us. I saw many people en masse, many cultures, many languages, many religions. I had a sudden burden for the many I was seeing who were lost spuritually. I had a sudden burdened heart for people and prayed for their salvation right there and then. So many there. And Jesus had that burden for His people who rejected Him in Jerusalem and all Israel. And how He must have that same thing over any of His precious created ones who reject Him. I felt it today for my fellow created ones. I saw people even at such an entertaining and beautiful place as Busch Gardens still unable to look away from their cell phones. I saw some people ignoring their kids, preferring their phones, I saw people in Burkas, I saw Hindi third eyes marked, I saw people bored and irritated. Perhaps some or most of these were saved but it felt like many were not. My heart felt a burden for them. I prayed. And I think that is what we need to do. When we are burdened, pray. Then be the best example and light possible. And who knows what a difference that makes. God knows. Someday we will know also in eternity.❤


Pondering the Still Small Voice of God AKA Telling Truth from Lie

In a world all tumbled up with lies, I just want to shed all that and listen to God who is Truth. But how do I know which voice is God’s and which is everything else’s lies? Here is what I have realized with God’s help, no doubt…

God has a still small voice. He is quiet. I remember the poignant sentence, “A lion does not need to scream that he is a lion, he just walks in and it is clear.” God is the quiet voice that is simple and clear and true. If there is confusion in it, it is not 100% truth, which is the only truth I am interested in. If there is confusion or distraction or mystery or dogma or power plays or money or lust or tech or twists or science or truth presented alongside the word “but”, all these are not 100% truth. So these things are all lies from the enemy of God to destroy the people God made and rule them prior to their destruction. Lies are the only way they can do this. So all that noise is not truth, is not God speaking. God speaks clearly in a still small voice. And He does this because He wants everyone saved, even the simple people He made. The simple love message from God is the truth. The Bible is truth and the Word of God. So when I get out in nature, I pray and listen and when I hear a bombardment of thoughts and temptations and ideas, I know that is not God speaking to me. So I dismiss those voices in Jesus’ name. When I pray a question and listen after praising God and saying the name of Jesus out loud in humble thanks, I will quite often get a quiet yes or no in my heart/soul. And that is it. Simple, clear. In general, the more a person talks, the less truth they are pushing. Convincing arguments generally derive from pride and levels of lies. The truth is straightforward. Generally, the less people say, the more true their words are. Not always, but most often. Remember that God is Truth and speaks in a still, small voice to a humble heart. Beware of any other words❤

Connecting the Dots- Big Picture

If you have two hours in your day that will answer the big picture plan of humanity, watch this link.


You will not be sorry. See, I am a doctor, gone through the highest levels of science there are. I always thought evolution was the religion devotee scientists were pushing. As a Christian, I always knew evolution was a lie but those teaching it and all the text books and research pushed it so hard as truth and hated with a passion anyone believing God created everything. I was given bad grades, been forced to delay graduation, teased, mocked, all for saying something against that agenda. So with such strong conviction and devotion, I knew it was religion against God but thought evolution was it. But it is all of science. Nature proves God but science teaches we are God’s at the end of it. It is against God. Nature proves God but science denies Him. It all is true. This guy put it all together beautifully and I believe and feel truthfully. Please watch as soon as you have time and share to spread truth. ❤

When God Closes One Door, Remember There are Other Doors

God is closing one door for me at our church. I would have, in the past, kept fighting for the door, banged on it, kept working for door rights. I am no longer that person. It looks like what past-me would have called a quitter or wimp or lazy, but new wiser me realizes there are more doors. I am certain I would be able to serve elsewhere if I cannot serve here. God has a lot of churches who need a good pianist and kids choir director. So, I will not fight this door’s closing but will shake the dust off my feet and will listen for God’s leading to point me to His choice of door for me. And may God make wrongs right in His time and provide for the great kids I have had the honor of training. Praise God for His knowledge of my next service appointment!❤

Introspection’s Power

The push of humanism disguised as psychological and spiritual truths is that self-awareness and introspection and self-thought in of itself is noble and a high goal. As if we created ourselves and that would be a moment of greatness. That is a dangerous lie really. The power of introspection is only when a filter of the Bible is applied. Searching your heart and knowing yourself better is only noble and powerfully strong and good is when we are evaluating whether we are focusing on and serving God and others for God and to please Him. Checking ourselves that we are obeying the Bible and humbly praying every step of the way is true power because of God and not us. God rewards obedience. Focusing on God and humble prayer is obedience.❤

Silence Speaks

I sit in my silence

Alone in my room to sleep

And silence speaks to me.

It beckons me remember

That which I should forget

It speaks lies of another’s silence

Which speaks differently.

I detest the silence.

The silence speaks peace

In an alternate story.

The silence beckons my repose,

Assuring that all is well.

I love the silence.

The voice of silence, then,

Appears my choice.

My perspective loves or hates.

Silence’s story is in my interpretation.❤

United We Stand OR Evil Leviathan Spirit and Counter Measures

The closer I get to Jesus Christ, the more spiritually I am thinking of things. Today I saw a preacher speak on it and it clicked. What is released in the world right now is this strong demonic leviathan spirit at work because it is the end times. This spirit uses pride of men and women and even children to control their minds and cause division. It uses tactics of division and false convictions and misunderstanding through a lie filter to divide and conquer and control. The purpose: our annihilation and taking as many to hell as possible when he is forced there by Jesus’ eminent return. The counter measure is constant prayer and Bible reading. And when anger rises up in you and misunderstandings are looming, immediately take away the evil spirit’s power by humble prayer and Bible reading, pray for a discerning Holy Spirit and go about your business for the kingdom of God. We are given a reprieve via President Trump’s fighting for our rights and freedoms and punishing evil ones who have given in to the leviathan spirit to spread the Good News of Jesus and do what we can do to spread truth. This is our opportunity to enlighten masses and remind them of the simple truth that “United We Stand and Divided We Fall.” The beautiful news is that God is way stronger and He wins. We stay close to Him and we win.❤