It is Way Simpler

It is way simpler than we think, than we have been conditioned to believe. We need to get back to simple. Simple study, simple prayer. Simple (yet glorious!) salvation. Simple life. Simple obedience. Simple service. Simple worship. Let God figure everything out that is complex. We just let Him have those parts while we stay simple. We are not all that anyway. I know I am not. God is who matters most. I am one out of billions of others, no one could even pick me out of a lineup. I am little, insignificant except for God saying I am His and am loved. I will keep it simple. And simple is perfect.😃❤️

Hard Talks Start with Best Friend Talks

My son has a problem. I was using all my self-control not to be reactionary. My gut said “Call Shawn”, my best friend. I am so glad. She has walked this road with her children in years past (her kids are older than mine). And her faith is so very strong. It had to have been the Holy Spirit prompting me. I texted her- couldn’t call because was around too many ears. She prayed and gave me great, wise advice. I followed it and got through. Praise God for best friends and wise council!! God is so very good! He provides so much, blesses so richly and generously gives wisdom when we ask for it. Praise God!!😃❤️

Sitting in ER

Here I sit in ER with my son who has apparently broken his ankle during a soccer game. His season appears to have come to an end at least this season.

Sometimes life twists and turns. Actually, it rarely delicately and merrily skips forward, usually twists and turns happen. It is to remind us we are not in charge nor is life all about us. This is a good lesson. We should be grateful for the reminder, even if it is a painful reminder.😃❤️

When I am Weak, God is Strong

When I am weak, God is strongest in me because my humbleness allows me to not fix it myself or open my big mouth and I can quietly let God lead and speak and act through me. The power of humble surrender to God’s authority and care for me, belief and trust in Him and my relationship with Him is exactly what He needs to work through me beautifully.😃❤️