Beauty in Scent

My one real luxury and the only thing I splurge on for myself is good perfume. I love to smell good, it gives me a boost and happy feelings. I am known for it. I don’t knock people down like that lady at church last week (I could barely breathe for an hour!), but I smell good. Even if I work hard, I smell good doing it. We all have to have one thing, in my opinion. Today, it is not about me, however, for my whole house is richly wafting with the lovely scent of beautiful bacon. The family loves bacon, and we happened to have some from a lovely buy one get one (thank you, Winn Dixie lol), and now the scent is making everyone happy. And making them salivate. There is something about a beautiful scent that helps with perspective somehow. When living at the farm in Michigan, we had enormous lilac bushes outside the kitchen and front door. You walked in or out or through open windows the smell poured in and bathed you. You couldn’t help be smile and be comforted. No doubt life is much more complex than that but we all could use a boost anywhere we can get one. ☺ Hope you run into beautiful scents today. God did a great job with them and I am sure heaven will smell amazing too. ❤❤❤