Rant About Gun Control

Herein lies a rant pro-America and pro-God and pro- the constitution. Be warned and I am sure my readership will go down but it must be said. Don’t read if you have no chin.

Every shooting there is, fascists and their brainwashed morons croon “Gun control” as if guns get out of their case and walk up to someone and pull the trigger all by themselves. How about croon “Get God back in schools” or “Repent and get this country back to God”, who gives morals and guidelines of right and wrong. That is a solution that would help. People take God out of everything and wonder why people don’t know how to act with a moral conscious. God provides a moral conscious. Fascists want citizens unarmed. Tyrants want citizens unarmed. When people are not allowed their constitutional right to bear arms, do you think guns go away? Do bad guys give up their guns? Heck no. Makes bad people’s job a whole lot easier. No, thank you. How about prosecute and actually punish people who break the laws and bring back God as our moral compass and conscious and let’s see things happen. A whole lot of prayer and fasting for our country wouldn’t hurt either. And it would also help if bad people knew that if they shoot anyone, they will be shot, don’t you think fewer bad guys would be shooting people? Hmmm? Maybe a little I think. Need to voice it as a voice of reason in a world where fascists seem to own and fund so much of the “news”/propoganda media and much of Hollywood and NYC and these fascists want us unarmed despite our constitution. And this seems right to people? No, it isn’t. It is a evil heart and morality issue and not a gun control issue, which would be a dangerous bandaid and only make things worse. Bring back God and His Word to our country. Wake up, church. You are all too comfy and sluggish spiritually. We should be all over this in prayer and revival. Care about something. Help. Do something. Get off your damn phone! Wake up!

This concludes my rant from an all-American Marine’s daughter who loves Jesus and America and knows we can be restored by God and renewed at heart. ❤