The Power of Positive Positivity

Cheesy. True. Being positive is a habit that may be formed through practice and intention, like everything else. Good and bad habits are formed this way. The benefits of positivity are huge. Lights in this world are not negative. The world is negative and increasingly dark but we who are commanded to be lights in the darkness must be positive. It can only be done as a by-product of close relationship to God through time spent with Him in prayer and Bible reading. Being positive/optimistic is easy with God close, the goal/choice to be made to count onr’s blessings and be positive intentionally and practice. It is an honorable goal. More importantly, it is required as a Christian. We represent God in earth as Christians and we need to take that seriously and obey and honor Him. ❤

“Moana” the Movie

I just watched “Moana” with my kids because it is on Netflix now. Talk about a great movie! I highly recommend it. I liked the story and character development and the hope. I did not need all the reincarnation spirit stuff or mysticism but I think writers think they need to do that or keep the kids’ attention nowadays, it’s lazy but akin to mythology. Nonetheless, taking the story to its heart, it yearns to push through to find your gift and meaning. And for that it is beautiful. I loved the friendships also. And we all loved the chicken. Life is, my friends, whatever we allow ourselves to pursue as God gifts us. He gives us the drive to do what he gives us to do, our purpose. And when we pursue that, things eventually fall into place. ❤

A Higher Purpose

Deep thoughts for a Thursday, granted, but we were made for more than just existing. We were certainly made for more than tech. And brace yourselves, we were made for more than being waited on and entertained (gasp). We were not made to be worshipped. Not to brag, but I am the most capable person I know, strong and loving and industrious and well trained (as she blushes), and I cannot make a person from the mud or raise the dead or change the weather or give someone a vision, are you feeling me? We are made for a higher purpose. We were made to worship and love and serve God. And when we love and serve anyone else, we are inadvertently serving Him. This is our purpose. We have a really noble and beautiful higher purpose!! And it is replete with perks and rewards/blessings. When we fulfill or work at our higher purpose, God gives us amazing things like peace and joy and fulfillment and heaven and things. Wow! I am psyched!