Equipped to Serve

God designs us to serve Him and others in a particular way. Some to parenting, some to decoration, some to worship, some to organization, some to public speaking, whatever the case. God loves variety and loves us. We are given an innate gift to serve. Our task to honor God is to find and use it joyfully. Each person and each gift is beautiful! ♥

New Garden Babies

So, my husband surprised us with new garden babies to plant in our garden… blackberry bushes. We are super excited. We are busy with baseball and school and church and looking in on my mom and our garden so one more thing might rightly make me nuts, but quite the opposite is true. This one more thing is a beautiful gift. For gardening is my roots, growing up on a farm in Buchanan, Michigan, I have missed the productive dirty of blissful gardening. And we have been seasoning our food with our own fresh herbs. It feels like home. So this one more thing is actually a small vacation, like a familiar luxury resort for my soul. I was made to garden and coom and play piano. Other things I may be ok in or make do or excel in a pinch, but working the earth and tending and nurturing vegetables and fruit somehow brings me right alongside God, instantly in His presence. And I think for me personally, that is how I know what God really designed me to do. When I am covered in dirt while nurturing a garden or when I sit down and play my piano, I am instantly close to and feel God’s presence. I know He is always with me but I feel Him them. So I know I must make time to garden and play with God and give Him and me that time to honor Him. ❤