On Down the Road

I decide to go walk with my daughter.

I decide not to helicopter my spouse.

I decided his choices are his.

I decided to stay close to God.

I decided to walk with my daughter rather than police my spousal rights.

I decided to pray and let God work.

I decided policing him has been policing me.

I decided to be free.

I decided God avenge all wrongs against me.

I decided not to myself.

I decided to go walk with my daughter.

I decided right for her is my greater right.

I decided.

It is beautiful.

It is peace and joy from God.

I am free.

Free is beautiful.❤


A Mom’s Heart

I do not need anything fancy, in fact I need very little. I am ok getting the reject chicken cuts. I am ok cleaning up after the party. I am ok ser b in rather than being served. I am ok being last. In fact, I am better for all these reasons. My heart, a mom’s heart wants those she loves to be saved, successful spuritually, provided for, equipped to humbly serve God and others, and have the fruits of the Spirit fully inbedded in their person. This is my heart. My heart is full of this desire. And I reckon any good mom has the same passion for her pride/family. So don’t get me gifts, just show the love I have for you to someone else. Then every day is mother’s day. ❤

Reminders of Mothers Past

My Grandmothers were extraordinary, wise women who blessed my life richly with cooking strategies, sage advice, medical treatments and concepts, parenting thoughts, rich prayer life, church attendance, etc. They were amazing Godly women who loved and supported their family, which of course consisted of anyone who needed love. And I wish to emulate them in any small way and who I am is largely because of them. And here is my tribute to them and my shout of love to them in heaven. I love you, Grandma Batterson. I love you, Grandma Metzler. I love you, Great Grandma Harshman. Thank you so much!❤

Happy Mother’s Day

A lot of women get really psyched up about Mother’s Day. At the risk of becoming very unpopular, I am not one. Every day I am a mother, every day I am proud of my babies, every day I honor my mom. It is another day. Many argue with that. I think if you save up all your honor and respect for one day, you are doing it wrong. And likewise, every day fathers should be honored and respected. Case in point: the Barbie cartoon series is no longer allowed in this house because they have the man coming across as majorly effeminate and the kids is smarter than them all. It is a complete reversal of Biblical values and kids are being brainwashed into thinking this is fact. So it is banned and so is every other show that pushes the same agenda. Watch what your kids are watching. Anyway, happy mother’s day to you who celebrate it and may your joy be complete every day at the site of your children and evidence of their love for God. Be blessed every day!❤

Children are Precious

Children are precious and valuable. They are our legacy and our future. They perpetuate our existence. As such, they are of extreme value. They also will convey the morals and lessons we teach them now to be the beliefs and direction of the world in the future and dictate their behavior now. Correcting bad behavior is as important as teaching good things- school studies as well as Christian principles and Biblical truths. And kids need time, attention, honesty, encouragement. They are more important than anything else we do or anyone else we give time to. They are our primary ministry and responsibility. They are our love and only know what all those things are if we make them a priority and teach and love on them. Sharing their pictures on Facebook is nothing but bragging on external shell. Putting facebook down, maybe forever, and spending time and energy on those children will develop them internally where it counts. ❤

Sunday School Honesty

I teach a class of 4th and 5th graders on Sunday mornings. And we have had about 15 people that come here or there and 90% of them are in single parent homes, living with their moms who work long hours to care for them. This makes them quiet and kinda sad at school so they are picked on. And these kids are hurting. Parents, please be present with your kids as much as possible. These kids seem so lost and alone and so grown up for their age. At a time I was playing with my friends, they are raising themselves. Oh how our kids need us. They shouldn’t ever pay for our mistakes. Please raise your children up in the Lord. Teach them their worth and value and love them enormously.❤

Mom, the Psychologist

So my mom is a psychologist. She is very good at being one but not good at working for a boss. And that is where I get it and why I became my own boss. But I digress. Growing up with a psychologist was quite a different upbringing. Every feeling or bump in the road was made much of, analyzed, motives picked apart like an amazingly thorough and anal electronics tech. Every strange look was scrutinized and parenting skills questioned, every mistake broken down to be sure it wasn’t passive agressive behavior sneaking out. So, I believe my family was mom’s first clients, whether we wanted to be or not. I used to walk on eggshells. I used to blame her for not being able to partake in small talk. I used to just want a normal mom. And then recently I grew up and God had a sit down with me. My mom loves me, always has. And she was who God made her to be. And I really believe she did the best she could with what tools she had. And how bored would I have been with as normal mom. I am not normal, never had one desire to be. I am interesting and multifacetted because, in part, of her. I can sniff out motivations and recognize behaviors in people because of her. And where I believe psychology explains away sin too often, I value my upbringing with it to a degree. And I firmly believe God can use any upbringing for His good. ❤