Gramma Braggin’

This little guy is a joy and a treasure. I get the whole grandma thing now. I watched our granddaughter at his age about 5 years ago for short while but at the same time I was nursing our own daughter and raising an active older son so could not enjoy just loving on a baby one on one. And yes, thr kids are still here and time is not entirely one on one, it is much more so, my kids are more independent, there is more ease of time to really enjoy each other. Now I wish I had our granddaughter back but she is going to kindergarten in the fall. Maybe we can keep them one day a week in the summer. I am really digging being a grandma now. It is a gift from God.❤


Encouragement at the Library

I am sitting here at the library in the kids section as my kids enjoy the books and computers and had set out to read a book, a luxury I hope someday to engage regularly, now being time-confined to thr Bible and a devotion here and there. However, I had to n put my book aside for a moment and let you know that I was just encouraged here at the library.

A man and a little boy passed me by, the daddy probably in mid thirties and the son around 2 1/2. The boy went to sit in a computer chair but the dad wanted to read to the son. Rather than reprimand, the good, wise dad made a game of it and walked around the corner and peeked around and whispered to the boy to find him. The boy got up immediately and went after him. That encouraged me. He kept it a positive experience and then read to him. This encouraged me that a man can be a good dad, be wise, lead his son, etc. I have to say I have seen a fair share of girly men of late, not caring or wanting to lead, feminite, lazy, selfish. I believe society’s evil has a goal along those ends. But when I see a manly man lead his son with wisdom and love, I am encouraged and impressed and have a hope that not everyone is playing along with the evil schemes of the devil and bad people. For men are designed to lead. Sure women can lead also, but the crux of the matter is that men are designed for work and leadership in their homes and with their kids. And when I see it, I am encouraged. Great job, good daddy!

Now back to my book… Unbroken by Lauren Hillenbrand.❤

Deep Thoughts

Here I am, ready for bed and my mind digs deep for thoughts it has been rolling around for days. I think clearest and deepest at night. No amount of effort on mine or anyone else’s part has ever changed that. My thoughts are generally about the Lord somehow- His creation, His designs, His methodology for these, His scope of practice, etc. Sometimes I ponder other things in life but my big picture mind runs happiest in the deep and no conversation or thought process is deeper than God. And there are a myriad of things to ponder, no end of subject matter (pun intended), and He is my favorite thought. Lately, I have also wondered and questioned my parenting. I have not been the best parent consistently (I am on a hood run now but was daily and sometimes twice or three times daily caretaking my dad for two years and was in a depression for one more year after he passed), but my kids are goodish as a whole anyway. This got me thinking.

People want to be perfect. I am far from that. I want to be covered by Jesus’ perfection and grace. But sometimes it is the faults or tendencies of performance (not talking morality or character) that God can use to create such rewarding and infinite and more specific beauty from. No one interesting comes from a boring life.

So I no longer pray to be a perfect parent. I humble myself daily and do my very best and pray that Jesus covers us all with grace, wisdom and understanding and that my kids would grow up to be adults who humble themselves, do their best and pray for Jesus’ grace. And God is very generous with us all and answers prayers.❤

Best Parenting 102

A child is not the parent but is a future adult due respect. Best parents do not obey children but instead respectfully require obedience from the children in order to train them to become the adults they are not yet. A child is not qualified to parent even themselves much less you. You are qualified by life experience and your God given authority of a parent. The future adults need to learn to humbly obey or they will not be prepared for life as an adult. Those who are not humble are always going to have difficulty with authority. Teach them by rules and expectations and punishments you decided on and then be consisten. As they are older, get their reasonable input into the rules and punishments and again be consistent. God blesses best parenting. I will write more later. ❤

Best Parenting 101

To raise a good child who is humble/teachable and loves God, the way begins with being humble/teachable and loving God. That includes putting down the tech and spending live time with your children. The close your relationship is to God, the more natural and beautiful your relationship will be with your spouse, children, friends, church family, etc. This is step one. Failing to perfect this step will make all other steps null and void. I will write more soon on this topic. ❤

“Taking a Community to Raise a Child” Depends on the Community

How many people it takes to raise a child depends largely on the parents and if God is first in that home and their pride last. The farther down God is on the family’s collective priorities and the higher pride is, the more additional people it takes to teach the child to be humble and obey. Even one parent fully humble and obedient to God can raise an obedient, healthy child to adulthood. But humbleness is the key to it all. A humble parent produces a humble, teachable child that becomes a great adult more often than not. Pride is always an option for everyone but when trained to be humble from the get go, chances are much higher to stay humble. And that contrition is honored and blessed by God.❤

Never A Drama-Void Moment

Teenagers drum up drama in their heads. Their hormones lead them one way and their imaginations expound on that in a narcissistic way to produce drama after drama for the real world from their perspective. My daughter said it best, “He’s either nice or mean or sad all the time now.” Anout sums it up.

Some people never outgrow that level of dealing with the world. They remain in teenager hormone imagination land creating drama forever. My ex is like that. If there is no drama, he will invent some to be happy or contentedly unhappy rather. It is exhausting. Now he is getting back together with his crazy wife I thought we had been blessed to be done with. And this is going on and this is and blah blah blah. Neverending drama. And my stepdaughter is teeming with that same narcissistic teenage hormone imagination drama too. Just goes on and on. My mom also has this . I think it is an epidemic, like the plague or something.

Momma’s tired of drama. You know who else wants us to get off the crazy drama train? God does. He wants us to live in perfect peace and keep our mind stayed on Him. He wants us to be joyful always and pray continuously. This is His will forum in Christ Jesus. So, simple is better and eternity-with-God minded is the ticket there. We need to let go of being included in the drama and as fast as they want to drag us there is just as quickly as we turn back to our view of the cross and rolled away stone. And I am looking forward to Easter and will work on celebrating that excellent day all year long. That was pretty dramatic.😄❤