Rebuilding Bridges

I am not one for burning bridges on purpose. There have been bridges burned unintentionally by ignorance or lack of communication, however, and I am sorry for those and have forgiven myself and worked harder at not doing so again. There have been plenty of bridges burned by others and I have long since forgiven them, of course (forgiveness is an offering to God). And there have been plenty of bridges I have rebuilt. It seems in life that God has blessed me with restoring these bridges of connection  to people I did not like much the first go round and He calls me to rebuild the bridge I would rather have walked away from and it became a beautiful thing. And here is the thing. We are all God’s children and every good Father (as God is the best) wants His children to love each other and get along and work well together. All have something beautiful or seemingly uneventful to bring to the household and together, God sees the possibility of immense greatness of His beautiful glory shining brightly through and from it. When people do right and maintain or rebuild connection, nothing on earth compares to it. Rebuild a bridge in your life today. It is worth the effort. ❤


Band Seeking Drummer

Let me explain, this is not a request for hire, this is a chain of thought on being in a band and level of commitment. Our current drummer has mentioned that he will be leaving us after the week of 3 Valentine’s Day gigs we have. So we will need to hurry and find a drummer for the Match and April gigs and so on. And this is not a dig on the drummer, as every person is entitled to come and go, we have no contracts. But I wonder why we have had four drummer’s in two years. We are a good, drama free band except for two drummer’s evil wives, one wounded drummer and one drummer who only wanted to play Christian music. The rest of the band gets along beautifully and the two drummer with evil wives got along beautifully with us too except, of course, for their evil wives. So is it drummers? Is it us? Is it a lack of commitment? All these questions. And here we sit with a deadline for having to go through it all again. Everyone wants Wil back (we miss you, Wil), but they say they will only have him back if he divorces his evil wife so that is no good. We loved Steve, but he only wants to drum at church. We loved John but again the other evil wife. We love Troy but he has visions of grandeur in a better paid band (good luck). So, we will do what we have always done… stick together as a band family and pray for a new drummer if and when the time comes and God bless us every one.❤

God Loves You

God did not and does not intend for bad things to happen. Evil and sin is in control of those intentions. God wants who He is to be for you: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. That is His intention for you. Never blame God for the bad things. He did not cause them or want them. Blame evil and sin and those choosing them. Blame the right people and put your energy on God for good in your life. God is good.❤

Little Bird

Little bird in the tree, are you looking at me?

Or are you finding a path to fly by?

Should you take off in flight or jump from branch high

And come to the ground for some feed?

Little bird, way up high in the branch, wonder why

There is never a worm in the air?

You have to fly down to the dangerous ground 

To eat that plump worm that is there.

Little bird, it is tempting to swoop down to eat some worm soup

But trouble is there from the cat on the stair. And it is smarter to be thin and up there.❤

What I Am Not

People place a great deal of emphasis on what people are and who they are and positive affirmations. I believe just as important, and for me more importantly because of how I am cut, it is valuable for me to declare what or who I am not. I think for me it is easier to behave the way I should by declaring how I am not going to behave. Here is my short list:

I am not evil.

I am not a coward.

I am not afraid.

I am not someone who sees a need and runs off because it is inconvenient for me to help.

I am not selfish.

I am not God and am not worthy of worship and excessive rewards and attention.

I am not a liar.

I am not a cheater.

I am not a thief.

I am not a hater or murderer.

I am not ugly or worthless in any way.

I am not friendless or unwanted.

I am not a judge or jury or unloving.

I am not without compassion.

I am not a jerk or bully.

That is my short list. For those of us who God deemed fit to make with extraordinarily strong and driven personality and will to match, it is often what I refuse to be that drives me to goodness and Godly living. Yes, the positive statements are valuable also, but for me personally, I work better on the flip side. Maybe this helps someone else. I love you! ❤ 

Why Did God Allow This?

“Why did God allow this to happen?” With all respect and honor, the premise of this question shows a level of deception believed and/or ignorance of God. The Bible is quite clear on the nature of God. He is love, joy, peace, patience… all things good, the Fruits of the Spirit are His atteibutes. He is also holy, unable to tolerate evil and hatred. To bridge the gap between Him and us who sin a lot, Jesus Christ, the sinless Son of God, sacrificed His life for our choice to be holy to be possible. We become holy through Jesus Christ and that answers that problem. The other problem mentioned in the Bible is this whole fight against “spiritual forces of wickedness”. They want us dead because they are doomed and want to hurt God anyway they can before their eternal punishment is dished out. And of course on top of that is free will given to every person alive. People make their own choices. Some are fantastic and some are downright deadly and everything between. And the evil forces are always at work too. So bad things happen as a result. God cannot give us free will and then remove that free will every time something bad happens as a result. He is not a dictator. He wants good. People choose evil too often, and innocent people suffer as a result. God “allows” it because He gave us free will and people choose what they do with it and often choose to follow the evil spirits and there are often casualties, sadly, and they anger or sadden God. One comfort is the truth that He comforts whoever asks Him to and can use any evil situation to bring good out of it. And He heals. Oh how He heals. ❤

On My Little Corner

On my little corner of the big bad world

There are many people everywhere.

They scurry on their lives like little bitty mice 

In a maze never going anywhere.

They go throughout their day finding tech and mice to play

And worshipping the cheese they have made.

On my little corner of the big bad world

The rats and mice mingle nicely.

Each have their place and no food goes to waste

Some are bigger, some are nicer, all the same.

But some of them you see wander differently

And put their hope in something that is greater.

On my little corner of the big bad world

I realize exactly what I am seeing

For God who made the mice and the rats and all they prize

Made them out of love and helped my vision.

God directs the mice and rats to come to Him

But they get to choose to be or not receivers of the vision.

On my little corner of the big bad world

Is a choice available for all to make

And it will change your life and make your eternity bright

It just lies upon you yes or no to make it.

And then you have eternity to be glad you made it. ❤