So, because I worked a health fair yesterday on Memorial Day, I had the day off today. I got so much done! It was wonderful!

And I had a conversation also with an addict who is halfway in recovery, which any addict in recovery knows full well means not in recovery. I told him flat out that you can’t dabble in recovery. You either decide to get help or you are still living in a bed of lies in addiction. I told him so and haven’t heard from him since. I will pray for him.

Both of these tie together and also relate to Memorial Day we remembered yesterday…


Freedom is a God-given right. It is worth fighting or dying for against any level of evil that rises against us. It is worth working to break the bonds of slavery of addiction or oppression. It is glorious and worthy and a blessing when received. Praise God for freedom! Let us always strive for it and know the high cost is worth it!❤️❤️

What People Call Karma

The word “karma” actually comes from Hinuism and involves reincarnation, the idea that if you are bad, you will come back next go round as a lower life form and if you are good, a higher life form ,this cycle continuing until we reach a perfect, blissful state of enlightenment and then I don’t know what happens. (It is all unBiblical, even anti-Biblical and misleading as we are only given one brief lifetime before eternity begins in heaven or hell.)

People have hijacked the word “karma” and changed it to mean ‘instant justice”, the immediate punishment for wrongs and rewards for rights. Why is that so appealing?

God built into us a sense of justice, because He is just, and a desire for fairness and a love for rewards for doing good. We want to see good people succeed and bad people be punished. This is the idea of there being a hell for those who sin by rejecting God and thus committing the unpardonable sin versus heaven for those who do good in accepting Jesus Christ’s gift of salvation so we have relationship and family with God and God’s. This is why we want good to triumph (He already has) and evil to lose (it already has). We are just waiting for Jesus Christ to return and make everything in the physical world be rightly merged with everything in the spiritual world and all wrongs will be righted, all justice prevail.

Jesus Christ will return and justice will be done. That is a Biblical certainty. Stay close to Him. It may take a moment or a long time (according to our standards) but it will happen. Praise God!😃❤️

Watching Out for Power Hungry People

People used to power and really wanting power are not good people. Those greedy for money are horrifying but just behind them are those who just want to be over others and wormed their way to the top just to do that more. Just beware of them. Keep praying. Do the right thing. Keep reading Love Words from the Bible. Hold on tightly to Jesus.😃❤️

Doing Nothing is Doing Something

Do what you can for God and others out of love to God. When you do nothing, you actually do something: you disobey. James is pretty clear that faith without action (serving others, helping others, participating in church, lovingly helping your family, etc.) is dead. If your faith in God is viable, you will be doing something for Him and His church.😃❤️