The Words Heard Around the World

Friends from 74 countries have read my words this month. Which means my words have travelled much more than I have this year. Lol. It is beautiful, the power of the written word that connects and heals and moves beyond borders made by man. The word has power to go beyond boundaries we contrive and share thoughts and emotions to people we could not otherwise ever meet. What a wonder! That is why God wrote the Bible also. It has lasted all these centuries and still powerfully conveys truth in thought and emotion to everyone who can read or be read to. So fantastic are words. So utterly perfect. God bless you this New Year!!! May God’s Word recapture your heart and eye and may your words inspire you and those who read them.❤

Contemplations on God

I was praying and wanted to share this really cool, “Wow!” moment I just had. Lucky you I am an extrovert and just have to tell everybody good news. Lol Here is my thought. God made everyone. Yes, so far nothing new. And we are all very different with different personalities, life experiences, needs, gifts, goals, etc. A little better right? Here is the wow: God can hear and has already answered every prayer of every single diverse person in a way that is best for them now and in the future in their own language and understanding and wisdom and knowledge level at the same time as everyone else. And wants prayers even more often. And it hit me how immense that is and how amazing and big and fantastic and smart and loving that is!!!! Wow, right??!! ❤❤❤

The Eyes of Wonder

Eyes of wonder capture the beauty in everything. They see the expression on each face. They notice eyes that cry and smile. They balance colors and appreciate the variety. Eyes of wonder evaluate their environment, see every detail, notice every part and yet long to keep studying it. Eye of wonder appreciate the artistry involved in all of creation and so appreciate their Creator more. Eyes of wonder are naturally in children. A child’s eyes captures wonder in ways we cannot as adults. However, there is a way we adults can still have this soulful curiosity about nature, about God, about people. One way is to think like a child. A child dwells in the present. It takes a long time to teach future consequences to a child because the present moment is the most important moment ever in a child. The past doesn’t matter much to them either for quite a few years. Children are also not so full of agendas. Play and observation time are valued higher than eating or staring at entertainment boxes until they are taught and conditioned differently. We adults can slow down, simplify our schedules and lives and appreciate the moments we live. We too can have eyes of wonder which can help us see things and people as God sees them and respond accordingly where we may be able to help. We must embrace this quest. It is vital to growth and beauty.