Resting in Comfort Will Happen in Heaven

We have gotten far too comfortable and a wee bit lazy. We want to be at a consistent temperature. We want to be entertained. We want to enjoy life. Not only do we want this but frankly we expect it. Comfort is our new normal and that has been shaken by this over-exaggerated virus and the media’s fear – mongering. Now that the virus was exposed as a negligible glitch, you don’t see any movement toward normalcy and comfort. Why? People seem more motivated by a potential fear rather than their comfort? Or they tie comfort to safety and this safety-encroaching fear still takes precedence? People are still wearing their masks. Why? Are we all more like sheep than I ever dreamed? I find it sad. I had found comfort to be sad because it kept so many from serving the Lord with joy and serving others for joy. Now, I feel it is worse to be paralyzed by lying fear than to be lethargic by over – comfort syndrome.

So, I believe we need to reject comfort and moreso reject lies and fear and do what we are supposed to do – love and serve God and love and serve others. We need to get back to our Judeo – Christian roots and heritage! We are the revolutionaries of love, like Jesus was. We need to be like Him. The sooner the better. He will be here soon to take His precious church home with Him. Will we be ready? To have comfort in Heaven later, we need to work now. There is much work to do!!❤

Social Media Detox

Helloo 🙋‍♀️I’m back with another blog post. And for me this is very important topic.I wanna talk about social media and how harmful it can be sometimes. I used to stay on instagram and whatsapp a lot of hours. I never realized i was harming mysel..Days passed by nothing was changing ,situation was getting worst. […]

Social Media Detox

Hamster Wheel Faith ~

Some Christian’s faith, is like a hamster wheel . . . and the faster they go the more their faith reels. They never stop spinning, around and around . . . for their faith isn’t rooted on the firm, solid ground. Some Christians don’t see, their in a spiritual rut or notice by sin . […]

Hamster Wheel Faith ~