Far Away From the Maddening Crowd

I love that line, but not necessarily the book.  I never did finish the book.  But the idea of being far from the maddening crowd is a beautiful one… at least sometimes.  We, as Christians, live in the world to enhance it, to teach it, to grow it, to nurture it into the Kingdom worthy of God’s name.  Why?  It’s so much easier to get into survival mode or become worldly or escape into a people-less place.

There is very little of me that I can actually offer anyone.  Not one person will ever find amazing ways for me to use every talent that God has given me.  Not one person will truly appreciate every little thing about you.  That is, no one except the One who made you.  The One who made me knows every nuance about me and wants to.  The Master and Creator of the universe cares deeply for me and you and every person he made.  Even the ones you don’t want to admit that God made.  So, given your life to Him for His purpose will be the closest thing to a feeling of completion, purpose, potential fulfillment that you can get.  It’s selfish, really, to give yourself to God.  😉  It’s simple.  You. Just. Let. Go. Of You.