Through It All

Through it all, I want people to think of me first and foremost as a follower of Jesus Christ. I want people to think of that before anything else about me comes to mind. I am and do a lot of things, but I am in love with Jesus Christ first and foremost. That is who I am and the most important thing of all. Through it all, I am God’s.πŸ˜ƒβ€οΈ


I am a weirdo. I embrace it. I love it. I admire myself for being my authentic, God-created-different-self and maybe that makes me even weirder. I am secure in my Maker which makes me secure in me. That has always made me weird. And even weirder is that my main spiritual gift is faith in God so I have a fearlessness (I only fear God) I rarely see in others and a sense of security I also rarely see. None of this is to brag but to show how weird I am.

People try to reassure me I am normal but the weirdness of me does not want to be normal. I am good with hoe God made me. I embrace it because I embrace Him. I am good with different. Moreso, I am a stranger and alien because of belonging to Christ and a resident of heaven. Also, I am very cool with weird and different. And I, though a girl, was born a leader. Also weird. Also embraced.

God deserves my thankfulness at how He made me more than He wants me to not want to be how He made me and try to be like other people He made to be different in some way. Conformity is a slap in His face, a shaking the fist at Him. No, I embrace weird. I am happy to be who God wants and made me to be. And I particularly love other peoples’ God-designed weird. Is good. It celebrates God’s creative greatness.πŸ˜ƒβ€οΈ

The Laws of Nature

God created this world and everything in it using physical, biological, mathematical, etc. laws and lots and lots of love. And if you study His design long enough, you will be amazed by His skills and also ask why. Why go to all the trouble? Why is it all here? And the answer is as profound as the question, and I know it. Wanna hear it? God designed everything because 1. He wanted to and frankly, He can do whatever He wants to do and 2. His immense love compelled Him to. As soon as He thought of you, He loved you so much He just had to give you life. And here is why we say God is love. He cannot operate without it. Love is God’s DNA, if He has such a thing, or at least His M.O. (modus operendi). And if that does not well up your praise and worship of God, I cannot help you. πŸ˜„ ❀

New Age Crap

New Age crap sounds good. It will even temporarily make you feel good, great even. The truth about it is that it focuses you on yourself, the opposite focus we should have, which is on God. It is directly opposing God. It is in fact replacing Him OR putting Him in a box inside us, as in we are powerful, we are gods, we are worthy of all our attention and pampering.

Let me be clear, we should love and care for ourselves and work to improve, but that is what we should do for others too AND God should always get center stage, top billing, all the praise, adoration and honor.

God lovingly and with great care and thought and wisdom created every single thing, animal, person we know of in this universe. He is the boss of it. That is true no matter what you believe, feel, want, campaign for, like, love, whatever.

So instead of all that narcissistic self-improvement crap and blather, try some reading your Bible and praying to and worshipping God. He is worthy, we are not.❀❀❀