Time for Loving

It sure seems like I just finished a healing journey, where I was bound in some way by lies, emotional wounds, grief, anger, mental pain, so many distractions and things and my own pride and desires had kept me not quite healed up. And today I woke up a little less groggy than usual (not being a morning person) and realized I am completely free, completely healed. I am healed by God. I thought I had been but healing my body was the final healing. I had give God every part of me to heal, forgive, be in charge of, and love. Except my body. I had kept that for myself. Now I have obeyed with my body also and put it under God’s will and God is everything now. This is beautiful! This is true freedom and true peace and joy. It is a place of truth and closeness to Jesus. I am so happy and much more than that, I have peace. My mind is calm, and those who know me get the significance of that. It frees me to love. I am not constantly rolling, I can chill with clarity and peace. My joy is back. One piece of the puzzle can matter so much! Give Him every aspect of you for health and healing and He will bless you beautifully!!😄❤


Rainy Game

We had a great game tonight at Tigertown with the little leagues filing in prior to it. And we got through the top of the eighth inning, tied 1-1, and bam. Flash flood. They got the tarp out and covered the bases just before the downpour. And evetyone relocated to the sheltered part of the stands and we all waited. And when it was well understood that it was not going to relent (it is still raining now at 1am- ish), people started soaking over to their vehicles to go home. All the little leaguers got to see most of a good game and it was nice seeing familiar faces we have seen all season four days a week and sometimes more. It is a nice way to close out the season and I loved the rain coming. Everyone squnched in and wrinkled noses and I freed up and stood and danced and sang. It was beautiful! Torrents with thunder and lightening so enthralling to behold, God’s cleansing and power and bath. So good. And just before this, a beautiful sunset! So precious and momentous. Often the little things mean so very much and change perspectives. Praise God! ❤

Rough Day

I realized I missed a friend’s call two days ago. That is annoying. And Steve has been irksome all day, thr kids argumentative, got bad news today of the moral character of someone I know, worked hard in the yard and packing up the van for a gig tomorrow but did not drink enough water and got dehydrated, and in general felt blah and irritable. So it was a rough day. Nonetheless, I find great comfort in the fact that God is the same today as He was yesterday. No one else in my life is consistent and faithful- my dad was the only one and he is in heaven now- even myself lately, but God is consistent and faithful. No one sees my inner beauty but God. No one wants to love and be with me all the time but God. God is still loving as always, still made me on purpose, still uses me whenever He sees fit, still blesses me with little diamonds He drops down for me. God is so very good and for that (and maybe only that today) I smile and have peace and joy in my heart. God is everything. God is more than enough. I am content. ❤

A World Full of Swans also Needs Ducks

God made both so both are important. Be who God made you. Both are beautiful but in different ways. Both serve a purpose but ducks are sure nicer. Don’t have swan envy because they probably have duck envy too and both are dumb and wrong. You are beautiful as God made you. Be just who you are and so be full of peace, joy and contentment.❤

Moving On & All Healed Up

Today, I saw an old friend about to play basketball this afternoon at Duff park as we passed to get to the batting cages for my kids to practice. This old friend had hurt me deeply, an offense that separated our friendship. And I had required a great deal of healing from God. Today, seeing this old friend reminded me of God’s complete healing and power because I felt nothing but a need to pray for them. And that was it. No rehashing, no bad feelings, all fully forgive and healed. Only God can do that, friend. ❤ 😍

Bleaching Houses

Every year, my mom’s house becomes an ugly mold and mildew greenish color, the result of warm rain in Florida. And this year, I bleached her house. Her whole house. In one day. With bleach, a hoze and a ladder. Up, down, up, down, reach, stretch, miss the windows, so on. Took the whole day. I was sore, hungry, thirsty (because I forgot to drink and worked through lunch), tired. And got yelled at. Got home and had to do dishes and cook and laundry. And this is my life now. Once I was a career woman, a doctor who worked for a good amount of money and then came home and did life. Now, life abounds with needs that I seem to be the only one that can do them. And am I whining? Maybe a bit, but I do have a bigger point. I would not trade this humbling family life for any amount of comfort and money. Not millions of dollars, not trillions (although I would pay off our national debt with that lol), not for whatever is bigger than that. I would rather be a humbled me- a mom, a wife, a teacher, a keyboardist in a band, a Sunday School teacher, a friend- than a face locked onto a cell phone, career driven proud woman who misses the whole point. Who I am is meaningless without eternal value. What I do is idiotic if I work my life away for the temporary. My identity is absurd without locking into what God made me to be, what He sees my priorities to be. I am nothing without my Creator. And I am close to Him when I obey and humbly trust Him. Then, when humble and obedient and trusting, I am a fierce woman of God and absolutely nothing can move or shake me unless He allows it for my growth or His glory. And prayer and Bible reading keep me connected.❤

To the Point of Objectivity

The closer you are to God, the more you consider Him in all things rather than the sources of disturbances. You remain objective and focused amidst persecution and mistreatment. Names are called and you consider the Source of Life and what He suffered for us and then objectively consider the source of cruelty. You forgive more freely, purposefully, faster. You forgive before the entire name is in the air like an arrow shot from a bow toward you. You decide to be God’s and not defend yourself, knowing He judges rightly and will handle it for you in some way in His timing, and you pray for those who don’t get the implications of that. God isn’t One to mess with. When His children are mistreated, you can bet that unless they repent, they will very much wish they hadn’t. They mistake God’s patience in wanting more people saved and giving so many chances for weakness or being far away or passive. Far from the case, God generously pours out grace, hoping He will love you into turning to Him. I digress, and return to my point. There is a vast satisfaction derived from becoming objective in the midst of incessant criticism and other spiritual attacks. We focus on God and He provides objective glasses and grace to push through it to an even stronger you. This is beautifully peaceful and joyful. Hard to explain how melodious.❤