The Weather Inside

I try to keep my inner climate steady and calm and God helps with that. It is like being indoors in a controlled, steady environment regardless of what storms rage outside or troops waging war or occasionally evenall is serene and the same state and temperature so I can temporarily open the windows and let in some fresh air. And that is what being a Christian is like inside. Now, if we do not properly maintain the air handler, we get an influx of the weather outside, so we must maintain our relationship with Jesus to keep everything functioning as it should be. And when we have that focus and all works right, it does not matter one iota what the heck is going on outside our skin or even to it. Our peace runs deeper. Our joy flows higher. Our understanding is sweeter. Praise God!❤❤❤


Contentment looks like:

It is subtly calm and eagerly relaxed. It is my new face, my relaxed expression. God is the reason, the only one. God gives peace, calm in a storm or in calm and everywhere between. Content only happens when God intervenes and provides it, removing the baggage’s  burden, forgiving pasts. God glows with glory of His great goodness. We glow by extension only. God is everything. Praise God!!!❤❤❤

All American Woman’s Day

So today I supported and honored Veterans, supported my son, came home and painted our new sunroom, cooked lunch and dinner, listened to my husband, took a nap, quilted, did dishes and laundry, bathed the baby, got Zach to get a shower, watched kids show me their projects, and am ready for bed because church is tomorrow and I am leading worship for children’s church. That was my day and it was as American as you can get. Something about starting the day with taps and the Star Spangled Banner and marching 3 miles for veterans around a beautiful lake first thing in the morning, as the sun was rising sure motivated me today. Makes me proud of our heros. Makes me proud of their courage and thankful for our freedom. I am so very blessed. Thank you, God! ❤ ❤ ❤ 

Walking With Jesus

When you walk close to Jesus, trying your best to measure your step with His, be carried by him when necessary, try to keep the path clear as you go, Jesus rewards this devotion with success, rest, peace, joy, luxurious blessings, shows off His wonders to you, like a sweet bird or butterfly at the right moment to be noticed. And I tell you the truth, if Jesus is all you have, you have everything you could possibly need and wants fade away. Jesus is my heart, my love, my Savior, my God. Nothing I do without Him satisfies for long. Nothing I do with/for Him is wasted. He is everything! ❤❤❤

The Place of Acceptance

The Lord has brought me to a new home in my soul, a retreat of acceptance. There is a maturity, forged by intense, deep suffering, longing, loneliness, forgiveness, then acceptance. At least for this moment, I am certain and feel warmly thankful that God has brought me through the worst of times. It only took and year, and that sounds like a lot but some people carry it around forever and self-education to ease the burden of it. I feel and am very blessed to be here right now at this new residence of acceptance. And the effort and tears are well worth the process because when God solves the matter, the cleansing is intense, thorough and deep so it lasts forever. No baggage to carry around anymore and when I realized it this morning while walking and talking with the Lord, I could not stop crying thankful, joyful tears of relief. It is beautiful. Thank you, God!❤❤❤

Feeling Good Today

Missing my walk ended up being a good thing. Got some sweet time drawing with my daughter and a good talk with my son. And had some great time talking to the Lord Jesus Christ, my very best friend and only Savior, and doing art through quilting, mowing (got rained out yesterday), going to IHOP with my family for brunch, measuring out the back porch with my hubby and planning for them to start working on making a concrete slap patio a sunroom complete with hot tub. I am not sure how this day could have been better. And the most beautiful part of the day was that it was an answer to prayer. I have had several really difficult days, horrible even at times, hard days, ugly even in moments. So I talked to Jesus, my Heavenly Father, about this. I asked Him to help. I was not sure how exactly, but He knows my heart and what I need even before I ask Him. And He gave me a very good day today, a happy husband, a good daughter, a happy son, a wonderful day. This is how good God is and how wonderful it is to have such a beautiful personal relationship with Jesus. He is so much more than my Savior who died and arose to give me a way to be saved and assured of heaven, but He walks and talks with me as I humbly pray, He is my best friend, my confidant, my comforter, the peace and joy and love in my soul. I  so honored that He loves me. I am so honored to be His!! ❤❤❤

Oh the Delight of Dusk

My favorite time of the day is dusk in summer. I love the beauty of it, the rich colors of the sunset, the luxurious tranquility, the nature coming alive again, the serenity of swinging on the porch swing and be accepted with it all, one of God’s fellow creations. I have had some very hard days lately (don’t usually try to focus on that) and have cried more than my fair share of loved ones gone. I miss them very much. 💔 But drying my tears, I swing at dusk and here are the remnants of color, birds twittering, the blessings g of a hummingbird, a tree frog emerges from behing the wall sun decoration to eat, flowers are blooming, herbs are growing, talking to God I am calm again. I am thankful and blessed. My tears are dry. I am content that God is with me even if no one else is, which happens. God is all I need and the world He made is incredible! There are so many nuggets of perfection of beauty to feast on. The quilt is coming along. My daughter is in bed. My son is visiting his Grandparents for 2 weeks. Friends gave me a fresh bottle of red wine which go n perfectly with the chocolate cookies I just made. Life is pretty amazing just as it is. All is well. The rest will wait for heaven. Until then, I love you. Get outside. ❤