Be the Genuine You

God made us specifically, designed us uniquely and wanted us purposefully. This is truth no matter who you are. When you are genuine, real as designed, you honor Him and celebrate His great work. When you live a lie– want to be or look differently, are dissatisfied with features, focus on negatives, find fault with yourself, compare yourselves to others, have to keep changing things on you– it dishonors God and shows disdain for His great work.

The genuine you is precious, beautiful and a masterpiece just as God made you. He is really good at creating and is purposeful and good and loving. Trust His reasons. Honor Him with appreciation for His work as it is. Appreciate His workmanship in others too just as they are when they are genuine. πŸ˜ƒβ€οΈ

Spending Time Thinking

I hit on this with a previous blog. This is so important. I had a couple hours until we get together with my mom and family to eat out. So I went to the back yard and sat on the tree swing and just thought about all that God has richly blessed us with. A roof, a mattress, air consitioners, great shower, clothes for any occasion, great friends and family, transportation, and so much more, even after the enormous sacrifice to save our souls. I am convinced that I am the richest little girl in the world. I just am. Sure, many people have more stuff but never seem content. Many have much less and are maybe content but struggling. I am content. And with thr Lord, even if I lose everything, I will still have Him and thus contentment. That is what makes me rich. God does. He owns everything good of eternal value. And He so richly pours it out on us. He is a good, good Father and I am so thankful for His rich grace toward me. I do not deserve it but it makes me want to deserve it so much. I am so thankful! πŸ˜„ ❀ ❀ ❀

You Can Get Some Satisfaction

Dissatisfaction is driven by envy and pride. A truly humble person is content. Why? Because they are pathetic and weak and deserve less? No, thr opposite. They are strong and trust in the Lord and have His peace and joy no matter what the circumstances are. They are not looking around for what they can get, they are looking up to their Savior who has given them eternal life and rewards and assurrance. God is a God of hope not stuff. Stuff is from the other guy. Of course stuff can be used for God but He generally builds our faith better by providing unexpectedly. Many missionary families, including mine, can attest to that a hundred times over. God satisfies. You have to accept His beautiful and eternal version of satisfaction, which looks pretty much opposite of the world’s. But amazing how gorgeous and joyful it is!πŸ˜„β€

Content No Matter What

Only God can help strengthen us spiritually to the point of contentment in any circumstances or environments. That is a beautiful place for peace and joy to live together. I believe that is the true, deep definition of contentment: peace and joy present when a relationship with God matures. That is my working definition and let me tell you, this is a beautiful place to be.πŸ˜„β€