Walking Together

There are dear friends of mine who have walked away from my life, either in a move or a crisis or when they have followed into toxic controlling relationships or when they walked away from God and I reminded them too much of Him or whatever reason. And there are those who walk away for a bit and then walk back in. These people I love. And there are a very few that never walk away from you, die hard friends, closest friends and family. These people are my breath. I depend on these roots to temper my wild spirit and lean on more than water. So to these people, I love you dearly and am so blessed by God to have you in my life and do not ever hesitate to call me for anything in the world you need. I will get it done for you. I have great faith and no fear and have been called crazy a few dozen times and am strong as an ox and love you. So trust me when I say, I got your back. Whether you are my closest friends or family or freedoms in our Constitution in this great country of ours, I got you. I will help and defend you. To the first group, those who walked away, I still love you and am right here with open arms. My heart is big and has plenty of room and I forgive most readily, in fact already have. Love you all. Life is a journey, let’s walk together through it. 🙂

Unexpected Guests

I love surprises. I would rather be surprised, with good or bad news really. I don’t want to know until I have to if it is bad and if it good, I glean much more enjoyment if it is unexpected. Why? Because I am internally still a child in many ways. I get bored. I was adventure, seek new things, bad or good as long ass it us new. And life is absolutely full of new experiences all the time so I am happy. And today, I met with a friend and her family from my former years who we had grown through and recently had lost touch. And she was there this morning before I had put my piano away! It was so good to see them and what a great surprise!!! There is much fun and beauty and happy things to think on with such an unexpected visit from an old friend. God provides people in life to love on and be loved by when you need them. I love that about God. It is so cool because He, being my Heavenly Father, knows I love surprises and He gives me surprise blessings when I need them. God is so very good, my friend!!!!

Amazing What a Good Conversation Will Do

Today I had a great conversation at the park. I was feeling lousy, still inconvenienced with a energy sapping cold, taking the kids (who are well) to play and get some sunshine. So, I was feeling tired and trying to cheer up and get some vitamin D from the sun to improve. And the phone rings and it is an old friend. And nothing profound but just hearing a familiar voice lifts the spirits, somehow. There is a calm about knowing someone is okay, knowing you crossed someone’s mind, knowing you have a connection with someone in the world. Having lost so many people, I understand fully the value in that. I believe God keeps people connected who bless and encourage each other to help us. We must never take this for granted. My heart is at peace and I am fully embracing my joy. ❤❤

The Power of Dinner

When we sit down together, with our family or friends or both, there is a definite bond that happens. There is something special about preparing a meal and eating it together while catching up. It bonds you. It shows you aspects of each other you can draw greater appreciation and understanding of. It also sheds light on aspects one areas n of disagreement but far more often allows a tighter stitch in the tapestry of friendship. It is a kicked back time, a relax and enjoy no matter what else is going on time. It betters you, giving u ou opportunities to serve and enjoy good food together. Had such a night tonight and am so grateful for the time spent together! God is so good to provide rich friendships. Every effort spent on furthering it or serving others is very well spent. 🙂

Visit from a Friend

There is absolutely nothing that makes more of a positive impact than a visit from a friend. On my birthday, Ken, Lois and Grayson dropped by. With homemade strawberry shortcake! What a blessing!!! And today I was having a horrible day, part of my grieving process mixed with weirdo hormones, and had an unexpected visit from my beautiful Mrs. Jolene and her hubby with my family. And these visits cheer the heart and warm the soul and help so much to encourage through life! Do not underestimate the incredible power of a tech free visit from or to a friend. Do not keep away from people who support and encourage you and who you support and encourage. Visits are invaluable!! Do not neglect people. And if you have friends that viait, make sure you understand what an immense blessing that is and thank them and God for them. Appreciate them. It is very rare in the world for people to get outside their own agendas and just visit and love on you. And be that person for someone else. How greatly you can bless them! What a great light you can be and what greater love can you show people? 

Keeping in Touch

The story is common. We have experiences with many people all over the place. Sometimes it is a familiar face with words never spoken. Sometimes it is in depth conversations deep into the night for months or years. Sometimes it is a teach who keeps in touch because they cared about you more than your grades. Whatever the case, when circumstances change, it is very easy to get very busy where you are and lose touch. But do your very best to stay in touch with the valuables, those exquisite and beautiful supportive people who love you. I have lost too many in my many moves and I regret that. But sometimes we renew and revisit later when both are able again. For instance, tomorrow my kindergarten teacher is coming for a visit, happens to be in town far from her home. We have kept in touch and she is the most amazing woman of God! Never discount the power of God in providing you love and support when you need it and ask Him. Just today, I asked Him for a hug and tomorrow I will have my hug! God is amazing at providing. Never underestimate the power of God to put supportive and meaningful people into your life as well as those who need your help. Never take these beautiful people for granted. 🙂

Discerning Valuable Friends vs Damaging Ones

Whoever you surround yourself with is who you will emminate, like it or not. If you are around a complainer, you will complain more. If you are around an encouraget, you will encourage more. If you are walking on eggshells around someone long enough, your feet will get cut up eventually and need to leave. In this world that is so negative about followers of Jesus, it is impertinent that we hang out primarily or majorly with people who share our values and morals. We need supportive friends that share truth with us as well and supportives encouragement. We can discern which of these people are truly good for the soul by several standards: 1. Do their actions match their words? 2. Are their words matching what you know to be true? 3. Are they negative or positive? 4. Do they run people down all the time or encourage them? 5. Do they do all the talking about themselves without asking about your life? 6. Are their life decisions reflecting their words or in contrast? These questions may be used to weed out the beneficial, valuable friends (those you would like to spend the most time with you) or those who would damage you (so use boundaries with them). We must protect our integrity and life and family and managing friendships is a key ingredient in that. Friends can alter our perception with or without our permission and we must protect that which is good in our lives. Just my thoughts.