Life: God is Our Meaning

People want a mission, a meaning for life. They want to hear and know how important they are, they want validation of their worth. They want people to give a damn. People want to have a reason, feel something, know they have worth and importance. Why? Because society and school just spent a decade telling them they are descendents of single celled organisms via mistake mutations and this is all there is and that just doesn’t feel right, doesn’t jive with what you know down deep to be true and you are trying to marry those two opposing things. And when the world doesn’t give them a viable answer, they turn inward and become selfish and self-focused to try to prove they matter more than they’ve been told.

And here is the crux of the matter. You and I mean an unsustainable amount because we were made with love on purpose by God. We were designed spectacularly. We matter. I matter. You matter. That weird neighbor matters. The babies in the womb to the really old people in the nursing homes matter. We all matter and have meaning in God, our mutual Designer and Creator. God made us with love and beauty to reflect Him for Him by Him. And He says we matter and He gives us meaning in His kingdom that starts briefly in this life and extends to eternity in heaven. God is our meaning. Accept that and all of life that follows makes much more sense. Once you realize the truth of this, you see the lies they’ve been pushing with indoctrination and you are free of those meaningless constraints placed upon you. Be free. God is our/your/my meaning. And Jesus is the only way to God. Truth.❤


Feeling Close to God

When I feel the weight of the dark world pushing in on me and find myself frustrated or easily angered, I eventually realize that I have somehow tried or managed really to walk a step or two away from my Heavenly Father. It is obvious when I realize it and I always wonder why it takes so long each time. When I am close to my Father God, I feel lighter than the heavy world around me, untouched by its weight, just peaceful and joyful no matter what happens. But why I let myself be drawn away again from that bliss is irrational and inexusable. I need a protocol to protect my most precious relationship, I must prioritize my day better to allow room for the conversations, me and Father God. This is the most important of all relationships. ❤

Focusing on my Focus

We become what we think about and focus on. If we focus on evil, we become evil. If we focus on Jesus, we become better. Focus matters so is my recent focus. Only salvation is more important than what we focus on. Our focus needs to be Jesus and eternity because this life is really so very short but the life that continues after is everlasting. So we must focus on Jesus for eternal security as He gives those who call Him Lord and Savior. We are loved unconditionally by Him and it is peaceful and divine to focus on Him. It is joyful and nothing feels better in the world than confidence in eternal life and our relationship with the Almighty God. He who did and is doing so much for us now and will do in the future, He is worthy of our focus. And what is focus if not worship???❤

Heroes of the Bible

I grew up with wholesome, moral, courageous heroes. This was an enormous blessing because had my parents not pushed the good, I would have been a criminal. Fearless, energetic, competative, intelligent rebellious-by-nature kids need this moral push to goodness or they will be evil. And God provided my parents to stir me the right way. This saved me as much as anything else other than prayers of my beloved godly grandmas and aunts. And I believe it is still important. The Bible has the best ones in it. On TV now, they are pretty messed up, like a soap opera instead of good versus evil, they flip flop and so they are bad heroes. I mean heroes like Daniel, Schadrach, Meshach and Abednego, David, Song of Solomon (early years), Esther, Ruth, Mary, Phillip, Paul, and of course the best of all being Jesus. There are so many more but these heroes exemplify the moral standards and moral courage we can aspire to and admire. It is so important our kids have moral and brave examples to cling to and guide our decisions. This is missing in our culture, where right and wrong are pushed upon us as relative and not absolute. This is dangerous to developing minds and growing Christians. So if the Bible has the only absolute heroes anymore, let’s go there and use them. God gave us these for a reason, knowing our need to follow someone’s lead and have an example to model. Very valuable for us all.❤

Another Haircut

Those who know me through life trials, know that when I go through really bad stuff that tries and humbles and changes me, I change something and the deepest wounds produce a haircut. This one, however, was only a couple inches off to a below the shoulder bobbed cut. To me, it signals a change. Lesson learned and I got it and grew and time to move on. Deep wounds don’t make the reasoning so quickly and some short cuts are from mourning grief more than resolve but I know God always gets me there. I am teachable. Not always easily so. So no I am b undertaking a peaceful challenge, a new forced resolve I had not counted on so quickly, a concession in my soul, a huge change. And this haircut is making peace with my new lot in life. And where it would have depressed me a year or two ago, now it is the most natural course in the world. I had a good run and God will sustain me through this challenge. And I see what I have to give up as a sacrifice to draw closer in dependence to God. I have always believed that life is what we make of it and our perspective changes everything for better or worse. Since we cannot change some things, better to find the blessing and rock on. Life is about the journey, baby. Kicks ya around sometimes, but what a beautiful ride.😄❤

A New Reality

It never ceases to amaze me how much life changes. In love, out of love, in love and married, disaster hits, divorce, in love and married, changing times. And that is just one topic.

Maturing physically then maturing spiritually then blowing both and restarting and in and out of churches and roles in them and that is just one more topic.

No kids then one kid then another comes along and they grow then I am homeschooling them and have them 24/7 as they keep growing and changing and that is just one topic.

It goes on and on and these things and growing and maturing and changing goes on all at the same time. And in the middle somewhere is trying hard not to just survive but to also do music and write and heal and share faith as gifted to allow God to work through me as He made me to do. And the new reality of life looks so very different than it did even three years ago. Just so different. People come and go from life- key people you thought were staples of existence- just leave. New people arrive and old relationships are restored. Forgiveness happens. Amazingly, God keeps up with all the changes and keeps loving and helping and protecting us all. Incredible. And I am realizing the greatness applied from God is so very real in this skin, in this home, in this church, in this city. And God is not a powerful entity far from us in space somewhere, moody and irrational and distant unless we do exactly what He demands. He is right here, right now, loving and pulling us to Him for rest and comfort and peace and safety and never surprised by anything but ever eager for our choice to be to love Him back. How I love Him! ❤

Blessings of No TV

So, my daughter got herself properly grounded from the tv. And I am tempted to get rid of it completely. She is such a different girl- more lively, active, outdoors, playing, using her imagination, doing crafts, reading, playing piano, praying, cleaning with me, playing games, so on. Why the heck do I have a tv when it turns my baby’s head to mush? Without it, we are much healthier and happier. And she likes it better too, willingly offered to extend her grounding to a month. Lol. This “punishment” is the best blessing ever. We are in love with life without tv. Life us incredible when lived and not watched.❤