God Blesses When We Ask Him

God is blessing me greatly at work. I was hired for outreach/marketing/center promotion. So God gave me the wisdom I asked Him for to treat it like a brand new business. So I found and wrote letters to all the senior centers and homes with an offer to do a free heating loss and hearing aids powerpoint presentation (which I developed) and a list of our services and free hearing screenings, etc. Then I sent a second letter with more services we offer. Then I pitched a proposal to do balance testing in partnership with the hospital. Then I went to the shooting ranges and inustries with custom hearing protection. I attended every network meeting I could find. Several patients came to us from health faira after failing their screenings, including one child. Meanwhile, 11 directors book me to do hearing preaentations and 3 more want me in the fall. And this is my 4th week of working 30-hour weeks. God is blessing me as I work and do my best. Not because I am something but because He is and I asked for His help. God is so good, just one more example of His great care and answers to prayer for this little girl. Praise God!😃❤️

It Is About the Heart

Jesus cares most about our heart in relationship to Him. He cares about our heart and our relationship with Him. He cares about how we consider and speak to and pursue Him. Jesus cares more about these things for each of us more than anything else we do in life. Because where the heart is focused, actions and words will follow suit. The heart is the thing. And Jesus is the One who knows it, sometimes even more than we do. Fill your heart with Jesus. 😃❤️


So, I believe I am out of “the dark night of the soul”, as my friend called it. My eyes are open wide, I have started a decided coming back to life phase . My son and his Delilah are separated forever and he is stronger than ever spiritually. My benefits begin July 1. We ate getting gigs. My mom will get her new subfloor she needs at the end of this month, praise God! My daughter is starting to pull away from the computer more and read books. My husband is being nicer to my son. Work is going well and God is blessing my efforts. I feel strength surging through my soul, if that makes any sense. And I tell you, it is not me. God is pouring blessings and answered prayer onto me and my family and church family and those around me. Jesus is the Lover of my soul! Praise God!! Worahip Him. Read your Bible. Talk to Him. Draw close to Him. He wants you to.

I am SO Thankful!

I am thankful right now, just overflowing, because God had answered at least two huge years-long-term prayers I have been praying for my son. One was that an older male mentor very strong in the Christian faith would be there for and take my son under his wing. God has provided this man in our church, married to thr youth worker he has known the longest and also loved. Praise God who provides! And secondly, he and Delilah (not her real name but definitely her role) have broken up for good and he realizes they could never have anything deep in common because she refused any attempt to be won for Christ and his faith is growing enormously. And he is not heart-broken, he is spiritually free as dating her was an act of disobedience amd now he is obeying. A weight has been lifted of our whole family’s shoulders. Praise God!!! Two answered prayer requests answered just about my son alone. Praise God!! I am so thankful and want to tell everyone what He has done. God is so good!!😃❤️