Never Give Up

All things are possible with God. When you feel like giving up, give up the right things. Give up pride, control, refusing to forgive, give up anger, sorrow. Give up all these thing and humbly pray. Then anything in the world is possible because you have the audience of the God who made the world.❤



I have been very convicted lately with the idea of good stewardship. Stewardship is what you do with what God has given you. Good stewardship is doing good with it. Bad stewardship is doing bad with it there is only those two options because doing nothing is the same as doing bad. There is no lukewarm in heaven’s eternity. It is apathetic to not care enough about your gifts and blessings to even develop or use them.

And I had been guilty of that. God has given me gifts of leadership, sports, music, art, faith, encouragement, prayer, etc. And here was I abusing those gifts or being apathetic (which is pathetic) and sitting depressed and overeating and addicted to Facebook and wrong thinking, etc.

God addressed this crime of bad stewardship in me and since I have been working on becoming a good steward, taking responsibility for my choices and developing good, healthy habits, which for me personally drove my 40 pound weight loss (last 10 to go-woo hoo!).

We are all called to good stewardship with all the gifts, abilities and resources God has given us. Everyone. And how well we are doing that when God calls His church home will determine who goes and who is left behind. So it is a pretty enormous deal. I want to be ready. So I am working on good stewardship. I invite you to consider areas you can do good with what you are able to do well. ❤

Back to Normal Life

Busy moments are mostly behind us now and I am gradually catching up on chores and getting back to full days of school and house cleaning and groceries. There certainly are a lot of “normal” duties this housewife handles. Thank God for watering my garden for me as the poor neglected plants would have looked their neglect if it weren’t for God who sent rain and cared for them. A little weeding and we’ll be back on track there. And I caught up on great blogs I had missed… thankfully they were in print and saved for me to catch up on.

These were busy 2 weeks. That was an understatement. I ignored all tech and my phone for days, just did life and birthday parties (that I make a lot of) and dinners and meetings, some consults, starting the Christmas songs with the kids at church (making me the kids choir director now), pe coaching, missionary meeting in Avon Park, Busch Gardens, homemade pies and cakes for birthdays, sticking to my diet so cooking separately for my meals, baseball games, fasting and prayer, all so hectic and crazy.

And the biggest take – away from busy times in life is this:… (dramatic pause… deep breath)… God is with me wherever I go and I can talk to Him all the time. So simple. He loves the big things we do for Him and the million tiny things we do for Him. We just keep Him first. And I used to get behind in my spirit when I got busy and as a leader and worker by nature, busy used to be distractions away from God. But praise God, He has transformed and corrected that thinking and helped me embrace how He made me. I am His and He is always with me. And my busy is worship to Him because I include Him in it all and keep Him first and most n important in my mind and heart. ❤

Busy Day

It is easy to let busy keep you from doing something for the Lord. Until you realize that if you are constantly praying and have your humble heart right, your busy is for God because when we serve anyone other than ourselves, we are serving Him. So, as I sprayed on sealer to out fence today, I was serving my family and God. And as I baked a strawberry layer cake from scratch today for my daughter’s birthday party, I was serving her and God. And as I listened to the problems of my neighbor unexpectedly, I was loving her and God. And as I keep score for my son’s baseball game, I am serving him and God.

So busy is not always just distractions from prayer and worship. Sometimes busy is putting proof of loving action into action from faith, putting feet to talk.

So thank God for being able to rest in Him but also thank Him in the busy for being able to prove that He is your focus and obedience matters. Just keep in prayer no matter what and your heart is making Him happy.❤

Reforming Me

As easy as it is to judge the people making up the church, others claiming to be Christians, and of course unsaved people, this is all for naught and truly quite unproductive. People will believe and do whatever they want. I can want people to love Jesus, be saved and then act like it but it is entirely up to them to make that decision.

Thus, I now fast on Wednesdays. I cannot change a person and have no perfection within myself to judge them, so I can obey myself. I can pray and fast and that reaches God’s ears in an amplified way which He honors. And I can pray that people’s minds and hearts are softened to believe and love God back.

So you have now met my Holy Spirit – powered super power. I can talk to the most powerful God of the universe, the Head One who made everything we know of and things we probably don’t. And I can tap into that amazing power and obey Him, worship and fast and pray to have His ear. I, through Jesus’ sacrifice for us, can stand in the gap for my family, friends, church, country and world. I can pray and the God of the universe hears me. Wow!❤

Celebrations of Birth Anniversaries

Yay! Birthdays!! In these first two weeks of October, we are celebrating three birthdays in our home. Today is my husband’s, tomorrow is my daughter’s and 12 days later is my son’s. Many parties, much baking, days off school, special meals, all on top of normal life and busyness. So wow! Busy couple of weeks.

Despite this, I am still fasting on Wednesdays because I am needing that closeness to the Lord. So fast with me or just pray with me at meal times if you would also like to be closer to the Lord and unify our prayers for greater intensity and resolve before the Lord God. Celebrations without thanks and praise to God are just shallower and less meaningful. So pray on and we will pray on while living this crazy life together. 😄❤

Increased Intimacy with Jesus

To reap the spiritual and emotional benefits of increased intimacy with Jesus, fast and pray.

I am fasting and praying once a week now because time is precious and greater intimacy with Jesus is just that amazing.

We as Christians really need to make that a habit. It is a beautiful sacrifice to Jesus as you pray and He feels like He is in the same room as you pray on an empty stomach, dependent on Him for energy and prayer.

I cannot tell you properly how special prayer time is with Jesus as you fast. You really need to find out for yourself. And with so much going on in the world, sooner is better.

Praise God! May His name be praised in all the earth! ❤❤❤