Love Defined

As I was walking this morning and thinking and talking with God, He put into my head what love is. For He is our example of what true, pure, powerful love is. I wish to start with what love is not. Love is not a clenching, a holding on and digging in and not letting go. Love is not controlling things/people. Love is not lust. At all. Love is not jealousy (true jealousy comes from holiness and truth that only God is our God and nd worthy of our worship and rightfully so). Love is not keeping someone/thing to oneself. In fact love is not selfish at all. Love is not greedy or ugly or hateful or spiteful at all in any sense.

In stark contrast, love is freedom (as God gives us free will). It is considering the love’s needs and cares above your own, and thus is sacrificial (as God sacrificed Himself for us to have salvation). Love is compassionate (as God understands our human limitations). Love is trusting and fearless (as God tests us and knows we will make the right choice so that we know who He is and His love for us). Love is passionate for the loved (as God longs for closer relationship ship with us). Love is intentional (as God knows even how many hairs are on our head).

You see, God is Love and as such as we draw closer to God, we draw closer to and cozier in His love and can understand the truth of it easier. The enemy distorts love and makes it corrupt and evil with lust and selfishness and pride. To skip all that noise, draw close to God by reading His Bible and n praying. Oh how He loves us, His children He made beautifully on purpose! He wants all of us to be saved and the time for that is right now. There is no time, we are at decision time, the final countdown. Chose His love and you will be eternally grateful that you did. This is the best and most important decision possible. It changes everything. ❤❤❤



A very long time ago, I babysat a girl. It was my one and only time babysitting her. I used to wonder what I had done wrong that they never asked me again. Many families with 4 kids or 2 kids were quite pleased with my babysitting, paid me extra, wanted me back. I was in demand and every weekend in those days was booked. But this one family with this one girl never had me watch her again. Why? And she popped back into my mind. I called her by her name, Rose. She was quite wild and I did not want her hurt or the house damaged so I made her sit with me and draw. She was quite good at it. I had her help me wash dishes while I told a story or sang to her (as she was 9). And she was a doll the whole time I was there. As soon as her parents stepped through the door, she was wild again, like a completely different person, almost possessed. The dad laughed at her crazy and said, “That’s why we call her Wildfire.” I left, boggled and all these years did not understand it all until now. I remember their surprise at her beautiful picture, their almost disdain at her helping with dishes, her calm demeanor they glanced before she realized they had arrived home. They wanted a wild child, a spoiled princess they could laugh at, be entertained by. She was their entertainment. I infringed upon that and showed her a different way without realizing it. I did right by that beautiful little girl and they wanted wrong and it all started with the name. Wildfire. Not sweet Rose. And I love and respect children and demand they love and respect others and themselves and it starts with names. Children tend to live up to what they are called and treated and what their name means. Please understand that and make a point to be purposeful in your talk to people. Only encourage and lift up. “Tell God your problems and bad stuff, tell other people everything else” is very, very good advice I heard from advice wise woman of God.❤

Family Unity

Our family has together faced death of loved ones, rejection, people coming and maybe even loving us then leaving without a trace, wonderful vacations, difficult illnesses, good times, bad times. And no matter what, we are united and together. We are family. Unity matters. I want the same for our country. Only evil people or ignorant ones would not want that. Not everyone in our family always agrees, we often hurt each other, mostly without meaning to, but we often encourage each other and always love each other and stay together. United we stand and divided we fall. Catchy and very true. True for family. True for country. I love both. God bless us all. Keep praying. ❤ 

Seeing an Old Friend

I think sometimes God puts someone fresh in your mind because something is left undone with them or to let you know they will be headed your way soon. Well, this happened recently in a dream and some random thoughts through the day and today we randomly met up at a park. Well, because of the Holy Spirit preparing me, I was ready and knew what to say and what he needed to hear. It is beautiful how God works out unresolved or unfinished business in the right timing when we are ready for it and the other person is ready for it. And God continues to amaze me every day. I love Him so much to take care of the little nagging details of our lives to promote growth and peace and show love. He is so very good! ❤❤❤

Easier to Fall

It amazes me how much easier it is to fall. It is so easy to say the wrong word, do the wrong thing, give up and be mediocre or lazy, so easy to revert to old bad habits or act like like bad things you were shown or doing what we want or falling for pleasures and vices. Being good and specifically being God’s and thus being eternally successful is really hard comparitively. It just is. If being a Christian is ever presented as an easy road, they are liars and want something from you. The truth is it is counter culture to serve rather than try to be served. It is counter culture to be humble. It is counter culture to love when people deserve hate. It is counter ourselves to please God rather than try to please ourselves. It is difficult, really difficult. But what is true is that we have an unlimited and eternal source of help and strength and comfort available to us any and every time we humbly ask Him. We are not alone in this journey, we are never asked to be. In fact, God wants us closer, nearer, more in live with Him, communicating more. He wants to love on us and teach us with His Word. He wants to whisper love to our hearts in prayer. He wants to lavish love on us and reward us for our struggles and remind us we are just passing through and will be with Him forever on beautiful sin-less bliss soon if we just draw close to Him and struggle on with peace and joy and hope as our love/strength gifts from Him.

A Productive Day

Today, I missed him again. It didn’t cripple me this time but brought about a strong desire to be productive and live life extra deep, with intense meaning, realizing one less person is here to love me. So, I walked a double, played and sang with greater intensity in band practice, worked a little on tying the quilt, shopped for groceries faster, trimmed more jasmine in the backyard, cooked an amazing steak and potatoes for the fam, did the dishes right away, spent more time with the kids, spoke to help and encourage two friends, showered and feel amazing. Lots of other little things, but I feel honored that God got me over the hump to reflective productivity when I miss him. I was so blessed to have him as long as I did. Was sure good to be and feel loved. Missing will always be there somewhere until heaven but it is becoming a scar tattoo of Jesus. I am growing closer to Him and He is reflecting more in me. Jesus is my hope and love. Praise God!!!❤❤❤

Love in True Form

Love can not be discussed in its purest, truest form cannot be discussed without speaking of God, our Creator, and how He lives because He is holy and perfect love and truth. He is our example of what live is. How He loves us is our example of how we are to love. His truth is THE truth and the world is full of lying counterfeits. This is why people believe themselves to love and be loved by a person who hurts them or betrays them. Well, simple explanation was that that was not true pure love. Why? Because love in its true pure form cannot fathom betrayal, would never betray or be unfaithful or run after someone else as if unsatisfied, as if it were all about them at all to begin with. Maybe one knew how to love in its true pure form and one did not, but more likely we find here victims of adulterated love, lies of infatuation, hormone involvement, lust, connection, socialization, desire to have true pure love but settling for temporary ideas of it to keep from getting too close or committed. They are selfish. True pure love is sacrificial not selfish. If one or both are selfish, “what’s in it for me?” garbage and so on, that is not really love. Run when you hear world like that. You have a sheister, a player, a fake, a manipulator of lust love as a tool for selfish motives. These can be male or female. Sin is no respect or of persons. But if you have been am victim of this Grose injustice, I have too and feel your deep wound and hope shattering. But rest and soured that God is still a purveyor of true pure love for He never changes. And as you draw close to Him in prayer and Bible reading, He teaches you real love and what to do to have and use it. In fact, He pours love on you every chance He can and as soon as you humbly accept it, it is yours and that empty spot is filled. God’s love satisfies permanently, gives hope forever, fills voids nothing else can, holds you tight. ❤❤❤