My Daughter and I

She and I rarely have quality craft time together. We draw and color but we both love getting crafty and serious imagination – stretching takes serious time. Today we got it. It was just us two all day. We hit the park, hit the craft store, grabbed lunch and got home to craft. We set up, started, rewatched the great ideas we found on youtube, continued, and waited for paint to dry. Fabulous day!!!

A full day with your child doing what they love is an investment in them. Think about it. Why does God tell us to pray continually? Because He wants to show us love, spend time with us, heal us, strengthen us, develop us, etc. He is our example of a perfect Father, a perfect parent. So thankful for today!😄❤


Vestiges of a Bygone Era

I was cleaning out my bottom drawer tonight, just now actually, and came across vestiges of a bygone era. These were tokens from a deeply past lover. Why had I kept them all these years when it is abundantly and rightfully clear that the sin committed in the past with him is forgiven, forgotten, no more. It is strange why I kept them so long, these gifts that stayed hiding in my drawer. So I removed them and am giving them away to my friend who needs them. These items mean nothing to me now at all. I realized that tonight, but I had not dismissed them from my ownership until tonight. And I pondered why and I guess in a strange way, I had truly felt loved by someone at the time they were given and that felt good. No matter what happens, I can look and remember that I was wanted and loved once by someone. And I am growing more certain by the minute that that was the case. I wanted to remember, as I lay alone at night that once long ago I was loved. And I am giving them away because I realize something newer and much more substantial. Jesus loves me more and He stuck around. And I am not saying that he should have stayed with me… I am right where God wants me and loved truly by Him… I am saying that I wish him well, am glad God separated us so my family could exist, and only need Jesus now and forever more. Past is released and whatever was required for its passing- forgiveness, release, acceptance, peace, joy- is completed. And I move forward with a load lightened and Jesus who loves me forever.❤

Children Still Love Sunday School

They may say they want to sleep in. They may say that they don’t want to go. But I can testify that children of all ages still love Sunday School. People are not getting up and going and taking their children quite often. Most of the time they skip it, not finding it worth their time and energy. Christians thinking this way are more wordly than Godly. That is not judgmental but truthful. Kids and adults all need as much truth pumped into us as possible. We need fellowship. We need to meet together. We need to wake up and put God first. We need Jesus more now than ever. He is coming back soon and will remove His true church to keep them from having to go through immense, unleashed evil in this world during the tribulation. We need to be ready. We need to be awake and prepared. Sunday School is part of that. Being together with our church should be a priority. And as parents, we have a responsibility to our kids to take them. They are worth it and God is worth it. Stop the worldly bent. Think Godly. And n if that is hard at first, practice and pray and read your Bible as much as possible. Get passionate about Jesus who was and is so passionate about you. Don’t turn your back on His love, embrace it. Kids love it.❤

I Ponder Life

I ponder life, with its brevity and pain.

I ponder life, with its glory and triumph.

I ponder life, and how precious every soul is

How connected we are in our dependence and makeup

Our chemistry and design, our breath in and out.

I ponder life and our connectedness, up close

And I see no difference between us, none.

My life and your life, no matter the shell or mask,

Share the same oxygen, need the same nutrients

I ponder life in its base form, I see it.

Do you? If you do, we share that vision.

We share even the knowledge that we matter.

Every life has value, preciousness to God.

We share a Creator. I ponder life.

And you are beautiful to me, I am beautiful too.

And no matter your views,you are precious.

Don’t let evil hate divide us as it is trying so hard to do

Those serving selfish greed or evil hatred or ego.

Let us know better about life and its tenderness.

Let me love you and you love me. Join my hand.

Declare that we pondered life and decided to keep it

For it is designed to be kept and appreciated.

And united we are standing tall and strong

And divided we choose not to be or we would fall.

I ponder life and decide it is precious, yours and mine.❤

Back to Back Gigs

Tomorrow we play a private party gig and Sunday afternoon we play a gig at Cornfusion in North Lakeland. So excited. And the guys must be too because they wanted an extra last minute practice today. So, as I sang and played the whole practice, it will be like 3 gigs in a row. Lol. But we are excited. I am not sure how many more years God will provide us gigs, but we will play until we can’t and have a busy season lined up. It is magnificent to make people smile and remember days gone by. It lifts our heaets and our band family just adores plating great, clean oldies music for people. It us even so fun to practice with our great group. One of many.blessings of God and I am so honored and blessed to be a part of it. Demos are here. so you can see us. We sure love it playing good music. Just sharing our joy and praying God blesses you with beautiful, fun hobbies also! This should be fun! 😄❤

To Listen Rather than Selfishly Speak

A huge problem of selfishness invades our churches and blog sites and pretty much everywhere in that people want to be heard but not listen. People want to be heard and want people to care but could care less to listen back and really hear others. They demand attention and audience like little children but have no time to listen back. This is selfishness and insecurity. If people understood that they are dearly loved by God and are secure in His salvation through Jesus, they would feel His secure love fully and not need validation of others. When God takes root in your heart, selfishness subsides and you long to give attention to God and to others rather than keep talking. This needs to be checked in all our hearts because selfishness stems from pride but being humble is what we need to be right with God.❤