Today’s Grace

So, a few good things happened today. I bleached then washed and scrubbed the windows and will re-caulk them once they have dried. Cracks have developed and one coat is not enough in Florida, folks. Also, we are insulating our electrical outlets that are on outside walls. We are insulating thr sliding patio doors and adding a new threshold to our front door and complete the replacement of our lights to LEDs. And whenever they get around to it, the installers will be here of a new solar turbo attic fan to reduce the power use and strain of the air conditioner to work. All these things are paying for themselves in no time at all and will complete our home to an energy efficient one. And that to me is the grace of God at work. He provides blessings to lift n our burdens- spiritual first and then that trickles down to financial and physical. And I want you to know that God provides what we need when we need it if we stay close to Him and stay humble. He truly rewards the pure in heart with the greatest rewards. I would be ok with heaven sometimes, an eternity with Him. But His grace and provision do not ever stop, know no bounds. He keeps loving, keeps giving, keeps blessing, keeps forgiving, keeps improving us. Wish everyone could see it, wish everyone could be filled with humility and draw close to Jesus and see it all. It is beautiful! Oh how I love Him.❤


Better to Know

If someone close to you that you love has a problem, it is better to know so you can pray for them. It is always better to know so prayers can be said. What greater live can you show a person than to pray for them? There is nothing else so loving and noble, powerful and generous to do for them. Even if it hurts to know, it is better to humbly pray. Always it is better. Swallow the pride and pray for them. We answer for our pride but are rewarded for our prayers. ❤

Contemplations on Love

Love has nothing to do with Hollywood- style lust. Nothing at all. In fact, it is much much more related to purity than that crude, animal lust. Love waits patiently and lust rushes in, like the dirty salesman of evil wanting you to feel a false, unholy urgency to buy now, take the bait now or you’ll miss out. (In fact, I am about over Hollywood altogether, such is their role of pushing evil. Wonder how they will enjoy not having my money.) But I digress. Back to what love is and not what it isn’t. Love is beautiful. It sees and loves pure beauty and life and is all the fruits of the Holy Spirit all wrapped up in one (joyful, peaceful, patient, kind, good, gentle, faithful, self-controlled). Love is hopeful as well and nothing is as powerful in this universe. Love truly is humble and puts the needs of the loved above the wants or needs of the self. True love is perfect for true love in its purest form is God.❤

Pet Peeve of the Cross

Christians are Christians and have all the promises and rewards and relationship and security that God provides because of the work of Jesus. And yes, His mode of sacrifice was the horrific cross. But instead of the torture He went through for me, I cannot help but wish the symbol of Christianity was an empty tomb, a grave with the stone rolled away. Because if He had died that horrible death for us and stayed dead, it would have been an incomprehensibly nice gesture but have no eternal value or meaning. But He rose from the dead! The resurrection is the power over death once and for all for all of us who accept Him. And some even keep Jesus on the cross! Hard for me to take. Our hope is the resurrection. I will buy a necklace with a pendant not of a cross but of the empty tomb, thank you very much. And I am so very thankful for His resurrection after His sacrificial death. We live and are secure and loved eternally because of Jesus. 😄 ❤ ❤ ❤

Never-ending Love

People say they love you and they mean well, maybe do at that moment. They prove their love by staying faithful and remaining with you forever. Words mean very little to me anymore. Maybe that is cynical but people have cheapened words by their selfishness and ease of changing them. “I love you” then cheat. “I love you” but you need to change. “I love you” as long as someone better doesn’t come along. “I love you” then disappear from your life. Words become cheap. I have become the football star on Jerry McGuire, “Show me the money”. Meaning for me (unlike the movie), prove it. Make it happen. Pay up. Show me the loyalty and faithfulness. Jesus, on the other hand, proved it and proves it every single day. He loved me enough to die for us and resurrected so we could have hope and love with him everlasting. And He answers prayer and is right here with me and His love is so thick, I can feel it all the time. Jesus’ love is never-ending, as no man’s can be.❤❤❤

People I Love

There are people I will love forever.

There are people that I will never like

But these people I still love.

There are people I will never see again

But loving them is a constant companion.

There are people I love that do not know

Because they didn’t realize their impact

And how their words or deeds uplifted me.

There are people I love that don’t love Jesus

And reject Him as their Savior

And that breaks my heart for them

For my love wants them forever in heaven.

There are people I love I consider every day

And I just pray for them because that is all I can do

I will never see or speak to them again.

There are people who love me, but not many.

Although I love deeply, I don’t present it.

I keep it inside, not for fear or any bad thing

But to keep from being overwhelmed by it all.

There are many people that I love, some deeply.

And I continue to pray. I will always pray.❤

Love Forever

We have all had someone love us for a moment. Some love us during one brief season. Some love us when it is convenient or for selfish motives. Very few actually love us for life. I am honored to have a few like this left on this earth, but it is comforting beyond measure to know that Jesus loves us unconditionally forever in the deepest way. He loves you like that too. He even died for us to prove it. We can bank on it, rest in it, live there. ❤