Mark 1:35

Mark 1:35. “Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.”❤- Bible Offline


Defeating Evil

We do not defeat evil.

Jesus Christ already did this. The work is finished.

We help remind evil of their defeat by praising and worshipping God and speaking truth.

This reminds evil of its defeat and it flees.

End of story.

Life is simpler than most people suspect.

The question is whose side are you on?❤

True Freedom

I had a profound thought. And I am fully prepared to say that probably I am quite late on this particular thought wave, and maybe you would think me simple for just getting it, but I just fully realized it. It has to do with true freedom. Here it is.

God provides true freedom and truth. He provided a plan of salvation but always leaves the choice to follow it or not entirely up to us. He freely gives free will to every person He lovingly created. Freedom. To go to heaven or he’ll is entirely up to us. I can choose to have a relationship with the Almighty God through Jesus. I can choose to be with truth and goodness of God and love for all eternity.

In stark contrast, Satan operates by controlling in fear and lies, lies, lies. He promises freedom to sin as much as you want and promises power in return. He actually does not have the authority to provide this so it is one of his many lies. Control is the name of the game. Guilt and shame ilicit fears when doing the sins you want to do. How he works is opposite of God. He is defeated so him providing you anything good is a lie in of itself.

So, I fully realized this today while doing dishes. And I get fully that I prefer love, truth and freedom to control, fear and lies. I choose God. I want peace and love and joy and eternal life with God. People fall for Satan because they want to sin. I would want to sin now and again and do unfortunately sometimes, but you and I are lying if we do not admit there are negative consequences to all sins that hurt us. Jesus saves. Satan condemns. Jesus clarifies. Satan confuses. Jesus helps. Satan destroys. It is a no brainer. God is best!!❤❤❤

Beware of “Acceptable Sins”

I have observed that many Christians have an unspoken category of “acceptable sins”. This basically entails whatever sin they favor in their own life. For some it is gossip. Some, grumbling and complaining (I am working on this one). For some it is gluttony of food, drugs, alcohol, cellphones, tech, work, whatever it is. Some, it is idolatry of a spouse or lover. Some, it is criticism and for some, it is lust. For some, stinginess and for others it is worry. There are a myriad of options. People want their pet sin to be an “acceptable sin”. And this has gone on as long as I have been alive and I am sure before that. This is dangerous, friends, because in God’s eyes, every sin separates us from His Holiness/Perfect Purity. Any sin we commit is a blemish and causes separation from God. Any “little” or “acceptable” one. I am guilty of this and have to keep reminding myself as I am reminding you that we need to stay in a manner of contrition. Our hearts and minds are notoriously dirty and we need to stay humble and teachable in prayer and keep asking the blood of Jesus and power n of His resurrection to cover all our sins and keep us in good standing with God. He longs for and loves us and we have everything we need in Jesus Christ, who died a sinless sacrifice for us for all time as long as we accept His free gift of grace. How beautiful! He dies for every sin, “acceptable” ones or ones steeped in sheer evil. Jesus is strong enough to cover any sin. We just need to keep coming to Him with them and as soon as we are aware (and here is the hardest part for so many), stop sinning. People sin because they want to. We have to want to please God more than to please ourselves. That is the key. God is worthy of our efforts. And there are eternal rewards for staying with Him.❤

Apathy: An End Times Sign

We are steeped in apathy in the world right now. This is a sign that the rapture will happen soon, maybe today maybe years from now, but the sign is present.

I was listening to Dr. David Jeremiah on Moody radio while going to my consult today. He was saying that “it would be as the says of Noah when Jesus comes to get those who are saved truly love Him” means people were busy doing their thing. This means they were apathetic to things of God and eternal things.

Isn’t this what is happening? People don’t seem to care unless it affects them personally. They aren’t going to church, aren’t fasting, aren’t praying, aren’t reading their Bible, are avoiding or scoffing at conversations about Jesus or denying Jesus is the only way to eternal life with God. It is prevalent worldwide. It is even prevalent in many churches and that is abominable.

So missions is becoming increasingly difficult because people don’t see the importance, don’t care. They want to get on social media to focus on themselves, talk about themselves, talk to hear themselves talk, buy things for themselves, improve themselves or look better with the least effort to themselves, pamper themselves, enlighten themselves, worship themselves, etc.

It is evident we are in line with the time and environment of the rapture and that is a big, important word. I really don’t want to be here through the tribulation. No one should want to be here. But far more importantly is the relationship I have with Jesus. He is my Savior, best friend, my everything and my life would still be empty without Him, full of joy and peace with Him. ❤ ❤ ❤

The Blowing of the Wind

Wind is powerful force. It tests your resolve. It weathers you. It breaches the inner fibers of your soul to determine its worth. The Blowing of the Wind can shake us to the core. And sometimes that is the test. To whine and live in a past that no longer exists and a thinking too much of oneself is a failing of that test. Self-pity is a failing of the test. Internal struggle is sometimes even a failing of that test. The wind erodes the unimportant and weak and leaves behind the valuable and strong. Wind is a blessing. Nothing grows us faster than the wind as it blows. Of course it shows true colors, blows away hot air, reveals truth. I do not fear the wind anymore. I know full well that my Father God is stronger than any wind we can face. My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is my rock, refuge, fortress, my everything. And He commands the wind. It obeys Him without question. Cling to Jesus. Let the wind blow where it will. ❤

Beautiful but Strange AKA Nobody but Jesus is Perfect

Today, I had the beautiful opportunity to attend the bi-annual ladies’ missionary meeting my Great Aunt Evelyne (a retired missionary from Africa and then Haiti) and Ellen (a retired missionary from Haiti). She invites us every meeting and I love going. My mom and daughter went with me this time.

I cannot properly voice to you how honored I am to be related to such a beautifully and consistently obedient soul to God. She never married, giving God her whole life in service, teaching children and whoever she met about the love of God. Stories of faith and God’a provision just flow from her. I am honored to be her neice and be from a lineage of missionaries. Every Christian is precious to God but it is an honor to be with those faithful at it all their lives. It urges me on towards God and faithfulness and obedience myself. And today was beautiful for that reason… many life long followers of Jesus were together today. The prayer power of these faithful ladies is palpable. I almost feel sorry for the enemy they pray against for there is no hope for them, so great is their faith. Why? Because they lived God’s provision on a day to day basis. They do not doubt because their lives are proof.

I was also honored to meet a missionary wife to Brasil currently. She invited me to visit and I will do my best to go some day. But how precious is she! A new fast friend and sister in Jesus!

The imperfection comes from the organization. As powerful as their faith, politics are still a nuisance. They needed a president and vice president to take over due to age-related illnesses. I volunteered but was rejected because I do not go to a church of a particular affiliation. And this angered me. No worse, it saddened me because I realized all humans are imperfect, even obedient and faithful ones, even ones who lived their entire lives for God. Jesus did not come to earth touting a denomination. He hated disunity. He hated mountains out of mole hills. He wanted love. He craved us knowing how much He loves each and every one of us. Jesus preached compassion and acceptance and prayer and obedience. No denominations ever. This was a device of the enemy of God. Disunity is Satan’s favorite tool for destruction. To deny a willing and loving soul’s voluntary obedience because of an “incorrect” affiliation pedigree is not only foolish but not Christlike. And I was reminded all humans are imperfect. I am too. I am very imperfect, so am not saying I am better than anyone. I know better and so does Jesus, but I am saying that everyone gets things wrong sometimes and I am voicing my concern in our church that we never think more highly of our affiliation than we ought. It is not Biblical. Every church that lifts up the name of Jesus Christ our Savior and reads the Bible and worships and prays and fasts together is God’s true church. A title will never save a single soul. Only Jesus Christ does that. Only. Correct any lies with this truth.

Saying this, I digress and return to my love of spending time with my Great Aunt Evelyne. And I look forward to visiting her next month to help with some home maintenance she can’t do anymore (she is 87 now). It is a blessing to serve her in any way I can. Thank you, dear God, for her in my life!😄❤