Gone are the Days

Every horrible, slightly uncomfortable, noteworthy, pleasant, beautiful, ugly, amazing, incredulous, etc. thing that has ever happened to me is over. The moment, the days, the weeks all passed. They are gone. Only the now remains. The future is not guaranteed except our eternity in Christ. That is secure. We have lived through every day and every experience up to now. We have suffered, laughed, mourned, celebrated, all of it. But now is who we are because of or in spite of all that has happened. Now is proof of our learning from the past or deciding to relive it, did we learn or did we remain as we were? Was there good as a result in the proud person standing in front of the mirror or shame and impede nice of growth that you wonder if so much damage can be repaired? Or worse, are you so distracted you are lethargic to it all living like a sort of fleshy robot? I ponder things like this about myself now. I believe what purposeful choices I make now if done right would result in maturity and growth and strength and wisdom, with God’s help. I think if done wrong may damage my relationship with God and threaten my future. I believe we all have this free will choice but like it or not we face the consequences of our own decisions we make. Is momentary pleasure worth shaming the name of Christ, throwing what He an suffered for under the bus and dishonor in Him? Or should the decisions I make be purposeful to worship Him and honor His name? It is deep. It is the decision right now. In ten minutes I will have the same decision. In two hours I have the same decision to make. But right now is all I know I have so right now I will decide that forever with God is more important than any momentary pleasure that is gotten in His stead. Tomorrow’s are gone and their decisions gone. The beautiful thing about God is He goes by what decision you make now. He is less concerned about past mistakes than you might think. “Now, this decision, is the important one. I choose to worship God.” That statement should be tattooed on us, imprinted on us, put everywhere in the house for it will always each and every time be the important truth of the right decision. To heck with the past. Go from right now. “Right now, I will honor God and not me.”

Promises Tucked Away in Faith

I have few fears in life. I used to say I was fearless, which is close to the whole true story, but I fear the Lord and fear people within my reach not fearing the Lord. So I do have a me fears. I know God loves us all, made us all special, but He gave us all free will to choose Him or the other guy and we can be pretty short sighted sometimes and those consequences are real and frightening. But I digress and have only those two fears. The reason I don’t have more or worry like many (I wrote a book “Worry Crashers” on Amazon Kindle books that goes into more depth) is because one of my spiritual gifts is faith. This is why I am am doctor, a healer, and why I heal people sometimes inadvertantly, often purposefully. I can only do that because I have faith, believing what God says in His Word the Bible and trusting that God only tells us the truth. I believe what He says, even if I can’t see it. I trust Him like a kid trusts their honest parent. As such, I know He heals and is the Great Physician. As such, He always can heal anyone of anything. He can even raise the dead or make a brand new person, for heaven’s sake. I even have faith that if He chooses not to, there is a better reason for it. And tucked away in my faith are His promises in the Bible. He never ever gives us a command or rule without giving a corresponding promise with it. Test me on that. Every command has a promise that comes true when you obey it. “Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord” is immediately followed with the promise “and He will give you strength.” “Honor your father and mother and it will go well with you.” “Be strong and courageous and I will fight for you.” “Tithe and see if I do not provide what you need.” So many instances of every command having a subsequent promise. These promises are like our assurrance, our roots that hold us to the truth that there are reasons God tells us stuff. God says what He means out of love, for our benefit. My faith grows as I test Him and He delivers. I obey and bam! He delivers on His promise. It is like clockwork, you can count on Him. He is not off golfing on some distant planet, He is here answering prayers, keeping promises, living and active and in love with us, wanting all of us to be saved. So humbling and ao faithful. He is one of the few who is. It melts the heart. ❤ 

Walking the Straight & Narrow

More and more as evil is rearing it’s ugly huge head around us everywhere, I am focusing on walking the straight and narrow path with blinders on. Not blind to the souls around us, not blind to the path, not blind to the needs around us, no. Some people do that and nothing for God gets done by them other than taking care of themselves. No, I mean having the eyes of Jesus and knowing the evil is around us everywhere but focusing ahead on the goal and filling the needs we can as we go but keeping steps toward the goal. If you focus on the evil, it is easy to be distracted from the goal. The goal is important. It is not Heaven. That is just a fact, a normal progression and result of the goal. The goal is a constant, pure, personal relationship with God. If we focus on that and keep our conversation with Him (prayer) going, we can do this with His help, focus on God’s importance rather than our own (worship and contrition), and stay right on the path. Praise God for His help!

The Silent Majority

The Silent majority has been silenced for a long time and made to feel guilty for not going along with all the evil deviations heaped upon us by those in power loving power and greedy for money and lust in for everything this fleshly would offers. Now we have a new President who is for the silent majority and I see people breathing and feeling happy about talking out loud for the first time in years. It is beautiful and freeing. It is the last push for revival in the face of evil principalities using narcissistic wretches to do their dirty work. It is God’s final push to revival and calm before the storm of His coming. We need to pray for safety for our President and revival for everyone to draw close to God and call on Jesus’ name to be saved. We have this time of grace. It is going to be fought against by those whose time is short but we are on the winning side. God won! Be diligent and faithful and get your house in order. ❤

Rewards for Faithfulness

God rewards faithfulness. He is faithful and expects us to be. When we do not live up to His standards, He reprimands us (or usually allows it to catch up to us) as any very good Father would. But when we are faithful, whether faithful at work, to our spouse, in business, with money, with worship, with stewardship, with using the gifts for good, etc., God rewards us! How? Heaven is the obvious answer but that is far off for some of us. No, I mean now. He rewards us with peace of mind, deep healing sleep, more energy, joy, contentment, success, understanding. It is beautiful!

The Benefit of Toads

Toads are handy little guys to have around. People don’t think much about them and their intelligence is a little to be desired, however they do quite good work. They eat cockroaches and mosquitoes and ants and flies and other really annoying bugs. So toads are rather unintelligent but very very beneficial quiet workers around the house. The benefit those inside very much and help control the pest population and make the home much more pleasant to live in and visit. Toads, though you don’t see much of them most of the time and you hear little from them most of the time, are vital members of the family. And we have many people in society that are like these precious toads. Maybe they are not so attractive to look at, maybe they are quiet and stay in the background, and maybe they are not even geniuses at a lot of things. But these precious toads are vital to our comfort and cleanliness. Maybe they are janitors or cleaning crew or landscapers or maintenance workers or just like putting programs together or operating the lights or taking care of the flag. It matters not what operation they perform but that operation is vital because it allows people who are good at something else to do something else. And without all of these things being done, there would be discomfort, uncleanliness and less other operations done because of requiring more energy from other sources. So when I see a beautiful, quiet behind the scenes person, I am so very thankful they want to and do serve the Lord. It brings me so much comfort because these amazing people generally don’t get applause and recognition but they continue to serve faithfully. It is an inspiration. So never think these people are anything less than vital and beneficial and amazing. And if you are one of these treasures, thank you so very much for your service to God. He will reward you best if no one else does and I for one appreciate you truly. Love you!!

Fiercely Devoted Forever

My dad taught me loyalty and faithfulness. It is a lesson he lived and I learned his lesson through watching. Only a few lessons did he give up as words of wisdom. No, he taught me through his actions, through his day in and day out supporting his family and taking care of us and protecting us and being faithful to my mom, despite her condition. He also taught generosity this way, through experience, but I firmly believe generosity extends to loyalty and faithfulness. You have to give up something to stick with one person and not waver in that commitment. Often this is hard to find now. People don’t give up their whims and wants and immediate pleasures for anyone, regardless of the commitment level. It sucks really. But I learned it. I didn’t always follow all my life but I did once I realized by mistake and now do in my heart of hearts. To those I love and am committed to caring for, I have always been and am still right here for them and will remain so the entirety of my life. It is how I am made and what I was taught. And I firmly believe that every single person that decides to also be generously loyal and faithful is one more exception to the rule and one more light shining in this dark world. And maybe we can either start a trend or just be the lesson people need to see to want that joy of fulfillment loyalty and faithfulness brings, especially when it costs something. We need moments of sacrifice in our lives to do what is right. Love costs something, has to to prove its validity. Any moron can love someone when it is fun or convenience only. If you can’t ride through some storms together, there is no other way to prove you are loving them for real and through difficulties too. It is worth trying. Appreciation follows rather than doubt.Love reciprocates rather than mistrust. It is beautiful.