Many Reasons to Praise God

Every day I find more reasons to praise God. He is the voice of peace and calm and consistency to me in an increasingly unsettling world. God loves me very big and very well and unconditionally while others live me conditionally. God reveals truth to me in His Word while lies and deception and denial is so prevalent everywhere. God gives joy I cannot explain amidst sullen faces, bad news and gloom around us. God’s beauty and glory eminate from every creature and plantlife I see- even weeds are beautiful if you study them. God is so worthy of praise. Remember to praise Him throughout your day.😃❤️

The Holy Spirit Is Awesome!! – Writing Tony’s Obituary Part I

Hey Neighbor! It’s Flashback Friday!! So today we are going back to a post that I wrote exactly 8 years and 1 day ago. My older brother, Tony had passed away, very suddenly, and I was asked to write his obituary. I was certainly not prepared to take on such a weighty responsibility, but I […]

The Holy Spirit Is Awesome!! – Writing Tony’s Obituary Part I

How can I Tell if I can Trust Him Again?

This is one of the most difficult questions – for if he did it before, then he could do it again. Which is why you’re afraid – as there are no guarantees. So how can you assess if the change is genuine – and he really is committed to being different now? 1. Let’s start […]

How can I Tell if I can Trust Him Again?