Time Flies!

Tomorrow begins October! Are you kidding me? How fast that came! And those who have read my blog for a ling time know the three other people and my sister all have birthdays in October! Expensive month for sure but worse, it is very busy. Not just the four birthdays this month but also the sports start for both kids- volleyball for him and archery for her, and two classes and field trips and community groups and serving at Dream Center, of course church, wow! So here we go. Let’s pray it in:

Dear Heavenly Father, please keep us close to you in the busy and the quiet moments. Please keep us trusting and obeying you. Provide what we need, may Your will be done! We love You so much! May You be glorified and praised because You are worth it. In Jesus’ name, Amen.😃❤️

October Publication Schedule

It’s hard to believe fall is here in the Northern Hemisphere. October’s publication schedule will start the week with Sunday Praise followed by Prayer Journey on Monday and a new post on Tuesdays. Each Thursday we will dig into the archives to reprint a post from 2019. Here’s a recap of the schedule: Sunday: “Sunday […]

October Publication Schedule

Why Is God Forgotten?

Why is God Forgotten? “For you have forgotten the God of your salvation And have not remembered the rock of your refuge …” Isaiah 17:10a, NASB We have heard it said in the last days, many hearts will turn away from God. What causes one to forget God? A son wails. “I watched my father, […]

Why Is God Forgotten?